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Hindu temple vandalised by Jihadis in notorious Muslim suburb in Netherlands.

The Netherlands: Hindu temple vandalised in notorious Muslim suburb.


WNL | Hauge | May 24, 2018:: A Hindu temple in The Hague was vandalised overnight Tuesday. The chairman of the temple tells regional broadcaster Omroep West, that the act was intentional.

Chairman Siddarth Ramdhani, says the temple is a mess. The windows were broken by several large stones that were found inside. They were probably thrown from a fairground opposite the temple.

“They had to make considerable effort, because both windows are double glazed,” Rhamdani says.

He thinks the temple was ‘deliberately targeted’ because it has been vandalised during Ramadan before. “Not only during Ramadan, but also during our own religious festivities youths are harassing us,” he says.

The Hindu temple is in The Hague’s notorious “Schilderswijk” area, known for being a hotbed for jihadists and ISIS sympathisers.

In 2014 a large anti-Israel and pro-ISIS demonstration took place in the area. Afterwards several radicals were arrested and sentenced by a Dutch court for being members of a criminal organisation with terrorist goals.

Courtesy: WNL TV.

3 comments on “Hindu temple vandalised by Jihadis in notorious Muslim suburb in Netherlands.

  1. Rajeshkumar Sinha
    May 26, 2018

    A. There is nothing to comment our PM Modi himself move forward and declared siege fire in the name of Ramzan but the same is not reciprocated by Pakistan. Continuous firing from Pakistan have resulted casualties both civilian and non civilian are killed on daily basis. He have not yet hinted on the construction of SHREE RAM TEMPLE. He blames congress for appeasing…. ha ha ha.

    B. Muslims and Bangladeshi muslims but Himself is silent on Rohingya it is possible that their may be mutual understandings between them. We therefore cannot hope for anything better for Hindu and Hinduism even in the reign of BJP. Now Bjp too now appease muslims.


    • Arindam.
      May 31, 2018

      BJP’s appeasement of the Muslims is bad – but Congress is even worse.

      However, I think part of the problem is the location of our capital – New Delhi. There’s too much Islamic influence there – and politicians who settle there end up becoming appeasers.

      Relocating it to a place that’s more central, such as Nagpur, should help.


    June 5, 2018

    Hario Om

    Bharat has no other political party which thinks even slightly about hindus, hence hindus should not get divided towrds other parties, till they are able to form alternative party


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