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Jihadi Muslims attacked Hindu village in Lakshmipuja for an Islamic loot in Bangladesh. Injured many Hindus including a pregnant woman causing the death of a baby in womb.

Jihadi Muslims belonging to Awami League attacked Lakshmi Puja Celebration in Bangladesh, attacked Hindu village in Feni, looted rampantly, heavily  injured 20 Hindus including a pregnant Hindu woman causing accidental abortion and death of the baby. 

Profuse bleeding caused the critical condition of Tulshi, her baby died in womb.

Jihadi hooligans kicked her abdomen. Profuse bleeding caused the critical condition of Tulshi, her baby died in womb.

HENB | Dhaka | Oct 29, 2015:: Islamic perpetrators belonging to ruling Awami League attacked Minority Hindu families on Wednesday night at Sadar Upazila of Feni District. Due to repeated attacks, twenty persons including a pregnant Hindu woman was seriously injured & her baby died in the womb. This unfortunate incident took place at Pachgachia (Jele para) Union of Feni District at night of Lakshmi Puja Visarjan (immersion ceremony of worshipped deity/idol). It is also alleged that local Muslim perpetrators also looted shops & properties belonging to Hindus indiscriminately.

While Hindus on the occasion of “Lakshmi Puja” were celebrating Visarjan rituals with chanting mantras (hymns), raising slogans in favour of Dharma and bursting pathaka (firecrackers), the cadres of Iqbal group belonging to Awami League started to insult Hindus with abusive languages and prohibited them from chanting hymns, bursting crackers etc. Under a pressure, even the Hindus were compelled to stop celebration and to beg apology.

Thereafter at 8 0’clock at night,  7 to 8 perpetrators under the leadership of Iqbal,  son of Shahabuddin from Muslim dominated Mathiyara area, attacked Hindu village Jelepara and victimized  Jahar Lal Das. Soon after the attacks, under the leadership of Samrat and Iqbal,  some 20 to 25 armed Muslim hooligans  assembled at that Hindu area and started looting the belongings of Minority Hindus, attacked women and children. A seven months pregnant Smt. Tulshi Rani Das (18) wife of Sri. Rabindra Das tried to rescue her husband Rabindra, but Muslim attackers mercilessly thrashed Tulshi,  causing profuse bleeding on abortion and her baby could not survive in the womb,  and gave birth the dead baby on Thursday dwan. 

Tulshi was brought to Feni sadar Hospital on Thursday morning in a very critical condition. 

Consequent upon barbarous attacks, 20 Hindu minorities along with Smt. Alorani Das (28), Sri. Jahar Lal Das (45),  Smt. Shova Rani Das (45),  Sri. Bikash Das (24),  Sri. Sukdev Das (12) and  Sri. Parimal Das (60)  were injured upon the grievous assault by those Muslim hooligans.

Facing the Jihadi threat 50 Minority Hindu families left the village and took refuge in a boat in Feni River  for their own safety and security.

The local S.P. Md. Rezaul Hoque visited the place of occurrence along with Sri. Sukdev Nath (Tapan) General Secretary of Feni District Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, Sri. Rajiv Khagesh Dutta, President, Feni Zila Puja Parishad and others Hindu community leaders viz. Sri. Litan Saha and Sri. Ganesh Bhoumik.

The Central committee of Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Porishad  and the minority Hindu leaders of Feni condemned the attack on Hindus and their festival in such a barbaric manner.  One of the victim Jahar Lal Das lodged an complaint against the perpetrators in Feni Model Police Station.

Though the dead body of the baby was handed over to the bereaved family on Thursday after post-mortem, the condition of the mother is still critical due to profuse bleeding that caused the abortional  death  of the baby under a barbaric attack by the Jihadi hooligans upon a Hindu pregnant mother.

As per Bangladesh Minority Watch source it is known that the organization immediately communicated with Md. Rezaul Hoque – S.P. Feni over his mobile number 01713373773 who informed them that “the incident is not a big thing, it arises on a simple matter and it is not a ‘Minority Repression’ at all.”

When BDMW inquired the matter to local A.S.P. Circle,  Mr. Refaeu Ullah,  he also tried to suppress the matter showing the incident was a normal one. When Morshed – Officer in Charge of Feni Sadar Police station was contacted over telephone, he also tried to disconnect telephone line time and again and lastly said – ” I am busy and you will call me later on. “

Sri. Rabindra Ghsoh of Bangladesh Minority Watch demanded immediate arrest of perpetrators responsible for attacking minority Hindu families of Feni rendering them homeless.

The minority Hindus in Bangladesh are simply dying in a Islamic hell. No voice from the so called intellectuals, no concern of Indian Media, not any return of awards. Bangladeshi minorities are crying and to trying to live by catching a straw. Even then they are not the concern of anybody, as they are Hindus after all!

Base Report & Pic: Daily Jugantar.

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6 comments on “Jihadi Muslims attacked Hindu village in Lakshmipuja for an Islamic loot in Bangladesh. Injured many Hindus including a pregnant woman causing the death of a baby in womb.

  1. Anand, USA
    October 30, 2015

    It is all The fault of Prithivi Raj The King who pardon Mohammad Gouri. Even The Hindu Kings in West India were sleeping when islam came to Iran and then Afghanistan and went to Central Asia and all the way to Mongolia . The Rajput were so Stupid that they knew that these Jihadi Idiots are entering India through Darra Khaiber and Darra Bolan. Hindu Kings were sleeping and rather than plugging the Darras Hindu Rajput were fighting with each other instead of Defending The Nations Borders. “The FUNNY part that they still “Moochone pe Tav Dete hain ki ham Rajput Hai”. and the people who lives in western India the very people call them “PUNJABI” and look down on them. But This is the Punjabi’s and Sidhis who are fighting with Invaders since last 1500 years. It is the fatal mistake of Pandit Nehru who knew what Muslims did in Kashmir still he allowed MUSLIMS to stay back in India? Now there is NOTHING NO ONE CAN DO. During Chandra Gupta period India use thrive from Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan to Bay of Bengal. We now left with No solution to solve this menace. The time is not far when these people will demand another Pakistan created within India. If one try to eradicate this menace then hidden International Powers who say that they are our friends but from inside they want to take advantage of India weakness. Rampart Corruption within the nation is one of the causes that no one to take initiative. Wake Up India. Is there any brave mother who can give birth to 2nd Edition of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel The Great Ironman of India and Chanakya as real brothers. They are the only one can solve this problem. The Growing population of Jihadi is threat not only to India rather to the world peace. Look what they did in Sweden, Holland, Germany, England, France including Pakistan. Now US. More than 50% of Michigan US population is MUSLIMS and they are creating problems over there too. Read it and pass it on. If you have solution please mention.


  2. Md. Shahjahan.
    October 30, 2015

    They are not Jihadi Muslims. They are the Terror of ruling Party “Awami league”, led by Sk. Hasina, the good friend of india.

    Mohammed Shahjahan.
    Vienna, Austria.


    • Laxman
      October 31, 2015

      @ Shahjahan , Yes they are Zihadi Muslim why you are dividing politically… all are same The Bangladeshi Hindu are suffering from 1947…. Bangladeshis Hindu are killing by Muslim from 1947…. 90 percent Hindus asset grape by Muslim and BD Muslim Government … There is no difference whatever Roiling party in BD government…..


    • Skywalker
      October 31, 2015

      If Hindus do not wake up, they will be what Jews were millennia back, kicked around, persecuted in the lands where they once flourished.

      This time it is going to be bad for Hindus, if they stick one-way plurality and will not be able to handle the onslaught. Other wise be ready to be exterminated, just like the Kashmiri Pandits were kicked out of Kashmir valley and made refugees in their own land.

      Not all Muslims are bad, however Islam has inherent flaw which permits the hard-liner to call the shots and that impacts the non-Muslims adversely. Good muslims are weak, fearful, do not aggressively challenge the bad guys, and leave it upto the non-Muslims to do the cleanup with-in their community.


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  4. devampiya
    November 3, 2015

    Exchange the populations peacefully. This is in the interests of all.


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