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Ramadan Repression on Malaysia Hindus and other non-Muslims.

2 Hindu temples vandalized in Malaysia by suspected Islamic zealots.


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HENB | Kuala Lumpur | June 11, 2016:: A popular Hindu temple was on Friday vandalized in Malaysia’s Penang state by unidentified persons who damaged the deities, a top state official said, less than a week after a similiar incident in the area. Islamic Zealots are suspected behind the scene.  They want suspension of all Non-Muslim religious activities during Ramadan.

Sri Dharma Munisverar temple was reported to have been damaged in today’s incident though the extent of the damage was yet to be ascertained, Deputy Chief Minister of Penang Dr P Ramasamy said. This is the second such incident involving a Hindu temple in Butterworth town.

The Munisverar temple is located about one km away from the Muthumariamman Temple in Penanti Estate, Ara Kuda which was reportedly vandalized last Saturday, he said. A police report was lodged by the temple authorities.

Malaysia’s 28 million population comprises eight per cent ethnic Indians mostly Hindu Tamils.

Last week, two statues of deities were vandalised in Ara Kuda, prompting the temple committee to look into installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for security purposes. The attack was believed to be a hate crime as no items were stolen from the temple.

Ramasamy said he had written to Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar urging the police to investigate the incident last week.

Cover up during Ramadan, Don’t eat and drink openly, Malaysian mufti tells non-Muslims. 31 women arrested in Kelantan for clothing violations.


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HENB | Kuala Lumpur | June 11, 2016:: 31 women arrested in Kelantan for clothing violations so far after the Kelantan Mufti urged non-Muslims to dress conservatively throughout the fasting month of Ramadan as provocative attire could be haram for surrounding Muslims. Kelantan is a state positioned in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia.

Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad explained that while non-Muslims have the freedom to dress however they liked, they should be “considerate” and dress appropriately to prevent Muslims from forfeiting their fast.

“They (non-Muslims) should respect Muslims and dress appropriately.

“It is not wrong for them to dress how they like but they must be considerate because when Muslims, particularly men, bump into them at public places, it is considered haram,” he was quoted as saying to local daily New Straits Times.

He also urged non-Muslims to refrain from “eating or drinking in front of Muslims during the fasting month.”

Additionally, he said Muslim women specifically should also “dress appropriately” as well as to watch their behaviour and language.

“This is part of religious teachings. Islam also teaches Muslims not to waste their money when shopping at Ramadan bazaars. A simple meal is sufficient for the breaking of fast,” he said.

Separately, local daily The Star quoted Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department’s enforcement chief Mohd Fadzuli Mohd Zain as saying that 31 Muslim women were detained for either not donning a headscarf or wearing tight outfits since the start of Ramadan on Monday.

According to mainstream Islamic teachings, a woman’s “aurat” is defined as the whole body, except for the face and palms, while for men, it is the part between the navel and knees.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims would eat before dawn and fast throughout the day, breaking their fast only after sunset.

Thirty-one women have been arrested in northern Malaysia for wearing tight clothing or not donning a headscarf, in a crackdown during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a media report said today.

Warnings were issued to 24 of the women and the rest were sent for counselling, The Star reported, citing the Sin Chew Daily.

The drive against inappropriate clothing will continue for the whole month of Ramadan, the report said.

During Ramadan, Muslims have to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn to sunset.

Eating and drinking during the daytime leads to fines of RM500 (US$122) in Kelantan, one of the more conservative states in the country.



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