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For writing an article on Hindu-Muslim unity, noted Malayalam writer gets death threat from Islamist.

‘Convert to Islam within six months or face execution’: noted Malayalam author  gets death threat letter for writing an article on Hindu-Muslim unity!

B Upendran | HENB |  Kozhikode | July 21, 2017:: Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award winner and noted Malayalam writer and  K P Ramanunni on Friday filed a police complaint in Kozhikode in connection with a letter he received for frenzy Islamist group with threats of physical violence over an article he wrote in a newspaper.

In the letter, received a week ago, the writer was berated for the article — entitled “To dear Hindus and Muslims, from a believer”,  in which he sought religious harmony between the two communities.

Ramanunni said he was told to “convert” to Islam within six months or face the fate of T J Joseph, a professor whose right palm was chopped by a group of radical Muslim activists in 2010. “There are people with extremist ideologies using both Hinduism and Islam as a front. The person who wrote this letter appears to be from the second group. The letter says that my article which equates Islam with Hinduism could mislead innocent Muslims,” the writer said.

Eariler, T J Joseph, a then Malayalam professor at Newman College in Thodupuzha in Idukki district, was assaulted by Popular Front of India activists over portions in a B.Com question paper he had prepared for an internal examination that allegedly denigrated Prophet Mohammed. Joseph’s palm was later re-attached in a surgery. A National Investigation Agency court, in 2015, sentenced 10 persons to eight years’ imprisonment and three others to two years’ imprisonment.

Ramanunni filed a complaint with the City Police Commissioner in Kozhikode. A critically acclaimed author of novels and short stories, the 62-year-old Ramanunni is recipient of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award for his first novel, Sufi Paranja Kadha.

The threat letter says that the article  of Ramanunni  criticized Islam and that it is more dangerous than a radical Hindu who must not be not shown any mercy. The letter states that despite the distinction between Hinduism and Islam, irritations were made by comparing the Hindu religion. Ramanunni committed a serious sin by comparing Islam with Hinduism which propagates  worship of many idols, the cow, tree etc instead the worship of of one Allah in Islam.

The letter says that although Ramaninunni has tried to make Muslims a proponent, the community has the intelligence to understand that it’s a tad. If Ramaninunni  does not change his Hindu religion, then Allah’s judgment will be executed after six months after issuing the letter.

Police is searching at all sources to nab the writer of the threat letter.



3 comments on “For writing an article on Hindu-Muslim unity, noted Malayalam writer gets death threat from Islamist.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    July 22, 2017

    To keep intact the relation of all Hindus and Muslims Hindu and Muslims should have to respect the religion each other. That is all!
    Now, in India New President is elected who is also Hindu. I hope all the Hindus and Muslim will united. Yes!
    I extend my Congratulation to the Newly elected President Ram Nath Koind of India!!!

    I extend my heartiest Congratulation to the Newly elected President of India-,Mr.Ram Nath Kovind. I want his successful tenure as a participator democratic President of India. Nepal is the nearest neighbor of India.Nepal and India are only the two pious Hindu countries in the world.Nepal has been always showing goodwill towards India.

    Cordial people to people level relations between Nepal and India has existed since ancient times. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions. But, since 2005, the cordial situation is humiliating day by day between Nepal & India.Nepal could remain an independent and sovereign country only because of monarchy.

    The monarchy was pivotal in integrating Nepal, establishing democratic and just society at par with the modern world.Yes! We Nepalese people hope that the newly elected President and Modi Govt.including BJP Party would be the acceptance to restore the world Hindu kingdom and restoration of benevolent and people-oriented monarchy in Nepal. I suggest that Nepal and India should have to organize a High class Commission to solve the existing and rising problems of the temples, Dams and pilgrimages for the harmonious relation among the Nepalese and Indian visitors and pilgrimage’s.

    So, we are confident that Modi led government will play a constructive and diplomatic role proposing to restore the Hindu monarchy and world Hindu existence as a model ‘Nepal the only Hindu kingdom in all over the world.’ Then, Nepal and India can enjoy cordial and lasting relations.
    Thank you!
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Kathmandu .


  2. syamukamath
    July 22, 2017

    This could well be a trap. Ramanunni said in one channel that he’s not sure if its a jihadi threat or “hindu extremists” writing fake letters to defame muslims. This could be part of smear campaign going on against Hindutvaites in all levels in kerala. So its my humble opinion that, let the left protect the leftists loke him.


  3. syamukamath
    July 22, 2017

    Actually he said “Hindu Taliban”. He had written this article for which he was allegedly threatened in Islamist daily run by Jamaat e Islami. So you can see its a drama for defaming hindus and gain cheap publicity.


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