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Some Hindu penetration in Islamic mind in India.

15 years on, this Muslim man collects rotis for cows

Feeding to cows is considered a very sacred work in India.

Feeding cows is considered a very sacred work in India.

Vimal Bhatia, TNN | Jaisalmer | Oct 13, 2015:: At a time when the nation is reeling under communal tension over issues of cow smuggling and beef consumption, this piece of news can certainly provide some relief.

For the past 15 years, a Muslim man in Jaisalmer goes door-to-door with four gunny bags in a pushcart, collects chapattis and feeds them to cows daily. The man is Haji Mehrudeen.

People in the lanes can be seen waiting for him. The moment they hear the bell of his pushcart tolling, their faces light up with happiness.

Mehrudeen says he gets peace and happiness by serving cows.

From 6 am to 1 pm every day, he collects rotis from houses in four gunny bags and offers them to the cows of a gaushala. As it is difficult to cover the entire city in a single day, so he visits a few colonies every day. This way, Mehrudeen collects rotis from the entire city.

People love and respect him. They eagerly wait for him. The moment they hear the toll of his pushcart’s bells, they run towards him to give the rotis. He says that no religion advocates violence. “Every religion gives the message of peace, unity, faith and brotherhood,” he says.

Muslim youth at Lucknow University fast on first day of Navratri


Muslim women pray on Diwali in Varanasi.

Isha Jain,TNN | Lucknow | Oct 13, 2015::  At a time when reports about religious intolerance are dominating the headlines, two Muslim youth of Lucknow University set a unique example of communal harmony. Sahaduddin Ahmed alias Sameer, a close relative of Pram Vir Chakra winner Abdul Hamid and his friend Abdul Kalim observed fast on the first day of Navratri. The two will also observe fast on the last day.

On the first day of Navratra, Sameer, who completed his LLB and is now studying Arab Culture at LU, distributed fruits and ‘falahaar’ (food consumed during fast) to his Hindu friends at a university hostel. Not only this, he recited Durga Chalisa and performed ‘aarti’.

“If Hindus and Muslims start celebrating festivals together, there will never be a Dadri. If I keep rozas, I also observe fast on Navratri. In my village, Hindu festivals Holi and Diwali begins from our house. On every Bada Mangal, I organize bhandharas,” said Sameer, whose grandfather Bashir Ahmed and PVC Hamid were brothers. The two families live next door in Ghazipur.


Mohammad and Zubeda Tahir have been organising the Mandal at Vakola, Santa Cruz, since 1983. Photo by ­ Swapnil Sakhare, DNA.

Sameer draw his inspiration from Hamid’s widow Rasoolan Bibi. “Dadi always says that no religion talks ill of other religion. Until and unless we start respecting each other (Hindu and Muslims), outsiders will draw advantage. It’s high time that we get united,” says Sameer.

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Kalim, a second year BA (Hons) student at LU, said: “Hindu-Muslim unity in our country was exemplary to the West. Unfortunately, religion is being used to divide communities and societies. We will continue to spread communal harmony in our own ways,” said Kalim

For Diwali, Sameer is already read. “I will visit people who cannot afford to light a ‘diya’ in their house because of any reason. If I make few Hindu families smile, I will feel live in peace,” said Sameer.

Postscript by Hindu Existence: The news above are emanating some hope of light for the Happy Hindu Muslim cultural co-existence and respects to each other. If Muslims in India respect cow, don’t  kill them… if they don’t throw beef to Hindu temples and processions… if they respect Hindus and their customs, don’t see and follow some controversial ayats of Quran… and obviously Hindus and Muslims equally stand front for a  greater acceptance, not mere a tolerance, this Bharat, Hindusthan, India will be an exemplary evidence of Hindu-Muslim harmony in contemporary times.

News source: TOI.

One comment on “Some Hindu penetration in Islamic mind in India.

  1. Thillay Naidoo
    October 15, 2015

    My studies lead me to believe that the presence of Islam in Bharat is totally unnecessary and completely inappropriate. I can prove to the world that Islam makes no sense as a religion. It has nothing to contribute to India and its presence there is an embarrassment to Hindu culture. This is not said out of contempt for Islam but out of a sense of religious truth which we need to understand.


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