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Christians conspiracy to convert quake-stricken Hindus in Nepal.

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From left : Ms. Sanu Thapa, Shri. Bharat Sharma, Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale, Dr. Madhav Bhattarai, Shri. Sagar Katwal

Christians’ ploy to convert quake-stricken Hindus in Nepal : Dr. Madhav Bhattarai, Nepal.

HENB-HJS | Ramnathi (Goa) | June 16, 2015:: On the 5th Day Press Conference of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan (June 11-17) at Goa, the representatives of pro-Hindu organizations from Nepal highlighted the matter of Christian conspiracy of conversion in post quake Nepal.

Nepal was shaken with two major earthquakes between 25th April and 12th May 2015 causing huge loss. Indian army and Government excellently planned and extended help to Nepal after this quake. Indian religious organizations like Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), Sanatan Sanstha, Patanjali Yogapeetha etc. also selflessly helped people of Nepal; but Christian organizations are taking advantage of the situation and hatching plot of conversion in the name of extending help. This ploy will be exposed and we will strive for Nepal’s being declared as a Hindu Rashtra, stated Dr. Madhav Bhattarai, the President of ‘Sanatan Hindu Morcha’, Nepal during the press conference held on 15th June at the venue of the 4th ‘Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan’ in progress now. The representatives of pro-Hindu organizations presented the current situation in Nepal, post-earthquake. Shri. Bharat Sharma, the President of ‘Rashtriya Dharma-sabha’, Nepal, Shri. Sagar Katwal of ‘Hindu Yuva Sanyojan’, Nepal, His Holiness Dr. Charudatta Pingale, all-India Guide of HJS and Kum. Sanu Thapa, a representative of ‘Forum for Hindu Awakening’, Nepal were present on the occasion.

Scam in distribution of aid received after earthquake: Shri. Bharat Sharma, Rashtriya Dharma-sabha, Nepal

Within 2 hours after earthquake, Indian army reached Nepal. Indian Army and the Government nicely planned and extended help to people of Nepal; whereas Nepal Government misappropriated aid received for distributing to quake-stricken people of Nepal. Many items received from Japan and Indian Government are just lying there without being distributed amongst people and some items are even found in markets on sale. There should be proper plan for distribution of aid to quake-stricken people; putting curb on their misuse. Pakistan was condemned for sending ‘beef-masala’ in the name of aid. Nepal Government has imposed restrictions on pro-Hindu religious organizations for direct distribution of aid; whereas Christian organizations pressurized the Government and are allowed to distribute the material directly to people. Such policy which encourages conversion should be cancelled and pro-Hindu organizations should exert pressure for the same.

Christian organizations have been hatching plot of conversion in the name of extending help ! – Sagar Katwal, Hindu Yuva Sanyojan, Nepal

The relations between Nepal and India are very strong and it was quite apparent through what happened in Nepal after earthquake. Pro-Hindu organizations from India were selflessly helping Nepal and Christian organizations are working with ulterior motive of conversion of people. In last 1-1/2 months, new Christian voluntary organizations have come to Nepal. We will expose their activities and stop them from distributing copies of Bible and converting people.

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Striving for establishing Hindu Rashtra in Nepal – Dr. Madhav Bhattarai

I have surrendered myself completely towards the cause of Dharma and Hindu Rashtra : Shri. Bharat Sharma

Shall strive hard and turn Nepal into a Hindu Rashtra : Shri. Sagar Katwal

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