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Hindu girl denied job in Pakistan because of her religion of Kaffir.

Highly qualified and able Hindu girl denied job in Pakistan because of her religion… 


Sandhay Das, M. Sc.,  a Pakistani Citizen was denied a Job in Peshawar University for her Hindu Religion.

HENB | Peshawar | May 29, 2015:: The Peshawar University in Islamic Pakistan reportedly declined to employ Sandhya Das, a Pakistani national, as she is a Hindu.

According to a BBC Hindi report  Sandhya Das is the daughter of a cook Bishan Das, who struggled to get her daughter properly educated. Though financially weak, he ensured her education in  convent and then to university.

The young woman had got her Master of Science degree from the same Peshawar university.

The family desperately needs her to work as now Bishan Das is suffering from acute heart ailment. The financial condition of Bishan Das is so bad that he is not in a position to get proper treatment for his heart ailments. Sandhya Das’ family members allege that though she had all the qualifications, Peshawar University officials denied her the job as she was not a Muslim.

The  irony is that that the same university, where Sandhya studied , refused to employ her because of her faith, according to her family members.

Hindus who are minorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are facing numerous challenges in continuing with their daily livelihoods. Around 1200 to 1500 Hindu families live in Pakistan’s Peshawar city.

Peshawar University

The BBC report quotes human rights  activist Rakshanda Naaz as saying that the condition of Hindus living in Khyber Pakhtun area  are  in a pretty  bad condition.  Rakshanda appealed to the Pakistan Government  to look into the pathetic conditions of Hindus living in Pakistan.

About 1200 to 1500 Hindu families live in Peshawar city. And only 1.86% Hindus are living as third class citizen (as Kaffir) in Pakistan now a days while there was at least 16% Hindus were living in the areas of Pakistan in the time frame of 1941-1951 as per authentic records. Before that Hindus were once majority in that area of Pakistan as per various annals tell.

Hindus and minorities of Pakistan are being discriminated and persecuted highly by the Islamic people, public administrations and police beyond any limits.

6 comments on “Hindu girl denied job in Pakistan because of her religion of Kaffir.

    May 30, 2015

    Insaniyat kahan hai


  2. arish sahani
    June 1, 2015

    Arab are great They don’t send army to destroy your nation .They convert your fools an poor to islam ,these converts destroy their own nation in future .Great war plan.

    West will face soon what INDIA is facing since 1000 yrs . Local converts and immigrant muslims will destroy west.


    • Arindam.
      June 19, 2018

      The Arabs themselves were converted to Islam at swordpoint: indeed, after Mohammed died, many of them rebelled against Islam – the ‘wars of apostasy’ as the Muslims put it.

      It is also strange that for a supposedly ‘Arab’ faith, Islam only has two Arab prophets – Mohammed and Shoaib. The rest are all…


  3. Rahul kumar mishra
    June 3, 2015

    I like this site


  4. rahul
    September 27, 2015

    shayad pak yah janta nhi ki unke desh se jyada ya utne hi muslim india me bhi hai wai yha id,muhharam manate hai


  5. Hary Paul
    June 16, 2018

    Europe will suffer too due to uncontrolled and forces entry of millions of refugees from outside. India is suffering from illegal entry from Bangladesh.
    Only USA and Australia have the guts to tackle these problem although there are idiots inside these countries resisting it.


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