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Street Namaz may evoke Hindu-Muslim clash in India.

Namaz Menace in Mumbai stranded the public life in hell frequently......

Namaz Menace in Mumbai stranded the public life in hell frequently……

Aggressiveness by Hindus against persisting hazards in road blocked for Namaz  may put India into a Communal Clash in this Id-ul-Fiter.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Mumbai  | July 6, 2015::  On the occasion of Ramzan, place in mosques is falling short for Muslims and they are offering  Namaz on roads. In other timings in their power zone, Muslims easily occupy the busy streets in every Friday Namaz in metropolis like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and many other cities and towns in India without any permission. But, police and administration always oppose any Hindu puja and celebration if it comes on the streets and public places without prior permission.

In Miraz (Maharashtra) police administration does not oppose them for forbidding the Namaz in streets which put disturbances in public life; therefore, Hindutvavadis (Hindu activists) arranged ‘Maha-aarti’ (adoration of deities with fumes, flames, flows of water, fans and flowers) en mass  on roads on 27th June.

As the news was reached police, Hindutvavadis were called at Miraj city police station. All Hindutvavadis asked the police that why laws were made applicable only to Hindus and concessions are given to Muslims ? Miraj city police, considering the aggressiveness exhibited by Hindutvavadis, promised to put curb on followers of all religions from using roads for prayers. (This incident shows that Hindus always explain their point in lawful and restrained manner. Will non-Hindus give such cooperation to police on any issues concerning them? Hindus expect that police should now keep their word and stop prayers by people of all religions, held on roads as also put curb on illegal things creating noise pollution!)

But, some sources hint otherwise by this time. Aggressiveness by Hindus against persisting hazards in road blocked for Namaz  may put India into a Communal Clash in this Id-ul-Fiter.

Hindi Saamana 2 July 2015

In Maharashtra, Hindus and Ganesh Mandals close to Shiva Sena are preparing to perform Maha Shiva Aarti and Maha Ganapati Aarti in Mumbai in all ‘Chowpatti’ (road crossing) on 9th, 16th and 18th July to acquire same rights as enjoyed by the Muslim in Jumma and Eid times.

In its mouthpiece, Saamana (both in Matrathi and Hindi) , Shiva Sena asked the Govt. of  Maharashtra (even being a part of it), “रस्त्यावरचा नमाज चालतो, मग गणपतीचा मंडप का नको ?“/ “सडक  पर नमाज तो गणेश पंडाळ  क्यों नहीं?” e.i. As there is road blocked at Namaj, why not the Ganesh Pandal (makeshift temples) on roads?

The Ganesh Utsav Samiti Co-ordination committees in Shiva Sena touch questioned the concerned authorities, why they do not allow Ganesh Pandals for 10 days only, when the Muslims perform Namaz every week and Eid etc. without any permission.


As per source, in many parts of Mumbai and other states in India, the Shiv Sainiks and other right wing Hindu organisations are preparing a Hindu consolidation through Maha-Aarti in temples beside streets as a protest of illegal Namaz on roads and irritable use of loud speakers five times a day from Mosques.

A news which put vehement repercussion to the right wing Hindu groups that Govt. in various state may impose partial ban or change of routes of Rath Yatra (Charriot Festival) to felicitate Namaj as Id-ul-Fiter and Rath Yatra fall on same day on 18th July this year.

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2 comments on “Street Namaz may evoke Hindu-Muslim clash in India.

  1. skanda987
    July 7, 2015

    The urgent need is to make Hindustan a Vedic State where intolerant and anti-Vedic invaded religions and ideologies will be illegal. This is possible to do with grass root democratic united movement by the Hindus. When done, that will solve many problems. The Ghar Waapas program should also run vigorously.
    jai sri Krishna!


  2. reddyrv393
    July 7, 2015



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