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Many Chakmas and Hindus are being killed by Rohingya Islamist outfit in Myanmar.

Rohingya Muslims attack on Hindus and Chakmas

Reflection of ISIS brutality surfaced in Rakhine…

Myanmar: Nine Chakmas and Hindus killed brutally in the attacks by the Islamist ‘Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)’ terrorists. 55 rescued and 21 still missing in the attacks by the ARSA.

Dhana Kumar | The aPolitical OnLine | New Delhi | Aug 31, 2017:: Very disturbing reports came in from Rakhine province of Myanmar that non-Muslim Chakmas are Hindus are being targeted by the Islamist Rohingya Millitants in a very brutal manner. Many of the ethnic people are killed by the Islamist Rogingya outfits and many of them are still missing.

As per the report of The aPolitical (27-08-2017)), at least six Hindus and three Chakmas were killed in Rakhine province in the attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), previously known as Harakat al-Yaqin, terrorists yesterday. The attacks on the Hindu family clearly show that the ARSA is Jihadi militant organisation.

The Chakmas (known as Daignet) were fleeing from their village, Aungthapyi, to Rangarzeti village when they were attacked by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army terrorists in northern Maungdaw Township. At least 20 Chakmas including women and children are still missing. Aungthapyi village is a small village with only 8 families. Fearing attacks from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, they were fleeing and attacked on the way.

The Irrawaddy has also reported in the incident: “In a separate attack, 20 ethnic Daignet—a sub-ethnicity of Rakhine—were besieged by around 100 Muslim insurgents with knives as they evacuated to Aung Zan village in Maungdaw on Saturday afternoon, according to a statement from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief’s Facebook page on Sunday. One man evaded the violence but the fate of the rest of the villagers is unknown, according to the statement.”

The ARSA also killed six members of a Hindu family – by hacking to death three of the children – in northern Rakhine on Saturday.  The images circulated by the State Counsellor Office of Myanmar are too disturbing and not being shared.

(Video : Rohingya terrorists calling for Ghazwa-e-Hind i.e. Conquest of India)

A Chakma Buddhist monk from Maugndaw told The aPolitical that three dead bodies of the Chakmas were recovered after the attacks.

The Reuters reported that the Myanmar government has evacuated at least 4,000 non-Muslim villagers in the area as clashes continue.

(Video: Hindu Survivors Describe Slaughter, Forced Conversion in Myanmar by Rogingya Muslims)

In the meanwhile, The Mizzima news reported that the Border Guard Bangladesh troops stood guard at the borders to stop the Rohingyas from entering Cox’s Bazar under Chittagong district.

The Rohingya are being encouraged to settle in the Bandarban district of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHTs).The Daily Star reported that nearly 2,000 to 2,500 Rohingya refugees entered in Naikhyangchhari upazila of Bandarban district under CHTs from Myanmar while hundreds of Rohingyas are waiting at the no man’s land at Ghumdhum in Naikhyangchhari upazila to enter into Bangladesh.

As The aPolitical highlighted the CHTs is getting drawn into the Rohingya crisis with the Chakmas being victimized by the Islamic groups on both sides of the borders.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) terrorists attacked 30 police posts on 25 August 2017 in which at least 91 people were killed in the Rakhine province.

The aPolitical (20-08-2017) also reported that, though 55 ethnic people have been rescued from the clutch of the Rohingya militants, 21 Chakma people are still missing in the attacks by the ARSA. In this report killing of five Chakma people have also  been reported.

Courtesy and great thanks to Dhana Kumar and The aPolitical Team for publishing this news.

Video Courtesy – CHT Jummaland & Apriyo Katha.


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