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SC must not approve radicalism in Islam in the name of Cow slaughter and Beef Jihad anyway.

 Let me live

Justice delayed is justice denied…..

Supreme Court of India issues notice to Maharashtra government over beef ban.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Sept 3, 2016::  The Supreme Court of India on Friday sought response from Maharashtra government on a bunch of petitions challenging the Bombay High Court order upholding the ban on beef imposed by state government through an enactment.

A bench comprising Justices A K Sikri and D Y Chandrachud issued notices to the BJP-Shiv Sena led government in Maharashtra and others on the petitions including that of All India Jamiatul Quresh of Maharashtra and Delhi alleging that politics was being played on the issue of slaughtering cows. CM Devendra Fadnavis now have to intelligently handle the case not only to sustain its own implemented law, but to save the decreasing cow progeny from the picture of Maharashtra.

The apex court tagged the petitions with similar matter on issue and posted the matter for hearing after six weeks.

But, sometimes we forget that ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. How many cases we have to face more in relation to prohibit the cow slaughter in various states where the slaughter has been denied through specific laws and regulations.

The Muslim petitioners had said the petitioner organisations respected cows and calves 😮 but the members of Qureshi community be allowed to slaughter bulls and bullocks which have crossed the age of 16 years as they are of no use to farmers.

The apex court in India is now also entertaining the jokes likes this (excuse me my lord!). If the petitioner organisations respected cows and calves, why these Qureshi organisers killed thousand of cows earlier and many of them obviously under 16 yrs of age? Now, after enactment of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act banning the slaughter of bulls and bullocks, besides cows, the pig-tightened 😛 Qureshi organisers, Muslim butchers and beef traders are trying jointly to come out of the strangulation anyway, by saying, “bulls and bullocks which have crossed the age of 16 years as they are of no use to farmers.”

The Supreme Court must ask these Taqiyaatist Qureshi and beef lover Muslims, what would they do with their parents crossed the age of 60 or 70?


The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India is the highest seat of Justice and source of humane harmonization  and it cannot be cruel to the cow progeny, cattle and any living creature quashing the provisions of Art. 51-A (g) of Fundamental duties for any Indian citizen- which says, “to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures”.

We must think together that if a public servant enjoys the retirement benefits and pension for his/her limited service to the Nation, why these most beneficent cows and cattle will not get a little humane compassion to let live till their natural death for their accrued service to the nation not for any single life, but for serving the nation generation after generation.

Cow and cattles have enriched and saved our life, agriculture, health, environment, prosperity, faith and every basics of Nation building with all well beings and we can’t kill them for this only reason that they have crossed 16 years of age and are of no use to farmers. These mentality can lead them to be cannibal by eating human flesh of older age for they think them of no use anyway!

Supreme Court must check such mentality to kill someone to serve on platter  or think to use somebody flouting law of the land after declaring them “are of no use” to someone/some category of people. Otherwise, all the old-age of homes, short-stay-homes, abandoned children homes will have a chance to be considered as sources for foodies and for choosing various purposes after getting the  vulnerable targets are of  ‘no use of others’.

These beef-eaters can’t think even  how cow/cattle can’t be  ‘no use of farmers’ as all of them serve us till death.


Article 48 of Indian Constitution says, “The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.”

Then the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India must see why some states in India made their laws contravening the provisions of Art. 48 and why many of the states are erring despite of the existence of slaughter prohibition laws in those states. This is happening even after 70 years of independence.

The Supreme Court of India gave so many judgements/verdicts previously on cow related matters ranging ‘prohibition of slaughter’, ‘no qurbani in Eid ul Azha as cow sacrifice is not mandatory in Islam’ or ‘protecting sentiments of those who venerate cows’ and so on.

This time the apex court must concentrate on Art. 48 and 51-A (g) so  that one cannot be inhumane trashing the flow of ‘compassion for living creatures’ and must not violate the laws “prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle” for franchising his/her rights to eat beef to bomb.

Majority of India, the Hindus never objected anybody to eat per his choice, but that should not be others pain, celebration of cruelty, hurting bulk sentiments and violation of law and orders and traditions with Islamic flag and slogan with “Naraye Takbeer, Allah ho Akber”.

India is not ready for approving these radicalism in Islam in the name of Cow slaughter and Beef Jihad anyway.



Post Script: I have read two  good books very recently on cow protection, one by Sant Rajendra Das Ji – Goraksha and Go Samvardhan (Aajki avashyakata) in Hindi of Gita Press and another by Dr Sahadeva Das – To Kill Cow Means To End Human Civilization in English of These two books can be read online also. The links are (1) and (2)

Everybody concerned to Cow protection and Save Cow Movement, including students, teachers, activists, advocates, judges, goshala managers, commoners, critics, vegetarians, beef-eaters must read these books to make a mind to love, save and respect cow or not.

Courtesy: Links and Pics used above.

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  1. Kumar Arun
    September 3, 2016

    Do you have any plan if they do?



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