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BD RK Mission unit chief among 4 gets death threat from Ansarullah Bangla.

Ramakrishna Mission Sevasharam - Baliati-Manikganj-Bangladesh

Baliati Ramkrishna Mission chief and  3 others get death threat from Ansarullah Bangla in Manikganj, Bangladesh.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | January 13, 2016:: Now the internationally renowned Vedanta Monk order of Ramakrishna Mission under the Jihadi scanner and threatened to be hacked by Ansarullah Bahini in Bangladesh.  Ramakrishna Mission is famous for their activities related to preach Indian philosophy, culture and heritage in a very secular way. Even they worship Christ and Muhammad along with the deity of other God & Goddesses with the Great men of other faiths. But, this policy is now being questioned by the Ansarullah Bangla Team and they want to stop worshiping Allah or Muhammad in non Muslim temple treating them equivalent to other concept of God and faith.

The age old Baliati Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram’s  principal (head monk) Swami Parimuktananda and three others have been received death threats from a Jihad outfit in Manikganj district of Bangladesh.

The three others who received threat letters are : Saturia Upazila Puja Udjapan Parishad president Samarendu Saha, Baliati Udichi president Abul Hossain and Baliati union Awami League president M Ruhul Amin.

Officer in Charge of Saturia Police Station, Mr Habibulla confirmed  that the letters were posted by Ansarullah Team, Bangladesh.

Puja Udjapan Parishad president Samarendu Saha recived the threat letter on Tuesday at 3 pm with a piece of burial shrouds.

The four persons lodged  general diary with Saturia police seeking security.

The letters, issued by Ansarullah Team, reads –“You people do not try to cross the limit or transgress. Indeed Allah does not like transgressors. You are low, impostor and filthy kaffir. You are our next target. So, Get ready”. 

Zakir Hossain, the Additional superintendent of police in Manikganj said the matter is under investigation.

The matter is serious in nature as some months back a Christian father was hacked to death in Pabna and another Italian priest was shot dead in Dinajpur.

On 25th Nov last,  Rev. Bernard Hembram of  Baptist Church of Rangpur also received such threat letter from the Islamist along with 10 other Christian priests.

Religious rights of non-Muslims in Bangladesh and free speech about religious matters are being vehemently challenged by the Jihadi groups in Bangladesh, time and again.


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