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Hindu girl raped and tortured by a Muslim man month long in a Christian Home in WB.

16-year-old Hindu girl tortured, raped by a Muslim Clergy in a Christian Home funded by Church for a month in West Bengal. 

Simson IslamSunita Arora | HENB | Chinsura | 5 February 2015:: Really it’s an all new experience for anybody. Jehadi Muslims adopted Christian names. Running Christian Home with the help of Church aid. And have been victimizing poor Hindu girls in that Home since a month long.

A 16-year-old Hindu girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for Juveniles was allegedly raped and tortured for a month by a fake clergyman named SIMSON ISLAM (alias Simpson Islam)  , police said on Wednesday. The Islam family of Gurap, (a town in Hoggly District in West Bengal),  converted to Christianity as told and adopted Christian names with Islamic surname and started this Home some thirty years back. Simon’s father Nur Islam took a Christian name  as Simon Nur Islam and started this  ‘Bhastara Christian Home’ at Bhastara area of Gurap Town.

According to a complaint filed by Mrs. Sujata Das, a member of District Child Help Line,  at the local police station, the fake clergyman, belonging to ‘Gurap Bhastara Christian Home’ had been allegedly torturing and raping the Hindu minor for a month. The victim had been living in the Home for about a year. The accused Simson Islam was arrested last night under Section 376 of the IPC, charging him with rape and torture, police said.

A heavy unrest among the local people was perceived after the news of captive rape spread in the air.

Bhastara Christian Home, Gurap, Hoogly, WB.The Police officers were sent  on Wednesdayto  the Home to investigate the matter, Sub-divisional officer Sadar, Sudip Sarkar said. The arrested clergyman was produced before Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Chinsura, which remanded him to 14-days judicial custody.

Meanwhile, the victim minor was shifted to a government-run home in the same district. District Social Welfare Department officers visited the Home and spoke with the inmates and the victim.

Both the victimized girl and the accused had to went under medical test. Sources said  a positive report was confirmed  as the victimization concluded both under rape and physical assault.

It is now revealed that Simson Islam used to call the Hindu female juveniles of that home by rotation after 10 o’clock at night and kept them two hours at closed door. Actually, Simon used this home as his Harem (private Islamic brothel). In the instant case, the victim Hindu girl have been being tortured and raped regularly  by Simson month long, but the victim intelligently contacted the Child Help Line at the time of going School outside the Home and found successful to lodge a FIR in the local PS with the help of CHL.

Simson’s mother Shanti Islam also run a same type Home in Malda district of West Bengal. An covert investigation has been started, as per source, whether these Homes are sprouting sex and women trafficking rackets including contact centers for ‘Love Jihad’. .

4 comments on “Hindu girl raped and tortured by a Muslim man month long in a Christian Home in WB.

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  2. k c sarangi
    September 11, 2015

    Hindus should keep their eyes open so that such miscreants will not dare to attempt .


  3. GRC
    September 16, 2015

    Hello, I completely agree with what Mr Narendra Modi said just after Gujrat roits “ Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. And if Muslims in India continue their atrocities on Hindus there will more Gujrats in future. First let me explain the points one by one.
    1. Firstly, Pakistan was created as a part of larger conspiracy by the West. The West (Britain, USA) could never accept that their sun would set in the east. So they needed a formidable platform by which they can interfere in political affairs in this region. The Jews in America, then formidably supported the World War II for Allied Powers against the Axis powers. USA and Britain, had to create Israel because there were no Jewish states and it was carved by taking an formidable piece from Palestine. But there were oil issues involved and Arab states were to be given something (in terms of their religious beliefs and ideologies) by USA and Britain, so they created West and East Pakistan(now Bangladesh). These two countries were the largest populated Islamic states then.

    2. Secondly, India was always a Hindu state from centuries. The Muslims, Sakhs, Huns, Mughals, Afghans whoever invaded, they always uttered it as “Hindustan”. At the time of the implementation of the Preamble in 1950 we were not considered as Secular or socialist. During the 42th constitutional amendment in 1976 by Congress better to say Indira Gandhi, Secular and Socialist were introduced to please then USSR (now Russia) because at that point of time we only had Russia as only permanent member of UN Security Council who supported India’s stand on Kashmir.

    3. There had been repeated cases of Muslim atrocities on majority Hindus in India in free India even after 1950, when the constitution was implemented. Nobody will ever speak of :-
    a. 1998 Chamba massacre
    b. 1998 Wandhama massacre .
    c. 1998 Chapnari massacre
    d. 2000 Amarnath pilgrimage massacre
    e. 2002 Raghunath Temple attacks refers to two fidayeen attacks in 2002 on the Raghunath Temple
    f. The 2002 Kaluchak Massacre
    g. 2013 Canning riots in West Bengal in which Muslim mobs burned down over 200 Hindu homes in the villages of Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra villages in the Canning police station area.
    h. The Marad massacre was the killing of eight Hindus by a Muslim mob on 2 May 2003 at the Marad beach of the Kozhikode district, Kerala, India.
    i. Above all the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from Jammu and Kashmir, and till date they are forced to live in relief camps.
    j. I am leaving out, the bomb blasts in Bangalore IIST, Mumbai Massacare in 1993 and 2008, Hyderbad blasts, Benaras blasts etc. because these were either broadcasted on Indian news channels or printed on newspapers.

    4. Finally, I will like to end this discussion by finalizing that if India is truly a Secular nation, then fulfilling that, is both the responsibilities of Hindus as well as Muslims. Muslim leaders like Bukhari cannot go all along and give hate speeches against Hindus and comment on Love Jihad. Also it’s high time for our national and regional leaders to determine whether they want to bow their heads in front of Muslims, for mere vote bank, who are sponsoring atrocities against Hindus or do they really want that the Law of the Land should prevail. Secularism does not mean bowing ones head in front of others religious beliefs, it means respecting one another’s religious beliefs and giving one another the required chance to practice and follow that religious beliefs.

    It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.
    ——————-Mahatma Gandhi
    And if Potent Hindus have violence in their hearts, they must support vigilant justice against all terrorist.


  4. Biren
    July 2, 2016

    It is strange that during the time of India’s Independence East Bengal became Muslim majority area and was excluded from Hindusthan. But nobody takes the pain to find out how any part of Bengal could become Hindu Minority. Bengal Civilization is a part of Indus valley Civilization. For ages Bengal followed Hinduism. Muslims in Bengal intruded looted Hindu houses, stole Hindu married and unmarried women, tortured and forcefully converted to islam. Thus Hindus started falling to minority. Hindus, by virtue of their religious belief about soul, which do never destroy but shelters in another body after death according to its KARMA of this birth, Accordingly the Muslims who torture Hindus in its present birth may be born as a Hindu in its next birth and be subject to the same torture. Terrorism, hidden or exposed is in Human DNA. Need of the hour is, never to terrorize any child so that it does not know what is that. A fruit gives its own test to others.


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