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Smt. Sushma Swaraj Going for Canonization Drama under the direction of PM Modi.

Sushmas on Mother Teresa

Why is Smt. Sushma Swaraj Going for Canonization Drama?

GSK Menon | HK Media | Kochi | Sept 2, 2016::  India’s External Affairs Minister is leading a big gang to Vatican to participate in the canonization drama being enacted there to honour ace convertress , the Albanian nun Teresa. Her deep rooted hatred for Hinduism motivated her to launch a Hindu conversion spree. She started her hate campaign against Hindus from behind the famous Kalighat temple, where she managed to set up her conversion headquarters. Masquerading under the guise of social service and propelled by Western media advertisement power, she was conducting her conversion campaigns brazenly.

She was a fanatic Roman Catholic and was intolerant even to Protestants, and went on converting them. Millions of dollars were pumped by bigoted christians from around the world to fund her vicious conversion spree. Hyper publicity in the media masked her conversion agenda.

Why is the Indian external affairs minister Ms.Sushma Swaraj running to the Vatican to honor this Hindu hater? What self respect is she going to show by standing before Hindu haters and the Chief Converter (Pope) ?

These bigoted converters are as vicious as ISIS terrorists, only difference is one does it silently and the other does it openly. Should our external affairs minister waste taxpayers money and participate in an anti Hindu program? Teresa’s organization is still active in India, parts of Asia and Africa, trying to convert people to christianity. She has a horde of active converters, roaming all over hunting for conversion prey.

India which claims to be foolishly secular has no business participating in a communal program, being hosted in the Converters Headquarters(Vatican). Plane loads of converters from Kerala are heading to Vatican to participate in honouring the Hindu hater.

This also indicates the utter hatred the Kerala converted christians harbor against Hindus. Do not be deluded by their cheap imitations of lighting Hindu lamps, erecting Dhwajastambhams, copying Hindu bhajans, using Hindu names for themselves as well as desert Jews, these are all conversion gimmicks.

Hindus in every district in India should rally against these foreign religions and all types of conversions.

Do not honour converters, Smt. Sushma Swaraj. You are just a puppet in the hands of PM Modi.



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One comment on “Smt. Sushma Swaraj Going for Canonization Drama under the direction of PM Modi.

  1. Arun K Upadhyaya
    September 3, 2016

    Definitely shocking.Ideology in politics of India survives only….if its no ideology or its worthless an ideology.Conversion goes on inspite d incalculable harm it has done and is doing to d body politic of India.Staying in power and for it to deviate from ideas, d thoughts dat guided us all along is so common.Even d so called hindu political parties r falling pray to the temptations of wordly desires alone.It pains…….hurts.Hope de realised it and changed or its a hope of d millions for a new party wid sincerity to d cause to emerge. and steer clear of d cesspool of dirty politics which we r neck deep in to due to our politicians who r no more statesmen wid love for d nation our convictions.


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