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Tauba Tauba! PM Modi failed to mix oil and water!! It is impossible!!!

‘Kissing’ Pakistani soil ‘soaked’ in Indian blood will prove ‘costly’: Sena to Modi.

Shiv Sena to PM Modi: ‘No one who hobnobs with Pak stays in power for long’.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi warmly received by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, at Lahore, Pakistan on December 25, 2015.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi warmly received by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, at Lahore, Pakistan on December 25, 2015.

ENS | Mumbai | Dec 29, 2015:: Citing examples, the Shiv Sena on Monday said political fortunes of leaders who visited Pakistan had declined and warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that leaders who hobnob with Pakistan invariably do not stay in power for long.

“It’s land is drenched in blood of lakhs of innocents. Hobnobbing with it does not do anyone any good,” an editorial in the party mouth piece Saamana said. It cited the example of senior BJP leader L K Advani who had visited the tomb of the founder of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah and praised him. The edit claimed after the visit his political graph had declined and he was sidelined in the party.

“Vajpayee, in a bid to mend strained relations between both countries started the ‘Lahore bus’ service and also went out of his way to meet General (Pervez) Musharraf in Agra. After that, never did a BJP government come to power under the leadership of Vajpayee,” it said.

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The editorial further questioned the BJP’s jubilation over the visit and said that people were questioning how the party would have reacted if a Congress prime minister had made a similar visit. “If a Congress PM had dropped into Karachi or Lahore would the BJP have celebrated the visit the same way that it is doing now, this is the question that many Indians are asking now,” the editorial said.

The party, speaking further about the visit which had gained huge praise for Modi, claimed that all it wanted was to ensure Modi did not face betrayal. “Who would not want peace to be ushered in because of Modi-Sharif meeting? We only pray that Modi does not suffer a betrayal the way Vajpayee did,” the edit added.

#TaubaTauba! Pakistan reporter outraged at Modi’s Lahore visit to Nawaz Sharif; video goes viral.


Snapshot of that Tauba-Tauba video that went viral in Pakistan and in Social Media.

EWB | New Delhi | Dec 28, 2015:: Indian Prime Minister’s recent impromptu visit to his Pakistani counterpart on December 25 has evoked many strong emotions, but none have reacted quite as strongly as this Pakistani reporter. The City 42 reporter, whose name seems to be Qaiser Khokhar, was very upset that the 120 people who accompanied PM Modi were allowed in without visas… “Tauba tauba! (God forbid)” In a news report on Modi’s sudden visit to Lahore, Khokhar was outraged that an independent country with its own Constitution, law and assembly would allow so many people in without visas.

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Though most of the PM’s entourage stayed within airport premises, national security advisor Ajit Doval, foreign secretary, S Jaishanker and Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup accompanied the Indian PM to Nawaz Sharif’s residence for high tea. This minor fact escaped the reporter’s notice as he kept repeating the phrase “Tauba Tauba” to show his disapproval, much to the amusement of his colleagues, who were enjoying his piece-to-camera in the background.

See the video:

Pakistani media and media men have a propensity to become subjects of mass attention themselves. Previously it was reporter ‘Chand Nawab’ (who even got himself an imitator in Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Bajrangi Bhaijaan), and now it’s City 42’s Khokhar. The video, which has been uploaded on YouTube, has gone viral, with the usual Twitter birds tweeting out their reactions. Such is the popularity of “Tauba Tauba” that #taubatauba was trending in Karachi on December 26.

Courtesy: Indian Express.


One comment on “Tauba Tauba! PM Modi failed to mix oil and water!! It is impossible!!!

  1. Trishool
    December 29, 2015

    I think, Modi ji, should listen to advise of great Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, about character of Muslims. Although Pakistan talks about peace, Muslims will not give up, natural, habit of snake stings, even if all his poisonous teeth are removed. Tr.  


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