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Celebrity Muslim hairstylist Jawed Habib seeks apology for offending Hindu sentiments with advt.

Multi Millionaire Muslim Hair dresser seeks apology for his company’s Durga Puja advt goes against Hindu religious sentiments.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | Sept 7, 2017:: Multi Millionaire Muslim Hair Dresser and Renowned hair and beauty spa chain owner Jawed Habib was trolled and grilled on social media after putting up an advertisement on some  Bengali and English newspapers early this week, promoting his hair & beauty salon, for the upcoming Durga Puja that showed Goddess Durga having a spa day with her family.

The Goddess, along with her children Kartik, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesh, in the print ad, were seen at the Habib’s beauty parlour, while the tag reads- ‘Gods too visit JH salon’, actually hurt the Hindu sentiment grossly.

The ad did not go well with many, leading to an uproar on the social media, for hurting Hindu religious sentiments.

The tweets read as, “Mr. Javed habib shame on u,tell me where is mohmmed and almighty allah…give your services to them too.”

Another tweet followed saying, “Who designed this photo/image? I would like to kiss his/her hands with a sword. And the accused will also get a reward of 72 hoorays”.

Following this, he issued an apology and assured that action will be taken on the same.

Speaking to ANI, Habib said, “The ad was prepared not by us directly, but by one of our master franchise in Kolkata. Everyone needs to understand that Jawed Habib is a franchising company; and we have around 22 master franchises with 500 partners, so they need to take permission from us. I don’t know what happened this time as they did not take permission. But whatever it is, he is my partner and ‘his mistake is my mistake’. It is a blunder and all I can say is SORRY!!”

Along with apologizing for the ad, Habib said that being abusive on social media is not the answer or solution to any problem.

Not only in Kolkata, the objectionable advertisement made reactions in Mumbai too. Many social media activists and some Hindu organisations objected the blot advt. vehemently.

Facing the fire,  Parag Dosh, Executive Director of Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd wrote to Shri Acharya Jitendraji Maharaj of Hindu Ashram, Mumbai on Sept 5, “We Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Limited would respectfully submit that the advertisement that has been published in media and more so in print media in West Bengal was without the approval of our Chairman Mr Jawed Habib and corporate office in Mumbai. We never ever intended to hurt the sentiment of any community. It was done without our knowledge of the company by some local people in West Bengal. We undertake to remove all such advertisement material from the media.

Yesterday, Habib issued an apology and wished everyone for the upcoming festive season and Durga Puja.

The apology read, “If our ad campaign had inadvertently hurt anyone’s sentiments we apologise for that.”

But, Habib Hair & Beauty Limited took no fruitful initiative to remove  the objectionable advertisement materials still available in the internet, nor he apologized thru print  media where his company’s advts were published actually.

__with inputs from ANI and Agencies.


2 comments on “Celebrity Muslim hairstylist Jawed Habib seeks apology for offending Hindu sentiments with advt.

  1. vijayaa108
    September 7, 2017

    This is what we Hindus get for being the most tolerant community in the world.
    The world should never forget what happened when a cartoon of Muhammad was printed in a Danish daily.
    Muslims from all over the world protested.
    And yet again when a Dutch film maker portrayed the violence meted out to Muslim women in a film in 2006,he was hounded and killed.
    This is the tolérance and brotherhood of Islam indeed!

    What sort of ‘secularism’ do we practice in our Bharatavarsham?
    Hindus of the world have to unite with full force.

    The Commie Seculars have been since long years barking loudly and madly in protest for the ‘well-deserved’ elimination of the likes of Pansare, Gauri Lankesh et. al.

    Why do they fall silent against such deliberate misdemeanours ?
    There is a systematic onslaught against us Hindus.
    First we are attacked and then when voices of protests are heard flimsy non-coherent excuses are presented for pacification.
    Equality and respect need to be implemented equivovacally.
    It is not one-sided.

    There comes a time in the history of nations and mankind at large when there is conscious awareness that will be followed by reaction. And yes the time has arrived.


  2. A.Arjun
    September 27, 2019

    This is how proved again that, “SOME People’, leaving in Our Country only for BUSINESS purpose, they have nothing to do with respecting Hindu and Indian culture, as well.

    for Publicity they can do anything as ‘CHEAP’ activities, like this has done.

    “THEY” Don’t forget, ever that, हम उन्हे सर पर बिठां सकते है, तो उनका सर भी मुंढवा सकते है…!!


    shame on Javed Habib…!!


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