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Bengal Bomb blast in Gafulia at Katwa reminds deadly Khagragarh terror episode.

Are Muslims preparing for any deadly Jihad in Bengal? They are making bombs and collecting arms and ammunitions everywhere in Mosques, Madrasas and Muslim homes. Why? 

katwa blast

Bomb blast in Gafulia at Katwa in Bengal’s Burdwan district is reminding Khagragarh terror episode in another Muslim village in Bengal.

HENB | Burdwan | Aug 30, 2015:: The explosion occurred in Burdwan district’s Katwa area, 150km from Kolkata. “One person, Kanikuro Sheikh (25) was killed and two others were injured on Saturday evening” said a Police official, but the Muslim villagers of Gafulia said, “Two persons were killed in the blast. One mutilated body was taken away rapidly by some persons before police reached there; and it was not possible to identify them”.

CID’s bomb disposal squad went to the spot on Sunday morning. Police recovered more nine Crude Bombs, two to three sacks of bomb materials, gunpowders, splinters, which could make high intensity bombs and ten choppers from the scene of blast house. A section of police on the spot told that the arrangements definitely hinted for a deadly bomb-making factory. Local villagers said some persons from outside usually came to stay in that house in which the blast occurred.

On 2 October 2014, a similar blast occurred in Khagragarh area of Burdwan. The blast killed two Jihadi people and critically injured a third one+. The two women, who were arrested in connection with the case, had then revealed that they were planning to blow up the Kolkata airport and 24 other places in West Bengal on the festive day of Durga Puja and Eid al-Adha which fell on almost at the same time.

About a year since the Khagragarh Blast in October 2014 that had exposed a Bangladeshi terror module being active in West Bengal, now another accidental blast has brought to light an illegal bomb-making unit in Katwa in the same Burdwan district.

Now, this high intensity bomb blast in a two-storey house at Gafulia village in Katwa on Saturday evening rocked the entire sleepy area, killing two person and injuring two others (Alimuddin alias Mithun Sheikh  and Ratan alias Ziar Sheikh). The injured persons are being treated in Katwa Sub-divisional Hospital. The blast was so powerful that it blew off the entire terrace of the house made of brick and cement.

Since the incident, the owner of the house owner, Jilu Rehman (other source says as Kalo Seikh is the owner), is absconding along with his family members. Police have arrested a woman, who is his relative.

Local people alleged that absconding Rehaman is a local unit member of the ruling Trinamool Congress and that is why nobody used to dare confront him despite several outsiders visiting the house frequently.

Following preliminary investigation, CID investigators are of the view that the explosive raw materials were being used to make high intensity bombs.

This is the second illegal bomb making unit that has come to light in Bengal in about three months. On 6 May this year, an illegal bomb making unit had come to light at Brahamanbar village, Pingla in West Medinipur, again following an accidental blast. In this case the intensity of blast was so high, the blasted and mutilated corpses were found hanging in the heights of bamboo and coconut trees.

In Khagragarh blast, the state police and authority undermined the whole thing as a petty matter at first, but the central agencies and NIA revealed the tip of Jihadi iceberg and JMB connection in that Madrasha module and Burka workshop network spreading from Assam to Hyderabad via Burdwan.

Now, the same WB State CID investigation is going causally in the case of Katwa-Gafulia village blast, telling the story of local land disputes etc. between local Muslim neighbours and the political rivalry. But, the matter must be investigated by NIA to settle it whether Katwa-Gafulia blast is the other side of Khagragarh Blast in any manner!

Source: Agencies.

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