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Muslim youths take Hindu name to capture Hindu girls in Love Jihad trap.

A Muslim youth taking a Hindu name trapped a Hindu girl and exploited her in a very cunning way. The victim is being still threatened even after getting divorce…..

Why Police Shielding this Jihadi Romeo who Masqueraded as Hindu Youth?

Md AnzarHENB | Kochi | July 15, 2016:: In India hundreds of Hindu girls fall in Love Jihad trap by the Muslim youths who take a Hindu pseudonym to grab their targets. Even these Muslim youths in disguise outwardly pose their Hinduness by wearing Tilak, saffron wristbands, quoting from Hindu scriptures, going to temples and sometimes taking against Islamic taboos etc. After taking the confidence of the girls, these Love Jihadis generally establish the sexual  relationship on records to blackmail the Hindu girls in a very dangerous way. In most of the cases, these cases cannot find a light to get rid of the Love Jihad and turned as an object of discrimination, persecution, exploitation and gross Islamic injustice to the women. In some cases the victims choose the way of suicide and very exceptionally some of them try to fight against the Muslim perpetrators after being successful to come out from that trap.

Here is an exceptional case of Kochi where a Hindu girl came out from the trap of a Love Jihadi, even after a marriage by a Muslim guy who took a Hindu name to capture her love.

A Jihadi romeo who masqueraded as a Hindu youth and trapped a Hindu girl into marriage, is now being shielded by police. Even though the victim secured a divorce from the Jihadi, he has been harassing her endlessly, subjecting her to various kinds of tortures including physical assaults. Police, instead of arresting the accused, is allegedly ensuring that he remains protected.

According to sources Anzar the Jihadi, a native of Cheruplasseri, baited his victim via the social media platform Facebook, using a pseudonym Anu Ottappalam. Posing to be Aneesh a Hindu Nair youth, he managed to win the victim’s trust. He swindled her of a huge sum of money before marriage and subjected her to sexual harassment continuously. It was following the registration of marriage that the victim came to know about the Jihadi’s true identity.

“She soon proceeded to file for a divorce, but was threatened and blackmailed against the same by the Jihadi, who began circulating morphed pornographic pictures of the victim via Facebook and Whatsapp. The Jihadi is said to have reached her workplace and battered her physically there,” said sources.

Unable to put up with the tortures, the victim proceeded legally and filed an FIR with Thrikkakara police. However it is being alleged that in spite of being a non bailable offense, the accused has not yet been arrested by police, even though a month has lapsed. Anzar has approached the High Court seeking bail. It has been alleged that the police are aiding him for procuring bail.

Every Hindu girls and their guardians, family members and friends must be aware from the fate of this case that they must verify the identity at least thrice and cross check it whether the intending guy in affair is really a Hindu or a Love Jihadi in disguise.

The judiciary must find some extra count for such Islamic crime after taking a Hindu name for crushing the modesty and everything of a woman.

(Source:Haindava Keralam via Janambhumi).

4 comments on “Muslim youths take Hindu name to capture Hindu girls in Love Jihad trap.

  1. Dr rajeev
    July 15, 2016

    Well it’s fine the girl has done her part,, filing fir etc, what Hindu forces r doing,, especially when the secular police is siding him, in my opinion such jihadists should be eliminated by the Hindu samaj, so as to instill a sense of fear amongst jihadists. Mere words won’t help, iam for it bump him off.


  2. - KAMENG -
    July 16, 2016

    Very dangerous situation and these Muslims are using such dirty tricks with not only Hindus but all Non-Muslim communities! The Kerala based PFI is assisting such Love Jihadis, I salute the woman who had the courage to get out of the sham marriage!


  3. Vinay
    July 23, 2016

    Its true all about muslim guys but our ideas are fail to stop these. Nowadays educated girls are also made fool by them and our Hindu Volunteers are too much rude when they talk with girls. Kindly when you talk to a girl please show your cuteness not attitude we have to stop them.


  4. Akshay Singh
    August 19, 2016

    Love jihad………………. in islam.

    Quran 2:221 :And do not marry polytheistic(non muslim) women until they believe(become muslim). And a believing(muslim) slave woman is better than a polytheist(non muslim), even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic(non muslim) men [to your women] until they believe(become muslim). And a believing(muslim) slave is better than a polytheist(non muslim), even though he might please you. Those invite [you] to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember.


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