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Hitting out the Communists and Seculars from distorting “Nationalism”.

On Nationalism - Thapar.Noorani.Menon

RSS hits out at Romila Thapar over new book, “On Nationalism”.

Thapar, Noorani and Menon again hurt the National Sentiment over their new book, “On Nationalism”.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 21, 2016::  In his article “Marxism and Nationalism“, Tom Lewis one of the famed contemporary socialist (Marxist-Leninist) thinker writes in International Socialist Review that, One of the consequences of imperialism is nationalism. As capitalism spreads around the globe, it also gives rise to powerful movements of resistance. Initially, the revolt of workers and peasants in countries oppressed by imperialism almost invariably takes the form of nationalism. That is why it is crucial for socialists to understand how to approach nationalism and how to assess the various struggles for national liberation today”.

This is the prime theme of the general thinking of the  majority Communists also on Nationalism, who never accept any nationalism until it comes under a grab of the dialectical method of splitting the society between ‘haves’ and have nots’ under their party hold. So, they always discard the Nationalism in unity (Unity and Diversity) and fuel the partisan nationality (Divide and Rule, Two Nation Theory) and they wholeheartedly supported the Muslim League and the Pakistan movement during the 1940s.

PC Joshi, one of the tallest leaders of the Communist Party of India and allegedly a stooge of British and a militia of Russia wrote explaining the communist position on Nationalism in Pakistan by this way:

“We were the first to see and admit a change in its character when the League accepted complete independence as its aim and began to rally the Muslim masses behind its banner. We held a series of discussions within our party and came to the conclusion in 1941-1942 that it had become an anti-imperialist organization expressing the freedom urge of the Muslim people that its demand for Pakistan was a demand for self determination and that for the freedom of India, an immediate joint front between the Congress and the League must be forged as the first step to break imperialist deadlock. A belief continues to be held that League is a communal organization and what Mr. Jinnah is Pro-British. But what is the reality? Mr. Jinnah is to the freedom loving League masses what Gandhiji is to the Congress masses. They revere their Qaid-e-Azam as much as the Congress does the Mahatma. They regard the League as their patriotic organization as we regard the Congress. This is so because Mr. Jinnah has done to the League what Gandhi did to the Congress in 1919-1920 i.e., made it a mass organization.” __ Congress and the Communists, PC Joshi, People’s Publishing House Bombay, p 5.

This stance of Nationalism as taken by the Communists has not been changed during this 70 years after independence of India; moreover this idea has been penetrated into the mindset of the so called secular and the freelancers. Rather the present position of Communists and the Secular brigade on Nationalism has been turned as an open support to “Azaadi” of Kashmir and the bashing on “Vande Mataram” or “Bharat mata Ki Jai”.

The beak and claws of these anti national communist vultures are more active on dead cows and frequently making round over the sky to attack on the next prey.

In their co-written (by Romila Thapar, A G Noorani and Sadanand Menon) book, “On Nationalism” (Aleph Book Company, 7/16 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-2, ISBN 978-93-84067-75-5), Ms Thapar has stated that nationalism cannot be  reduced merely to waving flags and shouting slogans and penalising people for not shouting slogans like Bharat Mata ki Jai. But, heart of Tapar came out for supporting “Chinke Lenge Azadi” without condemning it anyway.

These observations of Thapar and the same-length series of co-writers have created a great controversies in the mind of the Nationalist people and obviously hurt the public sentiment of Nationalism based upon the ideals of Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar. Ridiculing over her observations, the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser, which described Ms Thapar as “queen bee of highbrow intellectualism of divisive Left,” targeted her saying as,“Thapar is far from surprise to those who understand the phoney communist character of her intellectual politics.”

Targeting the latest brand of nationalism, Ms Thapar said, “Sloganeering or flag waving smack of a lack of confidence among those making the demand for slogans.”

Of course this has gone against the nationalist spirit of the Sangh. The mouthpiece said, “This time, she has produced another stinky logic of provincialising the otherwise wide-ranging cultural nationalism or Hindutva.”

Nation for NaysayersHitting out at Ms Thapar, the Organiser wrote in its cover story — Cultural Not Colonial — “In the post-Independence era, historians like Thapar were nurtured by the Congress and were established as intellectuals only to ensure that they echo the political programme of this power mongering party through their divisive theories and intellectual activism so that the most legitimate cultural interests of the Hindu society gets nullified from general cognizance.”

The Organiser article claimed that her writings are “elitist and hence unrecognisable to the general population of India” and added “historians like Thapar produce a history in an absolute conformity with the determining character of the British renderings of Indian history or Hindu identity. It is far from being factual and real.” The RSS mouthpiece further claimed that “she tries to dazzle her readers with the rationality of her otherwise decadent political ideas.”

In the book, “On Nationalism”,  Noorani Writes, “Many in this country including this writer, have legitimate questions regarding Afzal Guru. These would include the following: Was an innocent man framed? Did he receive a fair trial? Was SC’s emotive approach the proper judicial way to proceed?”

This has been challenged by Ratan Sharda in his piece in Organiser under ‘Intellectual Pitfalls‘. Sharday says, “It is strange that a supposedly highly learned lawyer doubts the legal process of India that gave all the chances to the accused including appeal to the President over years. What a court could  do to satisfy these liberals was that it opened in the dead of night to hear the ultimate appeal to stop the hanging of Yakub Memon, another showpiece of liberal lobby to doubt Indian judiciary’s sense of justice”.

As a matter of fact, Historians and writers who take pride in denying the thousand of years legacy of our Nationhood, are now trying to teach nationalism to this people of this Nation whom they see through colonial prism. Obviously, these colonial approaches are critically landed into a vested plain of interests of British Imperialism, US Imperialism, Communist Imperialism and the Arab Imperialism.

The last one is more dangerous than anything as it is now ramming every moment with the civilization from Kashmir to Kabul, France to Syria, ISIS to Boko Haram, 9/11 to 26/11 or Hurriyat to Hamas.

Those who are unable to understand or to undermine the link between “Azaadi” and “Jihadi”, how do they really realize what is the Nationalism in India?

These Communist and Secular morons are totally failed to search Indian nationalism in “Anandamath” of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya, “Bhawani Mandir” of Aurobindo or “Desher Katha” [1] of Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar or “Hindutva” of Savarkar. They only want to cling upon the hell of Das Capital or Communist Manifesto!

The triangular conspiracy made in the preaching of anti-Nationalism in the shape of “On nationalism” by Thapar, Noorani and Menon must be kicked out with a pungent patriotic blow.

Pic Courtesy: Amazon.

2 comments on “Hitting out the Communists and Seculars from distorting “Nationalism”.

  1. Kishan Sharma
    August 21, 2016

    Why do most of the Muslims & some Paid so called Non-Muslim-Intellectuals always support , may be indirectly, 2 Terrorists & their Supporters & criticize Hindutva OR Nationalism…………….They have got their share of Land, still they R conspiring against the other part……………In Kashmir, Kairana & other parts of India………..These Anti-National Elements must be dealt with an iron hand 2 crush them….No Pellet-Guns BUT Bullets for stone-throwing-miscreants.


  2. Arindam
    August 21, 2016

    Liberalism is the death of nations, as a far-sighted German intellectual (Moeller van der Bruck) put it nearly a century ago. The liberals hate any and all forms of nationalism (be it Indian nationalism, Israeli nationalism, Russian nationalism, etc.. etc..) because nationalism requires that the leadership and the intelligentsia be held accountable to the nation – and the liberals want power without accountability. This is why they (openly or tacitly) support anti-national forces and oppose any and all honest nationalist movements.

    Liberals side with Sunni Islam because the latter also is hostile to nationalism (its objective is a global caliphate). Ironically, the only place where liberalism may do any good is in Sunni countries. It brings to mind what Friedrich Nietzsche wrote:

    ‘Liberal institutions cease to be liberal as soon as they are attained: later on, there are no worse and no more thorough injurers of freedom than liberal institutions. Their effects are known well enough: they undermine the will to power; they level mountain and valley and call that morality; they make men small, cowardly and hedonistic – every time, it is the herd animal that triumphs with them. Liberalism: in other words, herd-animalization.

    These same institutions produce quite different effects while they are still being fought for; then they really promote freedom in a powerful way. On closer inspection, it is war that produces these effects, the war for liberal institutions, which as war, permits illiberal instincts to continue. And war educates for freedom.’ (Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, ‘Skirmishes of an Untimely Man’, section 38)

    We should find a way to export our liberals to the Muslim countries. Let them spread their ideology there.


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