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Clear trend of Islamization in WB School syllabus hurting Hindu sentiments by TMC.


Name of Lord Ram in Ramdhanu (rainbow) is replaced in Bengal’s textbooks. Beef has been introduced as food but not pork.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | Jan 11, 2017:: Amidst the “Modi Hatao -Desh Banchao” campaign of Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and “Fatwa Jihad” by a TMC Imam Nurur Rehman Barkati against PM Modi to Tarek Fatah, the Hindu crusaders in social media are now engaged themselves to expose the Islamic face of West Bengal Govt in its educational departments and its ruling political power Trinamool Congress eventually.

Some days before I got stuck with a facebook posting as in the standard VII – ‘Environment and Science’ book (page 35) the chapter relating to ‘Spectrum- Vibgyor’ (বর্ণালী), the phenomenon of Rainbow is described with a new Bengali word “Rangdhanu” instead of commonly and well accepted word “Ramdhanu”. Actually, the traditional name for rainbow in Bengali is ‘Ramdhanu’ or Lord Ram’s bow, but the pro-Islamist syllabus committee of Bengal under TMC control wanted to erase the communal name of ‘Ram’ from its  secular textbooks.

This trend is also reveled in standard III textbook – ‘Our Environment’ (page 126) where the chapter relating to ‘Rays of colour in the sky’ did not mention any name of the phenomenon of Rainbow in Bengali whether it is ‘Ramdhanu’ or anything!

In all renowned Bengali dictionaries (not from Islamic Bangladesh) Rainbow is called as “Ramdhanu” – the bow of Lord Ram. Hardly there is any mention of Rangdhanu.  But, to avoid the name of Lord Ram before the learners, the TMC (you may call it Total Muslim Congress without hesitation) influenced committee dropped the name of Ramdhanu in the chapter of ‘Rays of colour in the sky’ from standard III – “Amader Paribesh” – Our Environment.


While the anti-Hindu lobbies in the academic circle always want to blame the Central Govt. and BJP ruled states for any change in school or college syllabus as ‘Saffronisation of Education’, then what’s going on in West Bengal? It is nothing but a Islamisation of school syllabus in Bengal.

The Arab-bullshit pro-Islamists in Bengal syllabus committee prefer the use of ‘Asman’ instead of ‘Akash’ (Sky). Asman is a word with its root in Persian language, but Akash is a Sanskrit word. So, to please the Islamic lobby the colour ‘akashi’ (sky blue) is replaced with the word ‘asmani’ in a discussion of ‘vibgyor’ in the same standard VII book of Environment and Science.

Not only that, the TMC intellectuals left no stone unturned to introduce all possible Islamic treats in the ‘Sickular’ syllabus after getting blessings of Imams, Molla and Maulvis in the state.

In family and relationship chapter in the standard III ‘Our Environment’ book (page 92), the Islamic family relations are depicted elaborately as Nana-Nani, Abba- Amma, Fufu Amma, Chachi Amma, Khala Amma, Khalu, Fufa, Apa-Bubu etc. all came from Farsi origin.

What is most dangerous in this row that in the book ‘Our Environment’ of standard III (page 50), ‘beef’ has been introduced to the majority Hindu students but not the ‘pork’ as food. Most of the Hindus consider ‘cow as sacred animal’ and renounce beef eating.

In the ‘Animal husbandry and Cooking’ (পশুপালন ও রন্ধন) chapter, at its section ‘Food’ (খাদ্য), a subtle Islamic trick has been applied in a set of questions.

Q. How they procured Food? Ans. options—- hunting in the forest.

Q. What they procured? Ans. options—- deer, ass, cows, buffalos. (MIND IT NOT WILD BOAR, PIGS OR HOGS).

Q. How they eat those? Ans. options—- before discovering fire/after discovering fire/after using utensils.


In such a nasty way communal disseminating of information in education, the biased paid educationist in West Bengal, actually pro-Islamist, introduced beef as food to III standard students without considering the Hindu sentiments or with an effort to hurt Hindu sentiments.

At the same time, these biased Intellectual and Educationists in the panel of syllabus committee dropped a ‘glaring history’ of hunting wild boar, hogs, pigs by the indigenous people which they took as preferred food stuff. These ass Intellectual and Educationists included their clan in the animal list of hunting, but avoided wild boar-hogs-pigs in the same and dropped the eating of ‘pork’ to dignify Islamic sentiments of ‘Jihadi Bengal’.

While the Chairman of West Bengal School syllabus committee Sri. Avik Majumder saw no anomalies or point of debates in this row many educationists like Ex Vice Chancellor of Gaur Banga University, Sri. Achintya Biswas; Veteran Principal of Jogesh Chandra College, Sri. Pankaj Kumar Roy and eminent linguist, Sri Sadhan Das reacted sharply on such changes in language or preparing school syllabus in a communal way.

While Prof. Achintya Biswas condemned such ‘violence in language’ under an influence of vocabulary used by Islamic Bangladesh, Principal Pankaj Kumar Roy narrated the trend for such change as matter of ‘politics of appeasement’.

Though Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah, the noted linguist, respected scholar and champion of Bengali Language movement in Pakistan with a strong lineage of  anti-Arabic, anti-Urdu stand-point wanted to uphold the purity of Bengali language, the Islamist lobby under Gen. Ziaul Haq and Gen. Hossain Muhammad Ershad introduced many Urdu and Farsi words in Bengali School curriculum along with many Islamic topics infused into it.  Nobody wanted to change that trend of Islamisation of Education through language and lesson in Islamic Bangladesh. Now, West Bengal Govt is going to adopt the same education policy under a mysterious Bangladeshi influence as a very alarming thing.

“There are clear linguistic differences between the Muslims and Hindus of Bengal. While an attempt to standardise the language, lot of urdu and Islamic words have already been compromised and many of local dialects are given no importance by killing those otherwise. Now, I don’t feel there is any further need to import Bangladeshi words in WB curriculum,” linguist Sadhan Das told HENB.

Now, social media is being flooded with updates by individuals stating that the Islamic change of words or introducing Islamic elements in school syllabus are the red line of minority appeasement policies of WB CM Mamata Banerjee in a very shameless way.

In a facebook posting it is written, “Shame Mamata Banerjee Shame. This is your education policy!
What are you thinking about such a culpable strategy to bow down before Islam. Try to read the Global Wall Writing against Radical Islam. Will Mamata introduce Allah (instead of Bhagaban), Salam (instead of Namaskar), Pani (instead of Jal), Nikah (instead of Bibaha), Gosal (instead of Snan), Gost (instead of Mangsa) in near future?
I thought you are some less insane but proved now you are a gross victim of Islamic insanity. Please Stop Such Jihadi Conspiracy in Bengal School Education.”


4 comments on “Clear trend of Islamization in WB School syllabus hurting Hindu sentiments by TMC.

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  2. Some Hindu
    January 13, 2017

    Best of luck to you sir for trying to impose religious colors on everything without an ounce of proof. Please lodge an appeal in courts if you want to actually do something and have proof as well. If not, please stop all these plegiarisms.


  3. proud hindu
    January 13, 2017

    grow up. it is only a rainbow not Ram’s bow.


  4. RT
    August 5, 2017

    like kerala bengal too will become radicalised stae in future. In kerala hindus suffered lot in the hands of siculare commies and cangress italian


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