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Father Tom and Shankar Ponnam. Why there are two treatments?


Sushma Swaraj and Communists are united to free Father Tom from Yemen but who will free Ponnam Shankar from Saudi Jail? 

Upendra Bharati | HENB | New Delhi | Jan 2, 2017:: We don’t know much details either about Father Tom Uzhunnalil of Kerala who was abducted by some extremist outfits in Yemen or Shankar Ponnam of Telengana who is now languishing in Saudi Jail for an alleged blasphemous post in Facebook.

Both the news hit the newslines of mainstream Indian media and as an Indian citizen everybody must feel concerned to free these two Indian nationals who went to abroad and faced there very odd and unfortunate situations.

According to TOI+ and Radio Vatican+, Father Tom an Indian Catholic priest originally from Kerala abducted from Yemen in the moth of March 2016 appealed to Pope Francis and the Union government through a purported video to secure his release from his captors.

As per The Hindu+ and TOI+, Ponnam Shankar of Telangana was arrested by Riyadh police in Saudi Arab in Nov 2016 for an alleged blasphemous post in his FB timeline.

Regarding the abducted Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the Christian people of India and abroad and other citizens also expressed their concern to free the Father from the Yemen captivity.

The Indian External Minister Smt Sushma Swaraj took prompt action hearing the videographed appeal of Father Tom. Not only that the Kerala unit of Communist Party of India also lunched campaign for Father Tom’s release+.

But, unfortunately, the case of Ponnam Shankar is still not given any importance and unaddressed by the External Ministry of India, nor any political party took any initiative to release this fellow from Saudi Jail where he is facing a threat of Sharia execution (beheading in public).

This website tried to reach External Minister Sushma Swaraj in many ways with the case of Ponnam Shankar, but failed to draw any concern of her or her deputies.

To draw the attention of Saudi Govt, Govt of India and obviously of very kind hearted Sushma Swaraj this website forum also lunched a Petition in Change Org to Free Ponnam Shankar from the onslaught of a barbaric Sharia Law in Saudi Arab+. But, that has also failed to make any sense of the concerned authorities as they supposedly believe, “Human Rights Go To Hell. Only Sharia Will Now Prevail”.

IMPORTANT. Don’t behead with sword under Sharia. Free Ponnam Shankar from Saudi jail.  PLZ SIGN PETETION HERE >>  . From Change Org.

In any civil society, beheading in public (Sharia execution) in the name of Allah, Quran or Sharia cannot be permissible any way. How United Nation, International Court of Law, Amnesty International and other Rights Forums accept such barbaric acts like beheading in public with sword by an Islamic Government under the dictum of Sharia. The UN and the other democratic, humanitarian and welfare states and agencies must reject all diplomatic relations with such Islamic countries connected with horrific blasphemous laws and barbaric beheading in public with the chanting of “Allah ho Akbar”, “Masha Allah” and “Insha Allah” (Warning: Graphic Video inside).

In our earlier posting+ we wrote:  “If there is any killing of Shankar under a law of Shariah in Saudi, The PM of India – Shri. Narendra Modi, Indian External Minister- Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Ministers of States (External Affairs) – Shri Vijay Kumar Singh and Janab M J Akbar will be responsible for this cool blooded Islamic murder of an Indian citizen in Saudi Arabia.

The leaders of RSS, VHP also will be equally responsible as they haven’t raised any voice in favour of Shankar to rescue him from Saudi”. 

Yes, still now we are not detracting from our views as expressed earlier.

The global support  for Ponnam Shankar is growing day by day and the role of GOI is critically criticized.

The social crusaders against Radical Islam and Jihadi Terrorism are now voicing in favour of Ponnam Shankar.

Pamela Geller has covered it (Thanks to her) :  Saudi Arabia: Hindu facing Sharia execution for “blasphemy”+.

Robert Spencer has incorporated it in Jihad Watch: Hindu man facing beheading in Saudi Arabia for “blasphemous” Facebook post+.

The news of Ponnam Shankar has been covered in TROP, Gates of Vienna and many other international portals.

In reaction one Anita Kanitz from Stuttgart, Germany writes, “In Islam under in the name of the Sharia women, girls and female childs. christians and other religions are enslaved. In the name of the Islam are crimes against women, girls and female childs like femicide, honor killings, forced and child marriages, stonings and death penalties for rape victims, FGM, sex slavery of women, girls and female childs and genocide and massacres, sex slavery of christians and other religions. The murder of critical persons, that means persons which raise up their voice against cruel and unspeakable crimes in the name of God and islam, even childs is common in all islamic countries. There are penalties like stoning, burning alive, crucifixion, lashing until death and so one! Worldwide are many wars, genocide and terror attacks in the name of God and Islam! How can we turn our eyes from these cruel crimes away?”

Another Hina Durrani from Glendale Heights, IL  writes, “He is not a murderer, this is too harsh , free him for the sake of humanity”.

Govt. of India. PM Modi and Sushma Swaraj must not think a silence as a remedy to ignore the case of Poonam Shankar. The coming public wave for Ponnam Shankar must not expose any ignorance, indulgence or negligence on the part of GOI to free Ponnam Shankar.

The Govt of India has taken the case of Freeing Father Tom from Yemen very seriously. This is good. But, ignoring the case of Ponnam Shankar to free him from Saudi Jail will amount a gross discrimination. Govt must not treat these two cases differently, best for a Christian father and worst for a Hindu worker.

We appeal from here to King of Saudi (Saudi Govt), Govt of India and all concerned all over the world to take proper action to free Ponnam Shankar from an upcoming onslaught of Sharia in Saudi Arabia.

Courtesy: The links used above.

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