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Carrying mace, sword and sticks are prohibited in akhara procession on Holi in UP, but Muslims can carry lethal weapons on Muharram.


Anti Hindu Uttar Pradesh Govt bans akharas on holi in Bareilley, orders to make whitewash walls of mosques if Holi colour is thrown.

Happy Holi 2016 - Hindu Existence.Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Bareilly | March 11, 2015:: A strange order for Holi, in order to make whitewash walls of mosques if Holi colour is thrown, has been issued in communally sensitive Bareilly, which has a roughly 50-50% Hindu-Muslim population. “White wash immediately the walls of mosques that have colour thrown on them,” the administration has said even as it sent out directions for setting up of special teams of painters who will be on standby that day — March 24. Groups of painters requisitioned by the municipal corporation and nagar panchayat would be deputed at spots close to mosques. No ‘DJ music’ would be allowed either during Holi processions.

Not only that, the pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu Govt in Uttar Pradesh has issued another order at this Holi time to ban completely the Hindu akharas (wrestling clubs) carrying weapons like mace, sword and sticks as they invariably indulge in a “show of strength”.  Magistrates have been asked to identify areas where disputes have taken place in the past regarding the taking out of Hindu processions during festivals. The names of such spots would be entered in the record of the nearest police station . But, these rascal Govt officials allow the Muharram processions of communal Muslims everywhere in India including Uttar Pradesh, carrying swords, chains, blades and other lethal weapons without any hindrance. These blunt and political foot licker officials never mind the violation of ‘pollution control act’ and ‘microphone use act’ etc. with banging the Adhan (Islamic prayer call from mosques) at the time of dwan everyday. Most of the political morons and purchased bureaucrats in UP consider Islamic Menace as  its added grace.

In Bareilly city alone there are around 300 mosques and the number would be around 1000 in the entire district, said a Muslim leader, who said he was happy at the initiative the government was taking to contain any conflagration of communal violence.

The order, issued by the district magistrate (DM), states that circle officers (CO) should conduct “roof top-checking” in sensitive areas to ensure that bricks and stones are not collected or piled up to be thrown at people below.

Asked about the “whitewashing of walls” directive, Gaurav Dayal, the DM, said, “The idea is to pre-empt any tension which may arise because of religious sentiments of one community being hurt. After all, celebration of one community should not cause discomfiture to the other”.

SP (city) Sameer Saurabh said, “We would be identifying anti-social elements from different areas who are in the habit of creating trouble. They would be served notice under certain sections of the IPC asking them to sign a bond before the court of a magistrate, and to give an undertaking that they will not create any law and order problem during the next 6 months.”

Akilesh Mulla Yadav (son of Mulla Mulayam Singh), the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, always ready to curtail the religious rights of Hindus in many ways, only to appease the Muslims, keeping his eyes on the gain from vote bank politics. Hindus in Uttar Pradesh are discriminated by the Samajwadi Party (read Namajwadi Party) in many ways.

Hindu Existence Forum and Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad are ready to give legal guidance to the discriminated Hindus for any infringement of their religious rights and hurting Hindu sentiments.

As imposing ban on akharas (wrestling clubs) is violation of traditional physical culture, Hindus of Bareilly and Uttar Pradesh must sue against the Govt of UP and the culpable Govt officials in this concern.



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