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Exodus to Islamic State from Communist Forts of Kerala.

Exodus to IS from Communist Fort

Exodus to IS from Communist Forts – Smt Sasikala Teacher.

Sasikala TeacherHK Media | Malappuram | July 15, 2016:: Hindu Aikya Vedi state president KP Sasikala teacher has observed that majority of those who joined the dreaded terror network of ISIS hail from areas that are Communist bastions. Flaying the red brigade, Sasikala teacher charged the Communists for being pseudo-secular and having given a free reign to Jihadi terror modules to mushroom unbridled.

“It is the pseudo-secular Communists, who have given all necessary support to terror modules, which helped them to grow unbridled in the state. They ensured that people remain at loggerheads with each other, always in a mode of strife. But what we lost in the process is our peace of mind. Hindu Aikya Vedi has always fought against love-jihad. But in the process, we were so cleverly portrayed and stamped by them as being communal. But today our stand regarding love-jihad stands affirmed in all clarity,” said Sasikala Teacher while inaugurating the Mahila Aikya Vedi Malappuram district convention.

Highlighting the bitter truth that majority of these conversions are centered around colleges, Sasikala Teacher said that there is a mammoth Islamic network that works towards ensuring success in their activities. “Their agenda is not love, but an vowed task of something that poses a grave danger to society, which includes religious conversion. as well. Girls should be prepared to gauge for themselves and think why religion should come in the way of love. Most of the girls who fall in the trap of love-jihad are those who hail from families that have scant disregard for the Supreme power and wax eloquence about pseudo- secularism. Moreover, as parents run behind money these days, where is the time to take care of their children,” she added.

2 comments on “Exodus to Islamic State from Communist Forts of Kerala.

  1. rdeshpandedrvrao
    July 15, 2016

    Why GOI is not taking action against those joining ISIS FRO Kerala?


  2. Arindam
    July 16, 2016

    As long as their trip is one-way, I see no reason for complaint. Someone even argued that the real anti-terrorist policy of the Western powers is to get their jihadi Muslims to join Daesh, migrate to Syria/Iraq, and get slaughtered by Russia, Iran, Syrian Army, Iraqi Army, Hizbollah etc…

    Cynical… but it gets the job done.


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