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Muslim man divorces his wife as she voted for ‘Hindu Party’.

Yes We Vote For BJP

Muslim man divorces wife after she votes for ‘Hindu Party’ BJP in Assam.

HENB | Guwahati | April 15, 2016:: In a very a strange but shocking incident a Muslim man in Assam allegedly divorced his wife after she defied the diktat of the village elders and cast her vote in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the assembly elections. This has a bizarre political angle attached to it.

In what could be seen as an example of how severely political differences can affect a nuptial relationship, a Muslim man has divorced his wife for voting for the BJP instead of Congress in the ongoing Assam Assembly elections. The voting dates for Assam Assembly Election were scheduled on April 4th and 11th.

The village elders belonging to Muslim community are said to have issued a diktat making it mandatory for every villager to vote for the Congress party.

Quoting reports from regional newspapers in Assam, an English news portal on Friday said the incident took place in Donam Addahati village in Sonitpur district. As per report, Ainuddin reportedly divorced his wife Dilwara Begum in Donam Addahati village under Chatiya Police Station in Sonitpur district after she had cast her vote in favour of BJP, going against the village diktat to vote for Congress.  Dilwara Begum has two children, as known from the report.

According to reports, Dilwara Begum, wife of Ainuddin, decided to cast her vote in favour of BJP candidate Pramod Borathakur and she informed her decision to her husband. Ainuddin, in return, gave her talaq and ended their 10 year long marriage, reports said.


3 comments on “Muslim man divorces his wife as she voted for ‘Hindu Party’.

  1. Trishool
    April 17, 2016

    | Muslim man divorces wife as she voted for ‘Hindu Party’. |

    Hindu is boycotted in HINDUSTAN by a Musalman, while foolish Hindu politicians of Hindustan, pamper andpromote Muslims in Hindustan.!! Laloo, Nitish, Maya, Mamta,…..etc. wake up, if you are Hindus. !!!DON’T FORGET, OVER 400,000 HINDU KASHMIRI PUNDITS WERE KICKED OUT FROM THEIR HOMES, FROM INDIAN SOIL OF KASHMIR, YET IMPOTENT HINDU POLITICIANS REMAINED SILENT…!! How many India, Hindu hater,  Bukhari and Owaisi has been kicked out from HINDUSTAN ?!! Bharat Mata ki jai. Tr.  Tr.  


  2. reddyrv393
    April 17, 2016

    Most MUSLIMS will NOT vote for BJP….Under these circumstnces it is not clear why any measures for Muslim appeasement shd. be attempted by the Central Govt. BJP MUST consolidate its Hindu Vote. If Mehbooba Mufti continues with her policy of supporting the Terrorists, then a firm decision needs to be taken by the Dy. CM, Dr. Nirmal Singh. What is she doing about the locals hoisting Pakistan Flags and shouting Pakistan Zindabad. One woman wearing a Burkha ( cannot recall her name ) was veryactive in supporting the terrorists. Is she locked up or not. If not, what is holding up? She needs to be taught a fitting lesson.. Otherwise a wrong message is being sent..It is also not cloer why so much importance is being paid by the TV Channels to a local leader like Miss LONE . She is so Anti-India. Such Anti-India spokes persons to be avoided.

    Dr.R.V.Reddy Secunderabad Tele. 98664 70115 Dr.R.V.Reddy


  3. Satyen
    April 18, 2016

    Now, it’s Pramod Borathakur’s moral responsibility to get Dilwara Begum married with a suitable person.


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