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Declare Bangladesh as a Terrorist Country until it adopts its Original Constitution.

Yes, We Can Do It in Islamic Bangladesh

Awami League and Sheikh Hasina are also responsible for the growth of Jihad in Bangladesh. Now, she is just suffering from her sins.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 5, 2016::  Bangladesh must be declared as a suo motu Terrorist Country and Awami League is also a ultra group with many Jihads and sympathizes. The shedding  of crocodile tears by Sheikh Hasina after Gulshan Cafe Attack by ISIS-JMB modules  is nothing but a new policy to earn International anti-terror fund for utilizing it for the promotion of Quran and Jihad.

Such a prologue to this discussion may pose indigestible, but it will be very easy to understand, if going thoroughly.

In an earlier discussion tiled as, “The Jihadi Proliferation and the Permissive Politics in Bangladesh: A Threat to India” (dt. Oct, 2014), I pointed out some unpalatable facts and figures detailing the promotion of Jihad in Bangladesh as a common phenomenon  and never a party specific anyway. Both the main political parties,  Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party,  are accustomed with taking the majority supports to rule the country with an Islamic mandate. They never want to neglect or deny the considerably powerful Ulema groups Bangladesh.

In that article it was clearly said, “Political inclination for soft Jihad or hard, more or less it causes harm to the safety security and dignity of non-Muslim minority people. Al Qaeda, its new formation of Islamic State, Jamaat and all the Islamic outfits are growing fast in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is also shaping as a Jihadi State like all other Muslim majority states.”

Mentioning the future terror Jehadi crisis in Bangladesh, we pointed out, “There were over 30 religious militant organizations have set up their network in Bangladesh since 1989 with the central objective of establishing an Islamic state, as per source. They are hundred percent Islamic and follower of Allah, Quran and Muhammad. All of them have given armed training to their members to conduct ultimate jihad against Kaffirs and non-Muslim civilization. These militant organizations are Harkatul Jihad; Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB); Jagrata Muslim Janata, Bangladesh (JMJB); Islami Biplobi Parishad; Shahadat Al Hiqma; Hizbul Towhid;  Hizb-ut-Tahrir;  Ahle Hadith Andolon;  Towhidi Janata;  Al Mujahid;  Jamaati Yahia Al Turag;  Jihadi Party;  Al Harkat Al Islamia, Banshkhali;  Harkat Al Islamia, Bangladesh;  Al Mahfuz Al Islamia;  Bishwa Islami Front; Jumat ul Sadat;  Al Jamiatul Islamia; Iqra Islami Jote;  Allahr Dal;  Al Khidmat Bhahini, Bangladesh; Jamaatul Faladia;  Shahadat-e-Nabuawat;  Joish-e-Mostafa;  Tahfize Haramaine Parishad;  Duranta Kafela;  Hizbul Mujahedeen and Muslim Guerrilla. Most of them are still existing in the same name or otherwise…..

But, the Awami League (AL) government in Bangladesh on April 2009 blacklisted only 12 militant organizations….” (read full report here).

Perhaps that alert was clandestinely ignored then by the ruling Awami League and its Premier and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasian, for which they had to face the gruesome Jihadi situation in Gulshan Cafe massacre ultimately on Friday last.

Now, it is very much embarrassing for Awami League (AL) and BD PM too that one of the shot dead ISI terrorist in Gulshan Cafe attack, Rohan Imtiaz was surfaced as the AL party leader’s son and close-man to PM, Janab SM Imtiaz Khan Babul.

But, it is not a new revelation for the relation of Jihad or Act of Terror by Awami League people in Bangladesh at all. There are so many evidences that Awami League zealots conduct the act of terror to the others for their political gain.

We must not forget this series of act of terror exclusively done by the Awami League perpetrators  on the minority Hindus in Bangladesh in many occasions in multi designed Islamic format in recent times:

  1. Awami League and BCL are involved in Biswajit killing. Court sentenced 8 to death, 13 for life.
  2. Hindu Persecution in Islamic Bangladesh by Friday attackers unabated in Awami rule.
  3. Awami League Govt Cancelled Permission of Saraswati Puja in Bangladesh Parliament after Vehement Islamic Challenges.
  4. The Hindu Eviction by land-grabbing by Awami Leader- another Islamic invasion in Bangladesh.
  5. Awami League member threatened 200 Hindu families in Narail.
  6. Awami League leader grabs Hindus graveyard land in Bogra.
  7. Awami League MP grabs Hindu land in Islamic Bangladesh.
  8. BD Chhatra League (Awami League’s Student) union leader beats up’s DU correspondent.
  9. A pro-Awami League (Swechchhasebak League) leader and his team gang raped Hindu Mother, daughter ‘gang-raped’ in Patuakhali.
  10. Awami Ulema League gives threat to Advocate Rana Dasgupta.
  11. Awami League’s wing Olama League demands ban on Hindu Organisations in Islamic Bangladesh.
  12. Awami Ulema League is spreading communal politics.

This short list is just an example of the misdeeds done by the Awami League perpetrators who pretend frequently as secular and their leader and Bangladesh PM is now shedding a crocodile’s tear just after Holey Artisan Bakery killing on Friday last.

In our reporting in March 2015, our Dhaka correspondent portrayed a very vulnerable situation of Bangladesh minority Hindus under the article, “Bangladesh Hindu Persecution under Awami League Govt unabated”. When our reports created a sensation in the media, my fried Rahul Sinha in Zee News contacted us to get a details of it and it was telecast in Zee News; the Bangladesh authorities termed our reports as ‘concocted’ and ‘baseless’.

Blood on Dhaka’s denial mask

Even after a big exposure of the JMB connection in Khagragarh bomb blast  (Burdwan, WB) in 2014, the Bangladesh Govt denied any such probability of JMB modules of Bangladesh connected with a big terror work crossing the borders.

Now, all those sin accumulated by an act of Sheikh Hasina for giving an protection of terrorism in a denial spat is now paying back to Bangladesh PM in its cruelest form of Islam and its Islamic State.

Those who think ‘Hasina as a secular person’, are just misled as this Bangladesh PM is much connected with Islam and Radicalism invariably related with Quran and its Jihadi doctrines in many forms.

To spread Islamic knowledge (read Jihad) Awami League PM Hasiana launched Quran Movement in Bangladesh by utilizing Taka 643.55 crore for a Digital Quran site in 2012. Not only that her party Awami League has its wing of Radical Ulemas named ‘Ulema League’ to show its mastery of Jihad and Islam over the other flourishing Jihadi outfits and Radical proponents in Bangladesh.

Interestingly, those who praise Sheikh Hasina for her stand against the war criminals and their executions for a gimmick as a tool to take control over her rivals in Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and the fundamentals there. These are nothing but a game plan to set the position of Awami League in political scenario of Bangladesh even taking the help of another bunch of  Islamic zealots present in Bangladesh Awami League led 14 party alliance. More interestingly, Hasian keeps a close and good relationship with Ex. Major Gen Hussain Muhammad Ershad who inserted ‘Islam’ in Bangladesh constitution in 1988 (Eighth Amendment) under a Dictatorial Military rule in Bangladesh.


So, blood on the Dhaka’s denial mask as manufactured by Bangladesh PM is nothing but a trick to grab international funds to fight against Terrorism only to strengthen the set trend in Bangladesh by the Govt. glorification of Islam, Quran and final Jihad.

International community including India must be clear and alert that spending a single penny on Bangladesh for their fake arrangements against Islamic Terrorism will be diverted by Dhaka for its State Policy of upholding Islam as State Religion.

Actually, We must declare Bangladesh as a ‘Terrorist Country’ until it adopts its ‘Original Constitution‘ again which had no provision to grant Islam as a religion of state paving a part of ‘Islamic State’ there.

Courtesy to the Links and Pics used above.

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