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To glorify Bible, Christianity and Conversion, Missioners are vilifying Tribal Tradition and Culture.


Nasty poly of conversion of tribal people in Jharkhand.

Christian missionaries mocking at Hindu and Sarna deities openly to glorify Bible.

Christian Missionaries are engaged in Conversion ploy in many places centering Ranchi in Jharkhand with various allurements including attacking the Religion of Tribal people through sheer misinterpretation of their traditions in a very derogatory way. Here is a reporting by Sri Nityananda Bhadra based upon a news published in Azad Siphai dt. 03/09/2017 . Personal experience of the writer has been reflected here to enrich the discourses.

Nityananda Bhadra | HENB | Ranchi | Sept 7, 2017::  Christian missionaries are openly mocking at Hindu and Sarna religions. A Christian writer Brother Mikhail Kujur is playing with the sentiments of Hindu and Sarna devotees. In his book “ Aadim Dharma ek Parichay”(Primitive religion- an introduction), he has mocked at the Sarna tribal worship methods and called Bhagwan Shiv, Parvati and Ganesh as evil souls. References are as follows:

Article- Atmaon ki Pooja (Worship of souls)

The Urao tribals worship many evil souls apart from Dharmesh. It is believed about this souls that they expect of worship and service from people. Four of these are considered as very evil and oppressive.

  1. Darha- This soul lives in the trunks of old trees. It demands for the sacrifice of hen, female sheep, buffalo or even a human being sometimes.
  2. Deshbali- It is a  female soul, which brings about diseases in humans and cattle, if not worshiped properly.
  3. Khutanad- This also is a very evil and cruel soul. It imparts a new name to every village and wishes that the people from that village should keep the name secret, failing which it gets angry.
  4. Chala Paccho or Sarna Budhiya– It is an old soul, which gives rain when worshiped. If it is worshiped well and it gets pleased, it results in good rain and if displeased, it results in famine.
  5. Bhoot Pooja- Urao people also worship many ghosts e.g. a ghost living in mountains called Badanda, which brings about ill fate and poverty to people. It is always ready to enter houses of people and claim for their buffalo. The people from the household should eat sour things to avoid this ghost.

Article- Uraon Sanskriti Pg. no.236

Writer Brother Mikhail Khujur

Vulgar depiction of Sarna religious songs

Sato Patti Nale-  Belly of the size of seven fingers (Really:Field or state with seven strips)

Sirsita Nare-  Genitals (Fields drowned in water)

Gangala Jhund-  Pubic hair

Kakado Laata-  Genitals

Book- Khadiya Sanskriti Pg. no. 206

Vulgar comparison of Sarna Worship practices

Indra Parva-  Indra Parva is originally a festival of local Hindus, but Khadia people also take part in it. This festival is celebrated in the month of October after Karam. Indra is the name of a specific mushroom. This mushroom is attached to a log (Daang) and a flag is bound to it. Two rounds knots are made below the flag, on not getting mushroom. This log is raised between two harnesses and wood out of the harnesses and after that it is worshiped.

Symbol- Indra Parva is actually related to male genitals. The symbols shown in this like mushroom, log, two knots and being raised in between two harnesses etc. symbolize male reproductive organs. Dance and games go on the whole night on this occasion as well and the boys and girls are free to do illicit behavior.

Book- Khadiya Dharm aur Sanskriti Pg no. 205

Mockery of Sarna tribal customs and practices.

Dancing the whole night on the night of Karam is the symbol of future prosperity and happiness. This dance shows  that now the Karam (god of fertility) has been worshiped, we are going to earn a lot and we would continue to celebrate like this. Then people lament and boys and girls take to wrong behavior  on this occasion. Actually, this wrong behavior is also linked to the very nature of this festival. Girls are greeted for future puberty  in this festival and the illicit behavior of boys and girls is a continuation of this very festival. But, in tribal society, the relationship between men and women rejects polygamy and extra marital sex is considered as a sign of unrighteousness. 


It is also said in this book that in Boodhi Karam, even husbands and wives commit wrong practices with any man or woman. Many objectionable positions are also shown in the book- Tribal myths.

Though, dance and music are an integral part of tribal life and it promote fellow feeling and community living by bringing people together; the Christian Missionaries want to depict this part in a bad light also.

Claiming social and traditional values of each of the tribal festivals, the Sarna Samiti and Vanvasi Kalyan Sangha condemned the nasty interpretation of the tribal rituals and festivals by the Christian missionaries.

It is known that the Christian Missionaries working in Tribal zones have some directives from Vatican City to demean the tribal customs and rituals. The directives has an intention to observe the tribal festivals in a Christian forms to cut their roots of indigenous culture  of the local tribal people.

In a protest of such a derogatory misinterpretations by the culpable Christian missionaries, the  Sarna Samiti and Vanvasi Kalyan Sangha have already met Jharkand Governor in last month to check such perpetration  by Christian missionaries.


The  Sarna Samiti and Vanvasi Kalyan Sangha have clearly declared that the tribal people would lead to  open protest against the Christian missionaries, if they are not restrained and beg apology.

There is a chance to turn a big communal rift, if the matter is not well resolved quickly.

__Agencies and Azad Sipahi.

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  1. hinduawakens
    September 13, 2017

    Why and how christian missionaries are so powerful in India ?


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