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Ultra Secular and Anti Hindu members resigned from Film Censor Board alleging high pressure from Hindu groups for ‘PK’ and central interference.

After Samson Leela’s step down, Pro Vatican, Anti Hindu, Ultra Secular Leela group of 9 resigned from CBFC. But they should be shown the doors much earlier. 

leela samson

Leela Samson : A Thematic Presentation.

HENB | New Delhi | 17 January 2015:: Nine Pro-Leela members of the Central Board of Film Certification (commonly known as film censor board) have quit in support of chief Leela Samson’s resignation on Friday alleging government’s interference.

In their resignation letter written to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B Ministry), the members said they wanted to step down because the government was not allowing them any autonomy.

“It is our firm position that given the cavalier and dismissive manner in which the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) is treated by the government, it is impossible to perform this duty with even a modicum of efficacy or autonomy,” they said in their  resignation letter.

CBFC is a statutory body under I&B ministry regulating the public exhibition of films under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952. Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after they have been certified by the CBFC.

Those who quit include film show host Rajeev Masand, theatre personality MK Raina, JNU professor Ira Bhaskar, actor Arundhati Nag, film-maker Shaji Karun, Nikhil Alva, Lora Prabhu and Pankaj Sharma, an AICC secretary.The Censor Board has a total of 23 members.

It is told that being  frustrated out of interference the nine Pro-Leela members of CBFC quitted.

The members also alleged that the ministry had filled up the advisory panel with “people with questionable credentials” without heeding the recommendations of the board.

On Friday, Leela Samson had resigned citing ‘interference and coercion’ after the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT)  cleared the controversial film Messenger of God (MSG) starring Dera Saccha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Samson’s term had expired last September but it was extended on a temporary basis every three months since then.

“There was total interference on every film, big and small. A lot of pressure was put on the film PK through various fundamentalist organisations and through panel members of the board to cut scenes,” said Samson.

The group above tried to have a permission of  I&B Minister to lodge a case against a poster originated in facebook and went viral sometime. However, there was no positive response from the concerned Ministry against the poster so far as reports came in.

the return of satyameva jayte
Hindu Retaliation against CBFC Chairperson in ‘PK‘ matters. (from facebook).

The government had, however, refuted her charges of interference and asked for evidence.

“The chairperson talks about coercion, we as the government would like to see that SMS, or a letter where she or any other member has been coerced.

Then we would take appropriate action,” minister of state in the information and broadcasting ministry Rajyavardhan Rathore had said.

Experts says that this crisis can be avoided if the present BJP Govt would drive out all these pro-Vatican, anti-Hindu morons from CBFC much earlier than their resignations.

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One comment on “Ultra Secular and Anti Hindu members resigned from Film Censor Board alleging high pressure from Hindu groups for ‘PK’ and central interference.

  1. Samir
    January 19, 2015

    1. Pope: When religion insulted, freedom of expression not boundless (

    Now why are these Vatican Plants Leela Samson, a christian slut(ALL ARE) and Italian sonia and media whorehouses like the PIMP of WORLD CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, the TOI which has been trying to create Civil war in India at the behest of enemies of India, the Nefarious Deshdrohis TV (NDTV) OF Porkistani Pig Pronoy Pig Roy and christian keep Burkha Dutta, and all ALL BASTARDS NEWS (ABP) again fro m christian bengal silent… NOW HINDUS CAN DO A CHARLIE HEBDO ON WHORE HOUSES LIKE NDTV,CNN-ITALIAN BASTARDS NETWORK, TRAITORS OF ITALY–SORRY TOI-let et-al…After all Pope says that and all these Crypto Christians barking like mad dogs in media, will definitely should accept it now
    Has ANY minority except Jews been friend to Hindus..The mother of Mohd Ali Jinnah was a Parsi, the GREATEST TRAITORS NOW IS RANDI INDU “JAIN” NEE FERNANDES THE ERSTWHILE “PERSONAL SECRETORY”, A SEX MOLL FOR CORPORATE BIG WIGS who captured TOI vide the 1984-89 Sonia Pope Rule. The Khalistani Terrorists killed (with the help of sonia) the leader of RASHTRIYA SIKH SANGAT..ThE JAPANESE SURAI SASAI the Buddhist sidekick of Vatican and sonia wants Hindus out of Gaya (why this Japanese dog is not thrown out of India is a question, is it due to Italian christian sonia and her transnational cotorie of evil??)
    “VIDHVANSKARI HAI AHO PAR HAI NAV SRIJANKARI”…Without Destruction of evil no good will take place.

    2. Where are the Hindus…GREAT VICTORY AND ALL CONGRATULATIONS TO HJS…Let us not allow the last word to this Vatican Portugese bastardized evil christian slt Leela Samason and her pack of cryto christians and the bastardized products of Vatican called Commies..”Seculars” are the products of the prostitutes and keeps of British, and now Italian white skinned demonaic savages and christians, who changed their Bed MATED with the speed OF Breath..These seculars are so debauched perverts that they set up their mothers, sisters, daughters for orgies and mass rapes by their white skinned bosses, for two pegs of free liquor and some dogmeat..These are mostly crypto christians hiding behind false Hindu names..By the way is Roy-Kapoor??? Is his Baap and Panjabi or Bengali?? even his mother does not know..The same filthy pigs, WHY DID THEY BAN THE “DA VINCI CODE”?? Because some christians and sonia did not want it?? Why was a Jazz Band banned in Mumbai in 2007 when just a handful of Xians protested..These Bollywood SOBBs are just a Money Laundering scheme of Italian Drug, child pornography, organ smugglers, ISIL, ISIS, Boko Haram, Talibaan, Opus Dei IN ALL OF WHICH VATICAN AND SONIA ARE DEEPLY INVOLVED WITH THE BASTARD COMMIES ALSO TAKING SOME SHIT..They have filthiest of money…HIRANI BY THE WAY OWNS 5 DANCE BARS AND PUBS WHICH DISTRIBUTE DRUGS AND IS A CRYPTO CHRISTIAN . Where has all money of PK gone…To finanace Boko Haram and ISIL???
    Let’s celebrate on social media, Twitter and all drowning the “secular” cry with a Tsunami of Victory ROARS of the first defanging of the christian serpent…leela samson and her keeps – New Poster for Vatican Italian Drug child pornography blue film ISIL mafia Defeat..ROAR GO TO HELL GO TO HELL AGAINST THESE PIGS.


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