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J&K SHRC directs govt to pay Rs 10L to ‘human shield’ victim for ‘encouraging’ stone pelters.

Where there is any Muslim like ‘Bilal Nazki’ in the top in Administration, Police, Judiciary and Defense or any Commission, there is a chance to attack the National safety, security and integrity of the country!!!

Remove Mr Bilal Nazki from the Chair of J&K SHRC.

J&K: Human Rights Commission turns as Jihad Rights Commission which directs state govt to pay Rs 10L to human shield ‘victim’ in Kashmir.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Jammu | July 19, 2017::  Stunning hypocrisy is surfaced as Indian system of Indian Human Rights Commission is seen to support Jihadi and subversive elements tried to attack Indian security forces engaged in public sefety and security.  The Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on Monday directed the state government to provide Rs 10 lakh as “compensation” to the civilian allegedly used as a human shield by the Army earlier this year.  The course of action of the State Human Rights Commission in J&K has obvious turned them as Jihad Rights Commission.


Remove Bilal Nazki.

“I have asked the state government to compensate Farooq Ahmad Dar for endangering his life and dignity,” Justice Bilal Nazki, Chairman SHRC, said.

However, the SHRC refused to direct the Army in the case saying “it doesn’t have jurisdiction.”

On April 9, Dar was allegedly tied to the bonnet of an Army jeep and went through several villages in Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam district. The incident happened during the by-polls of the parliamentary seat of Srinagar.

On that day, Farooq Ahmad Dar was attacking the security forces with a big group of stone pelters as a ‘ring leader’.

Seeing the odds, one Major Lipul Gogoi took the decision to tie Farooq Ahmad Dar to the bonnet of an Army jeep as a ‘human shield’ so that the army deployment could come out from disturbed zone affected by Pak supported Jihadi stone pelters. The security deployment in the area of disturbance was made to restore the peace in a process of democratic advancement.

In such a way Major Gogoi saved many lives and was given with a ‘gallantry award’ by the Army authority+ later.

But, now the action of of J&K Human Rights Commission inter alia Jihad Rights Commission directing compensation to Rs 10 lakh (15,500 US $) to the so called ‘victim’ will encourage the Pakistan and Huriyyat supported stone-pelters in Kashmir valley with an effort to demoralize the Indian security forces.


Upananda Brahmachari, the editor of Hindu Existence and renowned interlocutor on national affairs told HENB, “the action of J&K SHRC is widely condemnable. The Human shield was made by the Security forces as an exigency, not by the State Govt. Then why the State Govt is liable to compensate? Moreover, the question obviously arises that Muslim officials like ‘Bilal Nazki’ in the top in Administration, Police, Judiciary and Defense or any Commission, always pose a threat  to attack the National safety, security and integrity of the country. Central Govt must take this matter very seriously to stop any Jihadi motivation in the field of Judiciary!!!”

Letter for removal of Bilal Nazki

This appeal was recd by PMO vide no. PMOPG/E/2017/0378654. It is also sent to Offices of President of India, Central Home Ministry and Law Ministry.

Brahmachari urged President of India, PMO, Central Home Ministry and Law Ministry for the immediate removal of a fanatic person like Bilal Nazki (Office: 0194-2506673 & 0194-2506673, Resi: 0194-2432321, Mobile: 7544001111) from the J&K State Human Rights Commission.

Under the shield of stone pelters, the Pakistani and Hizbul Mujaheddin forces run their Jihad against India killing a huge number of civilians and security personnel every year.


Read it in Hindi:  “जम्मू कश्मीर मानवाधिकार आयोग बना जिहादी प्रोत्साहन आयोग” – उपेंद्र भारती (साभार: क्रांति दूत)

__Inputs from TNN and Times Now.


8 comments on “J&K SHRC directs govt to pay Rs 10L to ‘human shield’ victim for ‘encouraging’ stone pelters.

  1. Sajal Majumdar
    July 10, 2017

    I am completely in agreement with Shri Upananda Brahmachari. I would also like to draw the attention of law makers of central/state govts. to deeply contemplate to take such initiatives so that Human Rights Commission of different states and in national level are barred to interfere in any acts of defence personnel who are deployed to restore law and order situation of any state under the instructions of their higher authorities


  2. Dipak chakra
    July 10, 2017

    Is there a human rights commission in West Bengal ?


  3. Charanjit pal
    July 11, 2017

    The judge who has passed these orders has himself been a victim of terrorism. He was shot 5 times by paki rerrotists in 1991.

    He is the one who upheld the sovereignity and integrity of India in terrorism hit Kashmir in 1990s when no state function even dared to operate.

    He upheld the law of the land and the constitution of India then and he is doing it now.

    No one in the country is above law and constitution.

    It is a shame that after facing bullets on his chest for standing for India in the middle of terrorism hit Kashmir, this judge is getting this in return from his fellow citizens.

    The leaset you can do is to read the judgment before maligning the reputation of the judge.


    • hinduexistence
      July 11, 2017

      Mr. Charanjit Pal,

      We think, you have read the ‘the judgment’ before praising Mr. Bilal Nazki abundantly.

      If you read so, plz provide a copy to us taking a little hazards.

      (You may send the same to as well).

      We will analyze it and give you the reply accordingly.

      Thanks and regard,

      Hindu Existence Website.


      • Caharanjit Pal
        July 11, 2017

        Sent you the details.


        • hinduexistence
          July 11, 2017

          Received with thanks.

          Placed your materials to our senior team to examine it for taking steps appropriately.

          We will convey you the position of us on the matter, when it will be ready.

          Thanks and regards,

          Hindu Existence Website.


        • hinduexistence
          July 15, 2017

          Attention: Shri Charanjit pal ( alias Caharanjit Pal (charajitpal@gmail.copm) alias Charanjit Pal ( .

          Please refer to your comments above and the materials (including a copy of the Justice Nazki’s order to compensate Farooq Ahmad Dar with Rs. 10 lakh) sent to our designated email.

          Our team examined all the materials you sent and also gave effort to derive some opinion of army officials on the related matters.

          Our team has no say about your respect, sentiment and compassion for a judge like Bilal Nazki, ‘who upheld the sovereignity and integrity of India in terrorism hit Kashmir in 1990’, as you say.

          Our team has concentrated upon the matter of compensation to an ‘stone pelter ring leader’ like Farooq Ahmad Dar who and whose persons attacked the Army deployment at Beerwah police stn jurisdiction on April 9, 2017.

          It’s an irony that J&K police report on Farooq Ahmad Dar is quiet different to the version of Army authority as reflected in many news papers and inputs derived by our team from security sources which cannot be divulged publicly.

          Justice Bilal Nazki relied upon the J&K police report which says:: “During investigation it came to surface that on 09-04-2017 during by-poll elections various stone pelting incidents took place in the jurisdiction of Police Station, Beerwah and on the same day the said Farooq Ahamad Dar S/O Ab. Rahim R/O Chill accompanied by Hilal Ahamad Magray S/O Ghulam Mohammad R/O Chill (witness No. 01 above mentioned) proceeded to village Gampora for condolence and after spending sometime there left from village Gampora and reached Utligam crossing where from he was lifted by Army during stone pelting and was tied to bonnet of the Army vehicle as human shield under threat, kept him under wrongful confinement and has been paraded/moved around the area. Later on he was released.”

          But, as per available information procured from Security sources, the so called victim Farooq Ahamad Dar was involved in stone pelting on April 9.

          Even, the police reports not even checked the incidents in an investigative light whether the ‘victim’ Farooq was actually attended any Condolence (Rasm-e-Chauhram) of his brother-in-law’s sister at Gampora.

          As per various reports Farooq left his home at Chill in the morning to reach Gampora which is 3 h 45 min (173.4 km) journey via NH44 and the victim’s arrestation is recorded as 11 am. Not only that Farooq voted on that day as delineated to prove that he was not a opposer of election process.

          But, Justice Nazki only relied only upon Police report and did not show any interest to any circumstantial evidences including checking of the Register of Voters (F 17 A) of that poling booth where Farooq allegedly voted on that day!

          Many of contradictions arised out of Police reports can be assumed from the news at the links below:

          1. and

          Sorry to say that our team discarded the J& K police reports on the basis which Justice Nazki delivered his judgement dated 10/7/2017.

          We are not to say that the entire J&K Police is under the grip of Pakistani ISI or Jihadi elements. But, there is an sizable existence of it which helps the subversive Hurriyat and home grown militant elements extending assistance of money and arms along with police patronage, human rights and judicial shield.

          Our suspicion and conviction are fortified with the recent news that a J&K Police person who was acting as a driver of PDP MLA is caught in the connection with Terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims at Anantnag.

          In conclusion, we go with the Army decision to tie up Farooq Dar as a human shield to save many lives and overcome the situation in an extreme exigent position.

          We condemn the advantageous judgment passed by Justice Nazki which favours an attacker and his clan against National Security Forces in the name of Jihad and Freedom of Kashmir. Side by side, we praise Army decision to felicitate an Army officer Major Lipul Gogoi, who was in charge of such an unprecedented work, with a gallantry award.

          With this we want to end the matter without an ability to submit any further rejoinder for any detailing of our inputs as we are completely unable to access any army documentation further which showing Farooq Ahamd Dar’s culpable activities on that day.

          Jai Hind.

          Pankaj, Moderator, Hindu Existence Website. &
          Deokidas Shinde, Legal Team, Hindu Existence Website.


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