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Why Hindu Leader like Promod Muthalik of Sriram Sene is banned in BJP run state like Goa?

Ban on Sriram Sene in Goa by BJP

Ban on Shri Pramod Mutalik and his associates in Sriram Sene continues in Goa as BJP leaders in Goa have drifted from Hindutva for power.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Panaji (Goa) | July 4, 2015:: The ban on Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder – President of staunch pro-Hindu organization, Sriram Sene and his associates from his organisation entering Goa, has been extended as perpetrated by the BJP Government here.

BJP Government of Goa bans patriotic and devout Sriram Sene only to appease minorities! By imposing ban on Sriram Sene, BJP Government has shown that it wants to promote love jihad, Islamic upheaval, infiltration by Bangladeshis, sex tourism, drugs and human trafficking and all the Christian conspiracies in Goa! And in all such menace Hindus are the main victims.

Unfortunately, the ban on Shri. Pramod Mutalik and his associates in Sriram Sene continues in Goa as BJP leaders in Goa have drifted from Hindutva for the tendency of power mongering. A spectrum is now clear in which BJP in Goa is clearly appeasing Christian and Muslims in a vote bank politics through the humiliation of Hindu leaders in many ways. 

Shri. Muthalik’s petition challenging the ban was dismissed by the Goa Bench of Mumbai High Court on 2nd July; therefore, the ban imposed on Shri. Mutalik since August 2014 will continue. During this period of ban, programs at international level by Sunburn, display of cadaver of St. Xaviers, ANCHIM etc. were organized in Goa and no complaint has been received against Sriram Sene. On what basis, is the State Government imposing such ban ? The reason for the ban, in the absence of any complaint, remains a mystery ! Not only that in this ban time, the Islamist preachers from foreign countries are frequently coming to Goa without any objection from the state government. One Talibani Mulla Zaeef came to Goa from Afghanistan to preach his ideology against India and Hindu ‘Kaffirs’, as reported.

The BJP Government of Goa has imposed such ban through District Collectors of North Goa and South Goa on 19th August 2014 and 20th August 2014 respectively. The period of the ban was later extended upto 18th October 2014, 16th January 2015 and 14th March 2015 by issuing orders. Both the District Collectors have refused to lift the ban; therefore, Shri. Mutalik had filed a petition for his just demands with Goa Bench of Mumbai High Court. Justice Chandrakant Bhadang and Justice Kalidas Vadane, a two-member Bench dismissed the petition on 2nd July 2015.

The Government officer S R Rivankar represented the Government and advocate Nagesh Takbhate pleaded for Shri. Mutalik who argued that the ban was baseless and Shri. Muthalik was made a political scapegoat; only to appease minorities.

The Government pleader said that Shri. Mutalik was to stage movements against love jihad, drug-trafficking and Bangladeshi infiltration; which could create social unrest.

As a matter of fact the inaction in the part of BJP Govt in Goa made the state a flourishing ground for the love Jihad, making huge mosques as Jihad centers and new colony for the illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators (Muslim obviously). These Bangladeshi Muslim settlers in Goa are mainly  connected with the job of masons and building construction work in Goa’s up-growing real estate business sectors. These Bangladeshi Muslims are coming to Goa via Cooch Bihar and North Dinajpur (both in West Bengal) by mainly Mumbai Mail and Amravati Express in each entry to Mumbai an Goa without any checking by anybody.

BJP leaders in Goa have drifted from Hindutva for power : Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar.


Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar.

HJS | Panaji (Goa) | July 5, 2015:: Goa Government has imposed ban on entry of Shri. Pramod Mutalik in Goa and thus, protected illegal activities like rampant drug-trafficking, prostitution, casinos etc. in the State.

The above accusation was made by advocate Sanjiv Punalekar, the national Secretary of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada’. On 2nd July 2015, Goa Bench of Mumbai High Court dismissed a petition of Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder-President of a pro-Hindu organization, Sriram Sene for lifting ban imposed on him by BJP Government in Goa. Therefore, till 15th July 2015, the ban on his entering Goa will continue and in this background, advocate Punalekar expressed his views.

He said, “Shri. Mutalik is respected by Hindu leaders including the Sarsanghchalak Shri. Mohan Bhagavat of RSS, but banned by BJP Government in Goa shows that BJP leaders have drifted from Hindutva. Finally, the problem is that other people take advantage of such situations. BJP Government, which is blinded by power, does not realize that such decisions would be used by Congress and other opposition parties for canvassing against BJP.”

Base reports: HJS and SS.

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One comment on “Why Hindu Leader like Promod Muthalik of Sriram Sene is banned in BJP run state like Goa?

  1. A Hindu
    July 9, 2015

    bjp and rss has talked a lot about hindus but they are organizing iftaar parties. we dont want bjp to shed crocodile tears for hindus and sing songs of secularism like modi is doing. V D savarkar had warned about this character of rss years ago.


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