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After ‘Notebandi’ stepping for ‘Nasbandi’ would be good for Indian goal of development.

Central Minister Giriraj Singh advices ‘nasbandi’ (sterilization) after ‘notebandi’ (demonetization). 

giriraj-and-nitishUpendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | Dec 5, 2016::  The Central  Minister of Modi Govt, Sri Giriraj Singh has advocated sterilisation (nasbandi) after demonetisation (notebandi) for population control to spur development.

The Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) had come up with the idea yesterday and said that after “notebandi” (demonetisation), there is an urgent need to make laws for “nasbandi” (sterilisation) in the country.

“India has 17 per cent of the world population which adds population equal to Australia every year. The country only has 2.5 per cent of land mass of the globe with only 4.2 per cent of water resources. In this scenario, the population explosion in the country is proving to be a big roadblock for development. We need a population control act to tide over the problem,” Singh had said.

He had also reportedly talked about sterilisation to control the population growth at a function in his Nawada parliamentary constituency earlier.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar trashed the idea as “bakwaas” (nonsense). “The country has seen effect of nasbandi earlier,” he said, referring to the mandatory sterilisation drive propagated by Sanjay Gandhi, the youngest son of Indira Gandhi during the Emergency period.

It is told that the then Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Abdullah Bukhari got furious, after hearing the decision made by the Congress Govt, as Muslims in India never accept any action to check their  birth rate.

With uncontrolled birth rate and unchecked population growth, Muslims want to be majority in India.

Like China (One Child Policy), Ukraine (forced women sterilization after second child), US (Title X Family Planning), Pakistan (encouraging 3 years between babies by telling Quranic advice of 24 months breast feeding), India must adopt some policy to take right action for population control through strict measures.

India must frame its strict Population Control Policy which can be forged upon the Muslim citizens also as they are the prominent stakeholders of the Indian economic growth equally. The threat of  unchecked ‘population blast’ in India or the ‘population Jihad’ cannot be ignored anyway at this crucial stage in India.

Central Govt’s proposal for getting a Uniform Civil Code in India must cover present provisions for ‘Two Children Policy (Hum do Hamara do)” be mandatory for all citizens irrespective of Hindus and Muslims.

__Input from PTI.

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