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Avoiding mistakes from Indian History, We have to make new Hindu History of Bharat.


Avoid mistakes from History : Dr. Nitin Saharia

HENB-HJS | Ramnathi (Goa) | June 16, 2015:: Condemning the various distortion and misinterpretation of Indian History by the Macaulay and the Communist schools, the 4th Hindu Adhiveshan supports the re-writing Indian History on the basis of ‘Bharatiyata’ and ‘un-biased facts’.


Ramanjaneyulu, state secretary of Hindu Dharma Raksha Samanvaya Samithi, Andhra Pradesh explaining how temple funds are used for various purposes other than for the welfare of Hindus. Devadas Shinde, Kasivelu S, Jitendra Thakur are also seen.

Dr. Nitin Saharia, MP was addressing the attendees at the 4th Hindu Adhiveshan. He said, ‘Bharatiya civilisation is the world’s first and the oldest civilisation. Since the Vedic times, Bharat has had a glorious history. The other civilisations have their history dating back to only two thousand years. The Ramayan Era is 18 lakh years old. Even in those days, the society was prosperous and flourishing. People in those days had knowledge about sciences such as Aviation Science & Meteorological Science. Even today, we can find various evidences of ancient Hindu civilisation in places such as Java, Sumatra, China, Japan, Africa, Afghanistan etc. This is because Hindus had visited these place with the message of ‘Krunvanto Vishwam Aryam’ (meaning, May the whole world become noble).

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Bharatiya Panchang (Lunar almanac) is the most supreme in the whole world; whereas the English calendar is very limited in its scope. We Bharatiyas have even divided seconds. No one, but Hindus have the knowledge of the ‘kalpa’ (An ancient measurement of time-span). Inspite of such glorious traditions, why did Hindus become slaves ? The main reasons for this are lack of unity and failure to learn from history. Hindus are responsible for their own destruction. When invaders attacked us, we did not fight against them; that is why our culture has become nearly extinct. Prithviraj Chouhan committed the grave mistake of forgiving Mohammed Ghori and letting him go even after defeating him. Later, Ghori again attacked Prithviraj Chouhan and killed him.

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When there were attacks on Hindu Dharma in the form of conversion, Jihad and violence in one particular place, Hindus from other places did not do anything to help them. We were ruled by the British for decades as the Kings in Bharat were not united, resulting in their defeat by the British. Previously, Hindus used to look after cows, whereas today’s Hindus tame dogs. This is surprising. Lord Macaulay devised such an education system in Bharat, that Hindus remain Bharatiyas physically, but British intellectually. We will have to leave this intellectual slavery and turn towards Hindu culture.’

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