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2000-year-old Hindu Swastika symbol unearthed in Nepal.

Two-thousand-year-old Swastika symbol unearthed in Kichakbadh, Jhapa in Nepal.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kathmandu | May 18, 2017::  The Department of Archeology of Nepal Govt has discovered 2000-year-old Swastika symbol at a historic and religious site Kichakbadh at Prithvinagar-5 in Jhapa district in course of recent excavation.

Archeologist Uddhav Acharya said that a 40-meter-long and 60-centimeters-wide wall, a six-meter-long erect brick wall used for special purpose, and a security post were also found in course of excavation carried out on April 25.

It was the seventh excavation. The historic site spreads over 10 bigha of land and a temporary police post has been set up there for its security.

Remnants of an administrative building, arrow, stone plates and bowls, idol and utensils made from clay, and a stable were found in course of excavation carried out at the site since 2058 BS, added Acharya.

In course of the series excavation, the government team of experts comprising archaeologists discovered the remains of a brick wall of buildings and drainage system. Deputy Director of Department of Archaeology Uddhav Acharya, who is also the leader of the excavation team, said that the ruins of a building, brickwalled drainage and wide room were unearthed in the historically and archaeologically important site. Earlier, some bowls, earthen lamps, flower vase, water pitcher, bow, knife among other things were unearthed.

According to Acharya, the excavation of Kichchakbadh and recent findings are important archaeologically “The remains found during the recent excavation date back to the Sunga-Kushan period about 2,000 years ago”,” he said.

It is believed that Bhim, one of the five Pandav brothers, chased Kichchak to this place and killed him for ogling at his wife Draupadi.

The present Sixth round of excavation began in April at the historical and religious site of Kichakbadh in Jhapa district in Eastern Nepal. Now, a team of experts at the Department of Archaeology claims to reveal the history of the area believed to be 5,000 years old.

Artifacts recovered during the excavation, which began three years ago, include ruins of palace believed to be of the Mahabharat era and some utensils.

Nepal is the only country of the world where Hindu population is about 85  percent, Buddhists are 10 percent and all these 95% population of Nepal are adherent of the holy symbol of ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika’ both.

Nepal was only Hindu Rashtra (State) and kingdom in the world till July 2008 that was changed as a Democratic Socialist Republic State when Maoist  people captured Nepal’s political power with the help of Chinese Govt.

Hindus in Nepal have been struggling since then for a revival of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.

__Inputs from Rashtriya Samachar Samiti.

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