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Hindus will not tolerate any attacks on Hindutva fomented by Sunil Ilayidam or others: Brahmachari.

Attack cultural sphere, beat Hindutva: Dr Sunil P Ilayidam.

Hindus are not ready to tolerate any attack on Hindutva and its Culture: Upananda Brahmachari.

B Upendran | Kojhikode | HENB | Sept 15, 2017:: Prototype Lankesh Dogs are barking being affected by Hinduphobia. The anti-Hindu intellectual terrorists have waged war against Hindus. The  academic vultures are flying  in the secular sky to find the Hindu killing fields in India.

In this row, the Malayalam Akademi Award winner and and brand anti-Hindu  whistle blower Dr Sunil P. Ilayidam came to forefront with a planning to attack Hindutva workers directly as it was done by Mohammad Ali Jinnah through his notorious ‘Direct Action’ against Hindus cased a massive ‘Great Calcutta Killing’.

 Ilayidam said, “Hindutva could not be defeated unless the culture sphere, from where it imbibed its energy was attacked”. Speaking on ‘Politics of murder and dying democracy’ organised by the Kozhikode Samskarika Vedhi here on Thursday, Mr Ilayidam said that Hindtuva’s surge even after the Gandhi murder was due to its intact cultural domain. “India has the inclusiveness of political nationalism. But this inclusiveness was not expanded to the cultural sphere. That led to the growth of Hindutva,” he said.

“Intense nationality marks fascism. A country’s steps whether towards fascism or democracy could be gauged from how it treated the section which did not come under majority; but from how it treated religious minorities, linguistic minorities etc. Secularism is not an idea covertly imported here by Nehru from European countries as was being alleged. Secularism is very much part and parcel of our life from the ancient times,” according to Mr Ilayidam.

Quoting Gandhi, Sunil P. Ilayidam said that people were not for the country but  the country was for the people. “But now the diktat is that the country is supreme and whoever questions the state is anti-national,” he pointed out. Ilayidam reminded that the fight against Hindutva was a long one and Gauri Lankesh and others were brutally killed because they severely attacked the cultural domain of Hindutva.  A.K Abdul Hakkim, V. Abdul Lathif among others spoke.

The open incitement made by Ilayidam against Hindus with the help of potential Islamists like Hakkim and Lathif has exposed the unity of anti-Hindu conspirators belonging to the Lankesh Brigade. These subversive intellectual and academic groups never criticized the Jihadi menace in India.

Assault on T. J. Joseph and silence of Ilayidam without telling any attack on Islamic Culture.

On 4 July 2010 at Muvattupuzha near Nirmala College in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, T. J. Joseph, a professor of Malayalam at Newman College, Thodupuzha, a Christian minority institution affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University had his hand cut off at the wrist as punishment on allegation of blasphemy, by some people belonging to Popular Front of India, a confederation of radical,  fanatic, Muslim fundamentalist and extremist organisations in South India. Prof Joseph set a question paper for B. Com student with some ‘objectionable’ topic,  as alleged.

This gruesome attack on a Christian professor T. J. Joseph by some Jihadi group made a huge sensation, but the Lankesh Brigade, Azadi-barbadi-TukdeHonge Perpetrators, Award Wapsi Clowns or the Not in My Name Morons including Sunil P. Ilayidam never made a big statement against Radical Islam nor they planned any attack on the Jihadi Culture in India. Their attacks are confined only to the Hindutva people and its culture.

Hindus are not ready to tolerate anybody who wants to attack Hindutva and its Culture.

The menace of Selective Secularism  to make the Hindutva, Hindu Culture and Majority People in India as target is gradually producing the Hindu outrages out rightly.

Defaming Hindus and their faith and sentiment and glorifying anti-Hindu, anti-National, Jihadi Barbarism and Subversive Terrorism like Maoist groups have created a huge Hindu repercussion these days.

Hindus are not ready anyway to tolerate anybody who wants to attack Hindutva and its Culture directly or indirectly.

“Hindus will not greet those attackers on Hindutva and Hindu people with bunches of roses. They will use iron-rods at least if they failed to procure licensed rifles to protect their own people and their faith and culture under culpable attacks”, told Upananda Brahmachari, the Hindu interlocutor and Editor of Hindu Existence to HENB.

“Hindus are peace loving people and want to obey the law of the land. But, that doesn’t mean, Hindus will allow series of attacks and vilification on Hindus by the Secular, Communist, Jihadist and Evangelist people jointly or separately. Hindus are not ready to tolerate anybody who wants to attack Hindutva and its Culture”, Brahmachari said further.

Calling a direct action on  cultural sphere of Hindutva by Sunil P. Ilayidam is to take the principle of the Newton’s third law, For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

__with news inputs from Deccan Chronicle.




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