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Anti Hindu Kerala Govt  bans Hindu rituals in KSRTC  Bus trips to Sabarimala.

Ban on Saranam Chanting, Lord Ayyappa pic decoration in KSRTC special Bus services to Pampa-Sabarimala pilgrimage. Probe ordered to performing Hindu Rituals at Kasaragod Bus Depot.

Sabarimala Sharanam BanUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Thiruvananthapuram | Nov 25, 2015:: The Kerala state government’s anti- Hindu stance has yet again become apparent with the KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) bus services issuing stringent orders barring Sabarimala bound pilgrims from raising sacred chants (saranam vili). Pilgrims proceeding towards Nilackkal and from there to Sabarimala have been served the notice. Another notification issued ban decorating the bus with Lord Ayyappa’s pictures or smearing sandal paste.

The Hindu Aikya Vedi, along with other Hindu organizations have launched a series of remonstrations against the move. It has been alleged that the anti-Hindu lobby in KSRTCis behind the move.

Now this state’s sanction for the ban on Saranam Chantings in Pampa bound special services KSRTC has created an energy to stop conventional pujas (rituals) made by the Hindu staff and drivers of  KSRTC.

In these days,  Hindus in Kerala have been facing a lot of Dharmik humiliations through desecrating religious places by appointing anti Hindu people in various Devashowm boards,  beef festivals, cutting facilities in pilgrimages, stopping the facilities of Annadanam in holy shrines, giving Hindu devaswom areas to other religion’s people  etc. by the so called secular (means patrons of Islamist and Christian lobbies) forces through out the years.

Swami Saranam Decorations held in KSRTC

The Chairman and Managing Director, of KSRTC, Mr Antony Chacko, a Christian by faith has now ordered to probe on a conventional puja rituals held on Oct 22 in KSRTC bus depot at Kasaragod for spreading peace  and driving out all evil spirit from the nature.

Visuals of the puja, held reportedly on October 22 at the Kasaragod KSRTC bus depot, were aired by television channels today.

While the communist and Islamist lobby made  the issue  controversial, the Chairman and Managing Director, KSRTC, initiated a probe and told the press that Executive Director (Vigilance) has been asked to inquire and report immediately so that “if any unusual ritual to scare away evil spirits has been held, we will take action”.

He said only Ayudha Puja was held. The ritual was “not sponsored by the Corporation” and was performed by employees during Ayudha Puja. We cannot stop the ritual”.

When pointed that District Transport Officer was also present, he said normally during the puja, all employees do participate.

A KSRTC employee said the puja was held in the presence of the District Transport Officer. It was held as there was a feeling that frequent road accidents were due to the presence of evil spirits in the terminus. He said the ritual was held in the presence of an astrologer and was not part of Ayudha Puja.

RSS, Hindu Aikya Vedi and other Hindu organizations are planning to knock the door of the judiciary for such unbearable steps by govt agencies and some political parties to hurt the Hindu sentiments times and again.

__Input from Agencies.

4 comments on “Anti Hindu Kerala Govt  bans Hindu rituals in KSRTC  Bus trips to Sabarimala.

  1. Anand, USA
    November 25, 2015

    Who is MF Chief Minister of Kerala? Kick his Ass.


  2. Trishool
    November 25, 2015

    WHY DON’T THEY BAN INTOLERANT, VIOLENT, ISLAM, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE WORD OF INTOLERANCEIN OUR HINDU BOOKS LIKE GITA OR RAMAYANA. Mohammad himself fought 86 wars, in his short life, killed several innocent human beings, married 23 women, the pedophile married 6 years old girl Ayesha at age 52, and the HYPOCRITE pronounced prophet of Peace, humanity, moral, spiritual guide for whole Muslim community..!!!   HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS ISLAM.! Tr. 


    • Anand, USA
      November 26, 2015

      It is not a religion? It is a Cult. It is a Vampire process. They want to Vampire more people on earth. Hindus of Kerala should stop paying Taxes to Local Government.


  3. suchindranathaiyer
    April 13, 2016

    The PANGOLIN Constitution divided Indians into two sorts of people. The People of Dharma are those below the law, The rest are above the law in different ways.

    In 1959, the Indian Republic confiscated the Temples and the Religious endowments of the People of Dharma (alleged to be Upper Castes) who had been rendered Third Class Citizens by the Indian Constitution in 1949, completing a task begun by the British in 1857 and carried on to good effect by their Dalit-Dravid stooges since 1921 to destroy Hinduism. The Indian Constitution of 1949, that enshrined inequality under law and exceptions to the rule of law and the 1959 law that took over the temples of the erstwhile kingdoms for the plunder and loot of the ruling classes including the funding of churches, madrassas and Haj pilgrimages rather than establishing schools centered on Vedic education and Ayur Veda hospitals for congregational benefit replaced Hinduism with a “secular” Government notion with the approval of the “secular” courts that were driven by “four legs good, two legs bad”, Dalit, Christian, Moslem. and other notions about what Hinduism must be. As a result, while Jallykattu is banned as cruel to animals, Halal is widely celebrated and while Karthikai Deepam is banned at Tirupurakundram, the violence of illegally amplified Aazan continues five times a day. The ancient “Made Snana” at the Kukke Subrahmany has been banned by India’s corrupt, non erudite and incompetent courts at the behest of non-Hindus who neither participate in this form of worship nor are compelled in any way to do so.

    Hinduism is NOT a religion. It is a defunct nationality comprising myriad religions united by Aryan (Brahmin) law. . A law that is more tolerant of religious freedoms than the grotesque Indian Constitution and ugly tyrannical “Social Engineering” laws or the beliefs of convented secularist “Hindus”.

    Almost every temple in India is a religion and culture unto itself with its own Aagama Shastra and Sthala Purana. If anybody disapproves of a particular religion, they should stay away from that temple instead of trying, like the Indian Republic, to force that temple to social engineer and change each of the many Hindu religions to the beliefs.of the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Communist-British-Christian-Moslem consensus i.e. the tyranny of the Indian Republic.

    The correct method of fighting crime is to implement the Indian Penal Code. This does not happen because since 1947 there has been a progressive increase in incompetence and corruption in the Police and Judiciary in tandem with the Social Engineering and Political convenience of the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Communist-Christian-Moslem consensus i.e. the Anti-Hindu tyranny of the Indian Republic. Put down crime, and to do so, eradicate corruption, incompetence and social engineering. While on the subject of crime, neither the proposal to test women for menstruation at Sabarimala which is reflective of the recognition that women are not men as well as the Made Snana at the Kukke Subramanya Temple (in which the ignorant and tyrannical judiciary have chosen to interfere under instigation by adherents of various religions hostile to the Kukke religion) are NOT criminal. They are not criminal because (1) the adherence to these and other Hindu religions is purely voluntary and nobody is compelled to visit any particular temple or practice any of the myriad religions they represent and (2) There is no physical harm or threat to life or health in the practices of these many religions. As for “psychological” harm, being prevented from practicing one’s religion and faith is psychologicalyl harmful to those so prevented while to claim that practices are psychologically harmful to those who are in no way required or compelled to perform these practices (as at Kukke Subramanya) is in the best traditions of the Bollywood educated Indian Neta-Babu-Cop-Milard-Journo-Crony Kleptocrats who have been raised in the delusions of the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Communist-Christian-Moslem Consensus i.e. the tyranny of the Anti-Hindu Indian Republic.

    In essence, the Indian Republic has carried out, far more effectively the ambitions of India’s many brutal and barbaric conquerors. They cut India off from its traditions, roots, culture and heritage. The Indian Constitution and the founding fathers created a Social Engineering nightmare that condemned India to a perpetual state of low intensity civil war to keep it suppressed and subservient to a growing neo aristocracy of rapacious uncultured and indoctrinated thugs who plundered the resources of the nation to apply to their personal pelf, pleasure, pomp, privilege, and perversions.


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