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Two dangerous deadlines for Islamic growth and its solution.

Muslims will be majority in India by 2050 and they will be majority in the world by 2070.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | March 18, 2017::  In our two earlier reports viz, i)  World Must Formulate Muslim Population Policies to Restrict Islamic Growth+ (published in HinduExistence on March 2, 2017) and ii) VHP calls for equal population policy to check Jihad and demographic imbalance+ (published HinduExistence on March 4, 2017), we committed an error.

It was reported then Muslims will be majority in India by 2050 and they will be majority in the world by 2100. When the projection/estimation was correct in Indian perspective, the world scenario was not conveyed correctly.

From a deeper study on Pew reports it is revealed that Muslim will be the largest population of the world by 2070, much earlier than 2100.

Once, Pew hinted the Global Muslim majority by ‘the end of this century’. But, analysts say, “the world’s population of Muslims will grow by 73 per cent between 2010 and 2050, compared to 35 per cent for Christians, the next fastest-growing faith.

The world’s population will grow by 37 per cent over the same period. If those rates of growth continue past 2050, Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2070, the report found.”

As per the same Pew report, “Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world”, and “10% of all Europeans will be Muslims+ by 2050″. The report also says, Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. population by the year 2050 and India will have largest Muslim population+ by the year 2050.

So, these are the two most dangerous deadlines for the world civilization that Muslims will be majority in India by 2050+ and they will attain global majority  by 2070.

But, why I am calling it, ‘two most dangerous deadlines for the world civilization’?

Yes, it is most dangerous, if the present situations prevail, as the most possible potential country to fight against Islam, i.e. India will be defeated by Islam within 2050 and the rest ‘infidel world’ will also be conquered by outrageous ‘Population Jihad’ within 2070.

If, these are not dangerous for your identity, nationality, security, economy, culture and heritage, next generation and human civilization, then please tell me what do you mean to say?

Now, is there any solution to overcome this Islamic aggression at all?

Yes, we can overcome this Islamic aggression only in five steps.

  1. Expose Radical Islam. Expose the radical ideas in Allah, Muhammad, Quran, Sharia and Jihad. Stop promoting ideas like ‘Good Islam’ and ‘Bad Islam’. Expose Islam through active awareness generation and sharp sensitization, especially to kids, youth and women.
  2. Stop Muslim appeasements. Stop all types of state sponsored and political appeasement to the Muslim people. Stop dole, grant-in-aid or sponsorship to the Muslim people/refugees in US, UK, countries in Europe and in Australia. Stop Muslim reservation in jobs, education, economics and politics in India and some other countries. Sharia-Halal-IslamicBanking-Burka-MosqueMiking-RoadNamaj and all other Islamic bullying must be stopped at any cost. Facilities given to Jihad believing organizations like CAIR in US, IRF in India, JuD in Pakistan must be banned forthwith.
  3. Control Muslim population. To prevent Islamic aggression in all sphere of life, control of Muslim population must be given top priority. World organisations must formulate Muslim population policies to restrict Islamic growth. To check the global demographic imbalance due to unbelievable Islamic growth rate, Muslims in all non-Muslim countries must be taken under law enforcement to restrict their child birth through equal population policies effected on others. Conspiracy to convert non-Muslims to Islam and capture reproductive non-Muslim girls and women under Love Jihad must also be neutralized effectively.
  4. End war of Jihad everywhere. The current global expansion of Islam and radicalization of Muslim society are clearly increasing due to propagation of Jihad by many terror outfits. The existence of IS (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh), Al Sahaba, Al Ansar, Harakat u Jihad Islam, Lashkar e Toiba,  Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Indian Mujaheddin, Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh and others are dangerous for  the peace, harmony, prosperity and development of human civilization. The perpetration of Jihad is causing the perpetual peril for the human society. So, we have to sanitize our soil everywhere through a joint battle against Jihadi outfits, whether it is ISIS or Hizbul Mujahideen. Uprooting Jihad is a precondition of World peace and prosperity.
  5. Expunge the hatred-killing-brutality verses from Quran. In actualities, many verses in Quran are being utilized or misutilized for Islamic supremacy inter alia Pan Islamism, Khilafat, Ghazwa e Hind etc.  by the Jihadi outfits like IS, HUJI, LeT, JMB, IM or so called Social organisations like CAIR, IRF or JuD. Quran has been posed as the central source of hatred, killing, brutality, rights violation and many uncivilized acts and behaviours. Such verses of hatred, killing, brutality etc. are causing the blasts, attacks, execution, war, killing, rape and other social maladies. In most of the cases, such verses are against the law on any non-muslim country under its own constitution. Hence, the contradictory Quranic verses relating hatred, killing, brutality must be expunged from it for the promotion of Islamic attributes to others, if any.

You can’t call the narratives of this article far communal after knowing that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged Turks resident in Europe to have five children+, not only three, telling the millions strong diaspora community “you are Europe’s future”.

Muslim States are directly involved to Islamize the world with population Jihad. Then, how the non-Muslim world can pose a vacant look on it?

I am saying here again, Non-Muslim world must formulate Muslim population policies to restrict Islamic growth. This is my appeal to world leaders and United Nations.

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13 comments on “Two dangerous deadlines for Islamic growth and its solution.

  1. Dipak
    March 18, 2017

    We should have a fund to help Hindu families who have more than two children


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    March 20, 2017

    Hinduism must be dignified in all over the world!

    We have two pious Hindu countries in the world- Himabatkhanda and Bharatkhanda, Kailash-Mansarowar to Hinda-Mahasagar is the original place of Hindus and Hinduism.The Bramhaputra in east, Hindukush in west, north Kailash-Mansarowar and the south Ganga River is the boundary of Himabatkhanda(Nepal) and Ganga to Hinda-Mahasagar is Bharatkhanda (India). Kailash-Mansarowar is the pious land of the lord Shiva. Hindu Kush (Hindu’s land) shows that two major kingdoms of Gandhaar & Vaahic Pradesh (Balkh of Bactria) had their borders extending far beyond the Hindu Kush. Legend has it that the kingdom of Gandhaar was established by Taksha, grandson of Bharat of Ayodhya (6). Gandhaar’s borders extended from Takshashila to Tashkent in the present day Uzbekistan. In the later period, Mahabharat relates Gaandhaari as a princess of Gandhaar and her brother, Shakuni as a prince and later as Gandhaar’s ruler.

    A Scholor V.S. Sardesai writes- ”Hindu” does not come from Sindhu’. The country lying between the Himalayan mountain and Bindu Sarovara (Cape Comorin sea) is known as Hindusthan by combination of the first letter ‘hi’ of ‘Himalaya’ and the last compound letter ‘ndu’ of the word ‘Bindu.’ The historian Yogi Naraharinath also has written- ‘Himalaya, Him’ indicates ‘Hindu.’

    Hindu religion is the world’s most liberal and tolerant religion. Despite being a Hindu country, Nepal is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world. The philosophy of Hinduism is guided as- “to refrain from all evils, to do what is good and to purify the mind”. High thinking & Simple living is the way of Hindus. In Sanskrit, Hindu means ‘Hi’= Sun, ‘Indu’= moon. Nepalese national flag is also decorated by Sun and Moon. The triangular flag with the Sun and Moon is based on the principles of Hinduism. The national flag of Nepal has its own identity and recognition in the world. The Nepalese flag is very inclusive and represents to all the castes and tribes insisting the nature. The flag of Nepal is the symbol of unity in diversity. The Maoist wants to change the national flag. That is why; the intention of Maoist is to abolish the identity of Nepalese nationality. To change the national flag is irrational. The Nepalese people believe, Nepal will remain eternal till there is the Sun and Moon. The western renowned philosopher Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, German scholar Nitse, Megasthaniz and Fai-Han has written many books supporting the Hindu philosophy expressing the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization. Hindu philosophy is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible?

    Aryans were deeply interested in planetary positions to calculate auspicious times, and they developed astronomy and mathematics towards that end. They identified various Nakshatras (constellations) and named the months after them. The earliest use of the zero symbols is in one of the scriptural books dated about 200 BC. The zero is called Shunya or ‘nothing.’ It was initially represented by a dot and later it was replaced by a small circle. And it was thereafter accepted as a numeral like others. There is a beautiful definition of the infinite in the following line of a Vedic mantra of Isavasya Upanishad. It says: “Take the whole (Infinite Brahman) from the whole and the whole still remains”. This is almost like the mathematician, Cantor’s definition of infinity.’

    About 950 years ago the Muslims invaded India. Their aim was to conquer, convert, destroy and loot. Due to their notorious attacking they were successful. At that time Muslims burned many Hindus- temples and erected mosques on top of the burned out temples and on other locations also. In the ruling time of Muslim in India, English imperialist-East India Company invaded India with Christianity. They came first as traders, secondly-Bible and third was sword where they were building their own military force, secretly, to take over India and they were getting help from Great Britain to do so, and they succeeded. The British bribed the military by paying salaries to fight for them, to control Muslims. Many Sikhs, Indians joined the British military and betrayed Hindus-(Bhagavaandaas Tyaagi)

    I reiterate the reality, in Maldives and Saudi Arabia, only Muslims can become citizens of that country. Even in Israel, except a few exceptions, only Jews can become its citizens. In Pakistan, a Hindu cannot vote for Muslim candidates. When India divided creating a new nation- Pakistan-1947, about 30 lakh Hindus (including Sikhs) were kenned in Pakistan and 180 lakhs were chased out as refugees. So, we all the nations of the world should think and decide the religious rights of all country. The reality is that out of the 199 countries around the world, more than 100 are non-secular countries and of them more than 100 are Muslim and Christian non-secular countries. Despite being aware of the fact it is intriguing that so-called big party leaders (Congress, UML and Maoist) declared Nepal a secular state without the mandate of the people. They directly hurt the feeling of the majority of the Hindus in the country and more than 1 billion Hindus all over the world.
    So, Hinduism is the foundation of civilization. We are 85% Hindus and including Buddhists we are 95% in Nepal. In India, an estimated 930 million of its population are followers of Hinduism. The Hindu Philosophy preaches that all the people of the world are our friends. Fraternity & honesty always has been propounded by Hindus. However, the Racism and social discriminations are the great hindrances of Hindus. Of course it needs to be corrected. If we respect each other, our problems will be mitigated gradually. So, to keep HInduism in all over the world Nepal monarchy and world Hindu kingdom of Nepal must be in existence.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


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  5. Mrshaikh
    June 21, 2017

    You can’t stop the growth of Islam. Muslims are not the cause of violence. There are worst things than us like a nuclear war. If cut one had off we will grow 2 more .


  6. Mamun Mazumder
    December 9, 2017

    The nastiest/darkest/foulest/freakiest religion is Hinduism. U people adore shiv lingom- sex gentile of Shiv? Ha ha ha ha ha ha the most ridiculous.


    • sakalmlecchkaroranghata
      February 22, 2018

      Majumder – you and your children have mutilated genitalia – that is nasty – and you eat tortured animals – you claim to hate jews but you are just as deadly as any jew
      one way or another all deadly demented desert creeds will be extirpated from Earth – pakka promise bhenchod



  7. Peace Warrior
    May 15, 2018

    Hi Upananda, could you please share the calculation for arriving at how muslims in India would be majority in 2050?


  8. Chandan
    June 7, 2018

    Dumbass. Your whole blogspot is based on the idea that Muslims will be majority in India by 2050 but the Pew article you linked says that India will have the largest Muslim population in the world. Try to learn English before writing a blog lol


  9. BALA
    July 13, 2019



  10. Sudipto
    July 14, 2019

    To understand a lingam, you will have to use brains. But your thought process will forever be seated in between your legs.
    If you can, then correct your religion. If you cannot, or you believe you should not, then continue to dig your head in the sand.I hear, your Nabi used to fondle something’s of two children?


  11. abrar
    February 9, 2020

    plzz stop spreading false info we never need population jihad ……..first battle muslims 313 vs non muslims 1000 ,m 1000 vs nm 10000……now a days Afghan Taliban 45000 vs 350000 afghan forces,150000 americans,200000 NATO TROOPs

    with technology like apachese helicopter,tanks,fighter jets……………tell me all of u why we need population jihad??????


    • Arindam
      February 11, 2020

      Demographic jihad is about turning non-Muslim countries permanently Islamic. Otherwise, the misrule of the Muslims can be ended – as happened in Spain (or as you might call it, ‘Andalusia’), as well as in India and the Balkans.

      Thus, without demographic jihad, it’s only a matter of time before the indigenous inhabitants overthrow the Islamic occupiers and re-establish dharma.


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