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Big conspiracy of communists, Christians and Jihadis to eliminate Hindus in Kerala.

Kerala : Big conspiracy of communists, Christians and Jihadis to eliminate Hindus.

HJS Media | Kochi | Oct 8, 2017:: A girl named Athira from Kasargod converted falling prey to pressurization by her Muslim classmates but she re-adopted Hindu Dharma. She then narrated before media, her scary experiences of living as a Muslim woman; after which it appears that communist Government, Christians and Muslim fanatics united to eliminate Hindus.

1. Large number of parents of Hindu girls who have fallen prey to love jihad are lodging complaints with National Investigating Agency (NIA) appointed to investigate into love jihad cases in Kerala, as directed by the Supreme Court. In retaliation, communist Government of Kerala has, with the help of eminent personalities from fanatic communities, are creating obstacles in NIA’s work.

2. Earlier, one Hindu girl named Akhila was forcibly converted and married to Shefin Jehan from ‘Popular Front of India’, a fanatic organization. It was planned to recruit Akhila in ISIS; but Kerala High Court cancelled conversion and marriage of Akhila and sent her to her parents. Attempts were therefore, started at many levels to get Akhila released from control of her parents.

3. Akhila’s husband has gone in appeal against High Court’s judgment, with the help of Islamic organizations and Supreme Court has appointed NIA to find out facts of cases of love jihad in Kerala.

4. Kerala Mahila Ayoga’s President M. C. Josephine, who is a staunch Christian and has close ties with Communist Party in power in this State, has started working for release of Akhila from her ‘house-arrest’. She has prepared to even go to Supreme Court for the same. She claims that ‘Mahila Ayoga’ has rights to intervene in Akhila’s case.

5. Kerala State Human Rights Commission, associated with Communist Party has also started taking steps in the same direction and given dates for hearing on complaint lodged by Akhila’s husband.

6. The main mass media have also jumped into this case now and have started making noise about Akhila being deprived of religious and human rights and started criticizing the Court and the Judge for passing verdict of sending Akhila to her parents’ house.

7. ‘Popular Front of India’, a fanatic organization has written a letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan asking for withdrawal of police protection given to Akhila since they feel that it then would become easy to release Akhila and send her to ISIS.

8. Few Muslim organizations had started making allegations that High Court Judge Surendra Mohan is a volunteer of RSS; but they fell flat on their faces when they realized that Surendra Mohan was a Christian.

9. In a press conference, Akhila’s father Shri. Ashokan said that Akhila was not given to read epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata in her young age; therefore, she didn’t realize the importance of Hindu Dharma and he made an appeal that such mistake should not be committed by other Hindu parents. No renowned newspaper gave proper publicity to this news.

Thus, ominous union of communist, Christian and Muslims has enfolded Hindus from Kerala, for their elimination.


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Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat / Courtesy: HJS.

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