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Shariah against Civil Society must go to Hell. Stop Jihad against Judiciary.

 The Great Shariah People

Communal Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind demands Shariah Courts in India as Muslim personal law based on the fundamentals of Quran, SC can’t interfere or question it. JUH plays a game of ‘Shariah4Hind’! 

~ Upananda Brahmachari. 

SC must curb such Shariah Psycho PeopleHENB | Haridwar | February 7, 2016:: The Sharia propagator Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind, one of the most powerful bodies of Muslim clerics, has said that Muslim personal law generates from the Holy Quran and cannot be subjected to any scrutiny by the Supreme Court based on principles of the Constitution. So, SC can’t interfere or question it as Supreme Court constituted by Human beings cannot have any power to contradict anyway with the rules and regulations made by Allah.  

“Mohammedan law is founded essentially on the Holy Quran and this cannot fall within the purview of the expression ‘laws in force’ as mentioned in Article 13 of the Constitution, and hence its validity cannot be tested on a challenge based on Part-III of the Constitution (guaranteeing fundamental rights, including right to equality),” the JUH application filed through advocate Ejaz Maqbool said.

Within all a sugar-coating, the JUH body wants to serve the poison pills to the Indian judiciary system to paralyze it with a Sharia intoxication so that a Taliban or ISIS frame-work can be activated in a very meaningful way to make India as ‘Dinia‘ or ‘Khorasan‘ under a gross Pan-Islamic design.

The intention and assertion by the body marks a fierce challenge to the intent to extend the principle to gender equality to Muslim women and also inhumane Islamic treatment upon Muslim women that can open a fresh phase in the debate on whether personal laws based on religion can trump the Constitution in a very drastic manner. The debate will require the BJP-led government to spell out its stand on the fraught issue after unveiling the dangerous daggers of Sharia,Halal and Jihad.

It’s a big threat to India Democratic system, Judiciary and a free Civil society that came out after division of India which stood at a secular podium, not making a Hindu State vis-a-vis Pakistan choose an Islamic State. The developments clearly reminds us a revival of “SHARIAH4HIND” project by a British fundamentalist Anjem Choudhary, which was dismantled by the joint efforts of various Hindu Organisations led by BSKS in 3rd March 2012. [1] [2] [3] [4].

Last year, while entertaining a petition on the related matter Sharia applications of Muslim women, a two-judge bench of Justices A R Dave and Adarsh Goel had directed registration of a separate PIL to consider the rights of Muslim women as there was no safeguard against arbitrary divorce (triple talaq) and second marriage by Muslim men during subsistence of their first marriage. The court had issued notice to the attorney general and National Legal Services Authority (Nalsa).

As  ET reports, ‘*’on Friday, a bench of Chief Justice T S Thakur and Justices A K Sikri and R Banumathi took up the petition titled ‘Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality’ and agreed to make JUH a party to the proceedings and sought responses from the JUH, the AG and Nalsa on the questions posed by the SC in six weeks. All India Muslim Personal Law Board is also expected to request the SC to make it a party in the case.

The JUH also referred to Article 44, which figures as a provision in the Constitution, providing that the state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.

But the JUH said, “Article 44 envisaging UCC is only a directive principle and is not enforceable. This article by implication recognizes the existence of different codes applicable to different religions in matters of personal law and permits their continuance until the state succeeds in its endeavour to secure for all citizens a UCC.”

It said the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986, a legislation brought by the Rajiv Gandhi government to step around the SC directed equality in maintenance for Muslim women in Shah Bano case, provided for the rights of Muslim women in matters of divorce and maintenance.’*’

This developments clearly indicate that in the name of love for Allah, Sharia and Muhammad, the adherents are too hopeful to conquer the Indian Judicial Political  and Social systems one by one. While these people are upsurging in the name of Twahid Jamat in Tamil Nadu declaring the end of idolatry,  Edara-e-Sharia in West Bengal to burn out a Malda Police station or Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind to challenge Indian Judiciary in the context of Ouran and Sharia.

The present world and the global community is yet to see the actual facet of the Islamic deliberation of Jihad and Shariah enforcement in its optimum height. It’s just to reach the half way mark!

The situation is grueling up gradually out of the fanatic gestation of the Quran, Sharia, Halal and Islamic State in such way, the non-Muslim people are in a vulnerable point of acceptance or succumbing. The problem is not Indian or localized, the whole word have been suffering from brutalized enforcement of Sharia and Jihad both.

The Europe is  victim of the proliferation of Islamic Jihad, Sharia and burden of Muslim people there, obviously in German, Belgium, France, Britain, Greece and other territories. America is being twisted through a silent Jihad and Shariah upsurge. Africa has been brutalized by them already. Australia is trying to get rid off these Shariah and Halal people.

The march of Sharia in Asia has reached to even Xinjiang of China. The Sharia enforcement in Middle-east, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are nothing but  barbaric rudiments of Quran and Islam. Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind wants to reconstruct all those fatality of Sharia lands in India too. Name one land under Sharia constitution is not a victim of lot of public execution in each month and the pool of blood… piles of Human rights violation on non-believers… accusation of blasphemy… lashing and stoning on woman so frequently. What does this Sharia actually mean to? India cannot be a place of Sharia and barbarism as the majority people do not like it and it is against democratic and free fervour of India.

Europe and Australia are sharply opposing the Sharia and Halal concept now. They are banning Mosque Adhan, use of Burka in Public places, closing Mosques and Madrasas (Islamic-Arabic seminaries) and unwanted exposures of Halal shops etc. US is also compelled to contemplate over the growing Shariah and Halal formulation in a challenging mode to the identity and existence of american people.

The joint action against Islamic State by France, Britain and US is also considered as a remarkable sign of people’s negation against Radical Islam, Jihad and Shariah.

In such a traumatic situation majority India must not allow Sharia as a contender to the Holy Constitution of India. In a right jurisprudence we always uphold the Indian Constitution as the holiest of its nature and should take Shariah as ultra vires as it opposes the preamble of Indian constitution and its basic tenets of co-existence and harmony. Shariah annihilates the faith against Shariah and the non-believers in Quran.

The global proclamations of Shariah loving people are just uncivilized. They are saying: Shariah The True Solution, Democracy Go to Hell; Democracy is Falling, Shariah is Returning; Freedom of Expression Go to Hell; No Democracy anywhere, We Want Just Islam; Behead those who Insult Islam, We love Shariah; The Solution for East and West, Shariah is always Best; Muslims rise up! Establish the Sharia. The modus operandi of these Shariah loving people is quite clear and it needs no clarification.

Muslims can eat, drink, sleep, dream, marry, sex, worship or die with Shariah within their circles, it’s not a problem. But, Shariah must go to hell, if it wants to challenge or contradict Indian Constitution of any valid constitution as such.

Stop this Jihad against Judiciary.

Read this in Hindi: हद्द है – अब न्यायपालिका के खिलाफ भी जिहाद ? – उपानंद ब्रह्मचारी


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