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Bengali Hindus in S 24 Pgs demand Hindu State in Bharat by 2025.

Why not a single Hindu State for more than 1 billion Hindus in the world: Upananda Brahmachari.

Hindu Conference in  South 24 Pgs (WB) condemns attack on Hindus and demands a Hindu State in India for safety, security and prosperity of majority people.  

Susmita Bhattacharia | HENB | Diamond Harbour | March 4, 2018:: With a strong demand for exploring Dharma (Righteousness) and establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat, a grand conference of Hindus was held in the ground of Kanpur Primary School Ground in the district of South 24 Parganas (under Diamond Harbour Police Station jurisdiction) on 4th March 2018. Many monks of different Ashrams and Mutts and Hindu leaders of various Hindu organisations participated in that meeting for a long span of time from 2 pm to 6 pm to present their views in relation to the rights and duties of Hindus highlighting the future of Hindus in India and neighboring countries. The conference was arranged by local Nabagraha Temple Society and the Sanatan Hindu Dharma Sanskriti Sammelan Samity.

The conference condemned the growing trend of atrocities and attacks on Hindus and the increasing number of riots made against the peace loving Hindus under a conspiracy of Jihadi and evangelic forces. The speakers in the conference vehemently protested against the administrative, police and political repression on the religious rights of Hindus in West Bengal with a definite ploy to snatch the rights of Hinds from performing their religious rights and to conduct Hindu meetings and processions freely and fairly. The speakers demanded Hindu Rashtra in Bharat along with immediate construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Ban on cow slaughter, to stop degeneration of Hindu temples and ashrams by Jihadi forces, Uniform Civil Code, Ban on conversion and Abolition of minority appeasement etc.

The speakers expressed their anxieties over the unchecked infiltration and aggression of Jihadi  terrorism in India from the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh only to destroy the peace and harmony in India with a threat to endanger the security of the country. Speakers described Hindu as the most ancient, divine, prosperous, peaceful and blissful Dharma in this world.

Analyzing the historical background of the partition of India, the main speaker Upananda Brahmachari (Editor, Hindu Existence) told, “India was divided on two nation theory. On that basis, Muslim got their Islamic states in Pakistan and Bangladesh as per their expectations. But Hindus were deprived to get a Hindu state in India. While there are more than 100 Christian countries in the world for 2.3 billion Christians, 53 Islamic countries for 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, 12 Buddhist countries are existed now and even 1 Israel for 6.5 million Jews…. why there is no Hindu state in this world for 1.2 billion Hindus? It is unfortunate that the only Hindu State Nepal is now converted into a Secular state! Hindus must not bear this injustice. The demands of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat and Nepal are democratic and justified”.

Brahmachari expressed his hope that India would be transformed as a constitutional, cultural and righteous Hindu state by 2025.

Basudeb Maharaj of Bharat Sevasharam Sangha, Swami Vidyananda of Kapil Kutir Shankhya Yogasharm, Anaga Vishnu Swami of Ramanuja Mutt, Swami Agamananda of Ramprasad Research Center, Shovan Sengupta of Shastra Dharma Prachar Sabha, Sumanta Debnath of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Subhas Chakroborti of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Dr. Ashis Banerjee of Arogya Bharti- a RSS affiliated body and Bikarna Naskar of Hindu Jagaran Manch delivered their relevant speech on various Hindutva agenda. Veteran Hindu organizer Pritiranjan Sarkar presided over the meeting. Welcome addresses were delivered by Pradip Mondal and Narayan Baidya on behalf of the organizing committees. Advocate Tapan Biswas and Hindu youth leader Arindam Halder efficiently conducted the meeting.

At the beginning, the devout Hindu participants in the meeting took march a rally from Dalanghata Nabagraha Temple to the conference ground for welcoming the saints and  dignitaries. The programme was started with lighting the oil lamp, offering flower petals to the picture of Bharatmata and opening song. Devotional and patriotic songs and Yog performance made a sensation in the programme. A flex exhibition of Dharma aspects and a book-stall by Sanatan Sanstha drew the attention of the audience.

Ramesh Purkait, one of the key persons of  Kanpur-Dalanghata Hindu Dharma Sanskriti Sammelan Samity told HENB, “We took a vow to hold many more Hindu conference to relive the Hindu organisations across the localities. Participation of good numbers of girls and women in the conference marked a women awakening in the area for the cause and care of Dharma”.

Pic courtesy: Dalanghata Nabagraha Unnayan Samiti.


3 comments on “Bengali Hindus in S 24 Pgs demand Hindu State in Bharat by 2025.

    March 5, 2018

    IT’S all the fault of Hindus and not Muslims. HINDUS never tolerate Hindus. They wiĺl tolerate atrocities committed by Muslims .interference in Hindu religion. There are many mainly from inc and a.c. who demand reservation in services for Muslims but will never propagate the same for forward class Hindus. They know very well that even among f/c today there is much poverty in f/c. OBC people will very rudely says will support Muslims rather than Hindus. To be very frank Muslims themselves hate Inc and a.c and st people and have tortured and converted them to Islam from time immemorial and still doing the same but they are soft towards Muslims and hate forward class Hindus.even forward class people have very bad openion for bc people still follows untouchability .During noteban backward people were very happy and openly supported Modi step not because they are honest and are against corruption in any form. Actually bc people are more corrupt but they were happy since note ban have affected forward class people very much and have greatly negotiated their economy but in reality these backward communities are very scandalous every big scams have been committed by backward communities ministers. Even Modi and his team who were howling about things Muslims have become very silent as if they no longer remain a security threat. There must be some short of mutual understanding between them.they will vote for them and Modi and team will not raise Rohingya issues. Even on Ram temple issues many Hindus have the openion that land should be handed over to Muslim communities and mosque be rebuild.These cunning Muslims take advantage of rift between Hindus themselves they are able to get the support of obc Hindus against forward class Hindus.If Hindus themselves not respect Hindus and keep soft corner for Muslims. Muslims will certainly take advantage of Hindus foolishness and will always dare to interfere in Hindus religion and commit atrocities against Hindus.


  2. It is high time Hindus are somewhat seems to be vigilant and awake ,
    Use your majority rights without fail.
    Do not be fools for ever…


  3. Sinniah Sivagnanasuntharam
    March 26, 2018

    It is a MUST indeed, in Deed !


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  1. please dont use our identity as Hindu, instead please use "SANATAN" because our existence is infinite. JAI SHREE RAM

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