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Weapons in Muharram are very nice, but Arms in Vijaya Dashami very Dangerous, thinks Mamata.

Weapons in Muharram are very nice, but Arms in Vijaya Dashami are very Dangerous.

Mamata can’t praise Muharram and condemn Vijaya Dashmi in a row only to maintain her Muslim vote bank. Bengal is not paternal property of the Mullahs, TMC Queen and her goons.

RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP should not try to disturb peace in WB: CM Mamata Banerjee.

Upanayan Das | HENB | Kolkata | Sep 16, 2017:: The ugly, liar and Islamic face of WB CM Mamata Banerjee is  exposed again through a dire blame game against the Hindu organisations in Bengal only to protect the communal and Jihadi outfits on her whim.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP should not try to disturb peace in the state during the coming Durga Puja and warned that they should not play with fire.

Stating that her government did not put any curb on celebration of Vijaya Dashami rituals, Banerjee said, “There is misinformation campaign by certain outfits that we are stopping Vijaya Dashami celebrations at puja pandals and households.”

“What we had said is on the day of ekadashi on October one there will be no immersions. Muharram, which is an occasion of mourning by the Muslim community, falls on the same date. Immersion will resume as usual from October two to four,” she told reporters at the state secretariat.

“Women will put sindoor on each other and Vijaya Dashami rituals will be observed as usual. Those having no inkling about Durga Puja and Kali Puja celebrations in Bengal are spreading all sorts of rumours,” she said.

Banerjee said that her government was determined to maintain peace and harmony during the coming Durga Puja festival.

The RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal should not try to disturb peace and play with fire, she said, adding that Durga Puja had been traditionally celebrated with amity in Bengal where lakhs of people hit the streets.

“If someone tries to disrupt peace, the administration will take stern action,” she said.

Banerjee said the “BJP should not do politics using CBI, ED and foment riots“.


The CM also said the police had recently foiled an attempt by the BJP to create communal problem at a place in the state and arrested two of its members.

The chief minister said that her administration would not allow any procession in the state with arms on the day of immersion.

Banerjee said, “This is illegal and such processions have not been Bengal’s tradition and we will not allow it to take place.

“The administration will take strong action if there was any attempt to take out such procession.”

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But, the pro-Islamist Mamata Banerjee has not issued any ban on the display of lethal weapons in Muharram processions which create fear, anxiety and   gory scenes in the streets of West Bengal everywhere.  

By urging only peaceful processions during Muharram, Mamata Banerjee virtually allowed the practice of Islamic extremity in every nooks and corners in Bengal as she promoted Cow Slaughter during Bakri Eid violating the Orders of Calcutta High Court.  Mamata Banerjee has adopted a dangerous minority appeasement policy to maintain her Muslim vote bank.

The state government had told the court that it has allowed immersion of Durga idols on Vijaya Dashami day till 10 pm to ensure law and order. Earlier the culpable WB Govt led by Mamata Banrjee restricted Immersion of Durga idols in the very Vijaya Dashami Day upto 6 pm only. After Court’s intervention like last year in the same matter, Mamata was compelled to change her position a little bit.

It is interesting to note that many of Muslim Religious leaders in West Bengal condemned the Mamata Banerjee’s policy to restrict Hindu’s Vijaya Dashami as they opined, ‘Hindus and Muslims celebrated their festivals side by side for years without restricting or hurting anybody’s sentiment’. It is only Mamata Banerjee, who imposed restrictions upon Hindus to celebrate Vijaya Dashami. There is no such records before Mamata forced such restrictions upon Hindus.

Even, Mamata Banerjee thinks, Weapons in Muharram are very nice, but Arms in Vijaya Dashami are very Dangerous. So she wants to send all Hindus to hell, who want to  worship arms  in Vijaya Dashmi and want to celebrate Ram’s victory over Ravan through rightful religious processions.

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But, Mamata Banerjee must not forget that Bengal is not the paternal property of Mullahs, nor her or her TMC goons.

Hindus have every right as enjoyed by others. If there is a single Arms in the Muharram procession in Bengal, Hindus will carry ten times in Vijaya Dashmi Procession“, a senior Bajrangdal leader in WB state unit told HENB with a strong resolution from Asansole.

__with inputs from PTI.

2 comments on “Weapons in Muharram are very nice, but Arms in Vijaya Dashami very Dangerous, thinks Mamata.

  1. Chakia
    September 17, 2017

    Surprise surprise.. how dare communists try to disarm Hindus they are weak pathetic fools who know nothing of Hinduvta or Indian culture


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