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Kamal Haasan’s ‘Hindu extremism’ misinterpreted! Haasan to start pol party under Islamic influence?

Kamal Haasan says media misinterpreted his ‘Hindu Terrorism’ remarks, to tour Tamil Nadu before forming his party under ‘Islamic hold’.

B Upendran | HENB | Chennai | Nov 7, 2017:: Actor turned Politician Kamal Haasan clarified on Tuesday that his recent Hindu extremism“+ remarks in Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan, which created controversy, were misinterpreted as “Hindu terrorism” by the media. But he did not clarify, who and how misinterpreted his remarks on “Hindu Terrorism”! But, it is clear that he has changed his side. only after a Court Case filed against him in Uttar Pradesh+.

The versatile Tamil movie star, who celebrated his 63rd birthday on Tuesday, said, “I have to ensure that the remarks I make about Hindus do not offend the Hindus in my own family.”

But, Kamlesh Chandra Tripathi, an advocate from Varanasi alleged that by ascribing terrorism to Hinduism, Kamal Haasan had hurt his sentiments. Terming it an offence, the lawyer appealed to the court to summon Haasan and punish him.

Kamal Haasan’s mobile app for socio-political surge

Four months after hinting at entering politics, Kamal Haasan finally took the plunge on his birthday by announcing his mobile app ‘Maiam Whistle,’ an e-vigil tool for citizens to report evils in society. But, experts say that Hassan’s political motivation is important here to take a social survey through this app to earn his political benefit.

As per a TNN report, the app is undergoing software testing and will be made available in January. The actor sought the help of the news media to further his cause.

Addressing reporters here, Kamal said, “I will travel around Tamil Nadu to understand people’s problems, following which I will name the party.” The actor indicated that it would take three months for him to plan his trip.

“My dream is to make Tamil Nadu a state with maximum virtuous cycles. Doing one good deed will sow the seeds for more good deeds, forming a virtuous cycle. Our people are virtuous, but it has not translated into action. The virtuous cycle has turned into a vicious cycle because of taint,” said Kamal, making reference to the Ashoka Chakra.

Asked if he would contest the approaching local body elections, Kamal said, “First we have to get ready. We have to strengthen the party.”

Anti-Hindu and Anti-BJP

It is apprehended that a non-BJP Kamal Haasan may fix his upcoming party’s agenda to combat the growing influence of BJP in Tamil Nadu.

From an analysis, it is detected that Kamal Haasan is engaged in a glorification of Indian Muslims as done in his mega movie Vishwaroopam and now tried to equate the Islamic Terrorism with Hindu Terrorism by surfacing an ‘hollow’ allegation.

It is intercepted from a source, Kamal Hassan is very much concerned with ‘low percentage’ of Muslim participation in Indian Politics. Hence, he is trying to open a political front under Islamic influence in Tamil Nadu. It is also speculated that Hassan may build a new Islamic Front in India including AIMIM of Owaisi brothers, AIUDF of Badaruddin Ajmal and pro-Muslim TMC. Many Anti-Hindu and anti-BJP Muslim business tycoons are ready to fund Kamal’s cause. They may use Kamal Hassan as a new pawn in politics.

__Inputs from TNN.


One comment on “Kamal Haasan’s ‘Hindu extremism’ misinterpreted! Haasan to start pol party under Islamic influence?

  1. Sajith kerala
    November 18, 2017

    He was attacked by jihadi goons. When he try to release “viswaroopam 1” now this stupid man is trying to teach hindus tolerance. Ha ha feeling funny. He is affraid of jihadi goons


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