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KPC rejects Hizbul offer on return in the valley under Jihadi atmosphere.

Kashmiri Pandits reject Hizbul’s vested offer, say will return to Kashmir on own terms and conditions.

283201613161560Anupama Kher | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 20, 2016::  Rejecting out rightly the return offer of pro-Pak terrorist Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zafar Rashid Bhat@ Mosa, Kashmir Pandit Coordination (KPC) Chief Kundan Kashmiri Stated that Kashmir historically belongs to Kashmiri Pandits and they would not return on the agenda set by separatists and terrorists or their masters across the border. and would return on their own terms and conditions as well as at the time chosen by the community.

KPC Chief in a statement issued from New Delhi today on october 20,2016, while replying to pro-Pak terrorist Hizbul Mujahideen Commander who suggested displaced Kashmiri Pandits to return their homes and hearths in the valley, stated that statement of HM’ terrorist is politically motivated and trying to befool the world in general and displaced KP,s in particular.He said that HM terrorist commander is trying at one hand to give an impression to the world that their pro-Pakistan terrorist groups are secular not communal and secondly to provide an opportunity to radicalists, separatists and stone pelters to attack these helpless people again in case they returned to their native places as well as to make them hostage to act on their pro-Pak agenda.

KPC Chief Kundan Kashmiri questioned terrorist commander Zafar Rashid Bhat @ MOSA why they did not protected Kashmiri pandits in 89–90, when thy were killed , rapped, looted and ransacked. Why they did not protected our KP employees when they and their camps at village Hall, Vassu, Natnusu, Kupwara and other places were stoned the quarters, burnt property ,looted and ransacked.households etc.

Kashmiri also asked the terrorist Commander Zakir Rashid Bhat @ Mosa, why HM was silent on those terrorists who were responsible for selective killings of Kashmiri Pandits in early 1990. Some terrorists who were involved in brutally killing KPs are roaming freely in the Valley and some of them are now claiming themselves as “peace-loving” citizens.and are leaders of Kashmiri Muslims.

On the one hand, HM is fighting so-called “Jehad” to merge Kashmir with Pakistan and on the other this terror group has asked KPs to return back to their native places in the Valley. Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee the Valley after they were targeted by militant groups during the outbreak of militancy and have been living in Jammu and other parts of the country from the last 28 years.

Zakir Rashid Bhat alias ‘Musa’, the self-styled commander of the militant outfit,should reply these questions and clarify whether those gun yielded youths were not their terrorists who killed thousand of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley and is HM Chief Yousf Shah @ Salh–u-din not responsible to bleed India and Indians including Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindu residents.

In a statement issued here today Kashmiri said that Pandits would return on their own terms and conditions as well as at the time chosen by the community. KPC Chief stated that statement of HM terrorist is politically motivated and he is trying to befool the world in general and displaced KPs in particular. He said that HM terrorist commander on the one hand wants to give an impression to the world that their pro-Pakistan terrorist groups are secular not communal and on the other providing an opportunity to radicals, separatists and stone pelters to attack these helpless people again in case they returned to their native places as well as to make the hostage to act on their pro–Pak agenda.

The KPC leader Kundan Kashmiri said that terrorists can’t hoodwink Pandits who are the patriotic Indians and for whom nation is like their mother which is more important than anything else. “We are the worshipers of Bharat Ma and Kashmir is its crown so no power on earth can separate Pandits from their motherland”, Kashmiri added.

One comment on “KPC rejects Hizbul offer on return in the valley under Jihadi atmosphere.

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    October 21, 2016

    I am aware what is going on in Kashmir from 1990-91.
    Read the warnings of Kashmiri separatist before the Parliament elections of 2009.
    We are getting advance warnings from SIMI / Indian Mujahideen’s from 2002 of Gujarat riots started from Vadodara on 27.2.2002 and again riots in Vadodara against Muslim’s on 01.05.2006; due to demolition of holy Chisti Dargah by the BJP Mayor Mr. Sunil Solanki despite objections and representations of all Human Right Activists, PUCL and also Gujarat Bureaucrats; Vadodara Police Commissioner and Municipal Commissioner that it is nor proper time due to sensitive atmosphere in the Vadodara.
    Who bothers. The reaction of Vadodara riots on 1.5.2006 was the Bomb blasts in Suburb Trains of Mumbai on 11.06.2006, targeting rich Gujarati’s.====
    Is Mr.Narendra Modiji have any answer from 2006 to 2016 of wrong doings of his Saffron Parivar of Vadodara of last 10 years?
    Read below warnings====
    warns of more strikes
    Abhishek Sharan, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
    Updated: Nov 28, 2008 00:49 IST
    “Chetawani nahin, haqiqat (Not (just) a
    warning, but reality) — this was the title of the two-page terror e-mail
    that has been sent to the media by a group calling itself Deccan Mujahideen.
    The e-mail was sent a few hours after the terror attacks began in Mumbai on
    Wednesday night.
    The e-mail, of which Hindustan Times has a copy, has been composed in flawed
    Hindi (liberally interspersed with chaste Urdu and Punjabi words) and makes
    disparaging remarks on India, and Hindus in particular.
    Flaunting a rhetorical flourish, the e-mail warns of continuous terror attacks
    till “we do not show the Hindus their (actual) auqaat (status)… Till Muslims in
    India do not get to live according to Quran Hadith (Quran’s principles) on a
    free Islamic state… Till we do not avenge each atrocity (perpetrated on
    Muslims) and each drop (of blood shed by Muslims)”.
    Intelligence Bureau officials said the name of the group seemed “fake”, though
    they were taking its content “seriously”.
    “We suspect with the kind of Hindi they have used, and the mindset of the
    e-mail, that it shows a Pakistani, Punjabi or Pashtu, linkage. But we are
    inspecting if the language is akin to the kind spoken in Kashmir.”
    Issuing a dire warning to the “Indian government”, the terror document read:
    “We today warn the Indian government that it should end its series of atrocities
    on Muslims, it should return to them their states… We know Hindus belong to the
    race of baniya (shopkeepers) who only take (what is owed to them), but never
    give back.”
    “But the Hindu baniya should know that we are a qaum (community) that never
    forgets its history and in fact repeats its history.”
    It warns India against ignoring its warnings, saying “our warnings prove
    correct, you have seen a live example in Mumbai”.
    The e-mail also swears of incessant terror attacks in the name of a few of its
    role models, who do not seem to be Indians — like “Ummer Farokh Raji,” “Abu
    Baqar Siddiq Raji,” “Usman Raji,” and “Khalid Bin Walid Raji.”
    Deccan Mujahideen
    President of Whistle-Blower of India: 1414-A, Akaashdeep Soc. B/H
    Akaswani, Vadodara 390 009 Ph: 0265-2647677: Mobile:9427341041: E-mail:; —– What more advance warnings required to take preventive actions again attacks on India== From 2004 to 2014 of UPA Time and now from 26.05.2014 of BJP Center Government?


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