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Islamic fanatics attack ISKCON temple at Sylhet in Bangladesh for alleged disturbance during Namaj.

Sylhet ISKCON Attack

ISKCON temple at Sylhet in Bangladesh attacked by Muslim radicals for leading Hari Kirtan (singing Lord Hari’s praise loudly) at the time of Friday Namaj. 7 injured.

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | Sept 2, 2016:: The Momins are not tolerating the ISKCON followers of Hindu legacy, though the ISKCON authorities had arranged gala Iffter parties on last Ramadan in their different temples in Bangladesh  including their HQ at Mayapur, India.

In what has been termed as a radical attack, a group of Muslim radicals allegedly attacked ISKCON Temple in Sylhet, a major city lying on the banks of Surma river in northeastern Bangladesh as the Namajis felt disturbed with Hari Kirtan (singing Lord Hari’s praise loudly) during the Friday Namaj session as alleged.

The Muslim mob came to attack the ISKCON Temple from the Kajal Shah area of the adjacent locality with iron rods, bamboo sticks, wooden planks etc. and pelted bricks to the temple to get an entry to the inner side of the temple complex. Big trouble averted anyway for closed main gate of the temple and police intervention in time. 7 persons were injured at the time of chaos including a female. Police arrested 14 temple attackers so far.

The youth coordinator of the Sylhet ISKCON unit, Devarshi Shrivas told HENB that there was a cultural programme inside the temple comprising ‘Krishna Picture Drawing’ by the children and the guardians were engaged in ‘Hari Kirtan’. There was no possibility to be disturbed anybody for another prayer session of others if any beyond 300 meters.

Principal of Iskcon, Navadwipa Dwija Gauranga Das Brahmachari told that the locals, who had allegedly grabbed a portion of ISKCON’s property, instigated the Muslim devotees to attack the temple from a nearby Mosque loudspeakers.  As per the reports, the group of Muslims hurled chunks of bricks at the devotees, offering prayers in the temple.

Out the seven injured, one was the staff of the Iskcon temple and the other six were pedestrians. The injured persons have been identified as Ex councillor Jebun Nahar Sheerin (58), Babul Ahmed (43), Saju Ahkter (28),  Syed (24),  Arif (22), Sumon (17), (all Muslims) and a ISKCON staff members Rajendra Choudhury (Hindu, 40). The Muslims were injured by Police rubber bullets as reported at the time of dispersing the rowdy Jihadi Mob attacking the temple or passing through the area as pedestrians.

It is important to note that many of temple attackers were of tender age and there was Muslim boy around 10 yrs, who all use to attend Namaj and read Quran regularly and well trained how to attack the temples of Kaffirs (see video below/ courtesy to News Visual). 

Out the seven injured, one was the staff of the Iskcon temple and the other six were pedestrians.
As soon as the Jihadi chaos was reported, police rushed to the spot and fired rubber bullets and 15 teargas shells to take control of the situation.
Additional police force was deployed to avoid any such unwanted development further.
Very unfortunately, the police of Islamic Bangladesh freed the 14 arrested Muslims even the temple attack scene went to viral in Bangladesh and in a part of India also.
As per statement of Suhel Ahamed the Officer-in-charge of Kotowali PS of Sylhet, a three persons committee has been made consisting of the District Magistrate Sylhet, Addl District Magistrate and an Inspector of Police to investigate the matter so far.

2 comments on “Islamic fanatics attack ISKCON temple at Sylhet in Bangladesh for alleged disturbance during Namaj.

  1. Arun Kumar Upadhyaya
    September 3, 2016

    De won’t rest till a single kafir is alive on der land.Give as much of Iftar parties as u wish.Dis is how peace and brotherhood comes in Islamic lands.


  2. shakya singha
    September 8, 2016

    Muslims are always against other’s religions. They learn it at their early ages. They have no any respect for other culture. May be their holy religious books are responsible for their this type behaviour.


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