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All India Hindu Convention concludes in Goa with firm resolution to make Bharat as Hindu Rashtra within 2025.

Seventh All India Hindu Convention concludes successfully !

Hindu organizations to hold ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti’ programs across the country !

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Ramnathi (Goa) | June 7, 2018:: Hindu Rashtra is a right of the Hindu majority of India. The Seventh All India Hindu Convention was held to provide ideological as well as practical directions to achieve this. The convention which concluded recently, saw enthusiastic participation from pro-Hindu delegates from across the nation. The delegates in the convention passed a number of resolutions including the demand to declare India and Nepal as Hindu Rashtra. Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatt Pingale (national guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) said that the convention was attended by more than 375 delegates of over 175 organizations, from 18 states of India as well as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He was speaking during the Seventh All India Hindu Convention’s closing press conference. Shri. Anil Dhir (National Secretary, Bharat Raksha Manch), Shri. Upanand Brahmachari (Editor, Hindu Existence), Shri. Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha) and Shri. Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) were also present during the press conference.

While announcing the common agenda, Sadguru (Dr.) Pingale said that it was decided to run a host of programs across the country to bring the idea of Hindu Rashtra to the masses. These programs would include ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha’, village level ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Baithak’ (public awareness campaigns), ‘Hindu Rashtra Parisamvad’ (symposia on Hindu Rashtra), ‘Hindu Rashtra Sampark Abhiyan’ (outreach programs), ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti and Sant-sanghatan’ programs during the 2019 Prayag Kumbhmela. Also, a number of programs will be initiated to tackle the growing malpractices in the education, business, administrative and political sectors and provide relief to the people. This will include nationwide movements, press conferences, public awareness campaigns etc.

Shri. Upananda Brahmachari said that, In the regime of Ms. Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, many rural and urban Hindus, BJP activists and people’s representatives who were elected in Panchayat elections or strived for Hindutva cause, were tortured and even killed. In West Bengal. The  law and order situation has totally been deteriorated there. The ruling Trinamool Congress does not allow the opposition parties even to contest the elections. Trinamool carries malpractices in the elections in many ways. The Democracy does not even exist in West Bengal. Therefore, President’s rule should be promulgated in the West Bengal as demanded by many sections of non-TMC political parties.

Highlighting the case of Guriya (daughter of Vinod Das, an employee of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and resident of Khidderpore area) who was abducted by Jihadi Forces on 7th June 2017, and recent murder of two BJP Activists in Purulia, Brahmachari narrated the pitiable condition of the Hindus in West Bengal and urged the press to run campaign #JusticeForGuria as like #JusticeFor Asifa.

Shri. Anil Dhir (Odisha) highlighted the pitiful state of Hindus in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They said that the atrocities against the Hindu brethren there have increased manifold. Hindus being converted, murdered, Hindu women raped, their property looted has become a regular occurrence. They said that the Indian government should take strong measures to put an end to this genocide of Hindus abroad.

Shri. Ramesh Shinde spoke on the upcoming Loksabha elections of 2019. He said that a pro-Hindu party forming the government is always preferable to one by some ‘secular’ party, but the question still stands whether pro-Hindu political parties feel the need for Hindu support. Once in power, all political parties without exception neglect to fulfil their promises to the Hindus. While you have Muslim maulanas in Kairana (Uttar Pradesh) issuing fatwas against voting for the BJP, you also see Christian priests praying to ‘God’ to change the government. The pro-Hindu parties can mollycoddle the minorities all they want, but the fact is that these are their true sentiments. In many states, political parties with opposite ideologies are setting aside their differences to form a united front against Hindutva. With all this in mind, it is time that the majority pro-Hindus stop blindly trusting the political parties and start unitedly placing their demands before the parties. To this end, a Hindu ‘election manifesto’ will be prepared after studying the problems of Hindus across the nation. The demand for Hindu Rashtra will be a prominent part of this manifesto.

Shri. Chetan Rajhans said that the Constitution of India guarantees everyone the right to freedom of movement. He said that the BJP government’s decision to ban Shri. Pramod Muthalik’s (Founder-President, Sri Ram Sene) entry into Goa is an insult to the constitution and that the All India Hindu Convention unanimously condemns this move. He said that the Archbishop of Goa has asked the Christian community to take active part in the state politics by claiming that the Constitution is in danger; while the truth is that the Archbishop will never speak up against the Nigerian, Russian and European tourists whose activities are the real danger to Goan people and culture.

Resolutions passed in the 7th All India Hindu Convention

1. All pro-Hindu organisations will use constitutional means to work towards declaring India, a Hindu Rashtra (not just for the country, but for the well being of the world). The Indian parliament should respect and fulfil the moral rights of the Hindu majority and declare India, a Hindu Rashtra.

2. The All India Hindu Convention extends its full support to Nepal being declared as a Hindu Rashtra.

3. The Central government should take into account the sentiments of the Hindu majority and declare a nationwide ban on cow slaughter and religious conversion, as well as take a prompt decision on constructing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

4. The International Human Rights organization and the Indian government should jointly investigate the atrocities inflicted on the Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Also the lives of the Hindu minority settled there should be secured.

5. The displaced Kashmiri Pandits should be rehabilitated. Panun Kashmir, a Union Territory should be established in Jammu & Kashmir for the Kashmiri Pandits.

6. The Rohingya muslims living illegally in Jammu and across India should be deported immediately.

7. The All India Hindu Convention condemns the ban on the entry of Shri Pramod Muthalik, Founder President, Sri Ram Sene, and the unjust policing of the state government of Goa.

  1. The Central government should take steps to prevent unwarranted harassment of SanatanSanstha’s innocent seekers by the agencies investigating the killings of atheists.
  2. Hindu Janjagruti Samiti is to prepare a 21 point Hindu Agenda with the help of all participating organisations in Hindu Adhiveshan and to place it before all the political parties and public to address the Hindu demands before General Election in 2019.

Common action plan by the participating Hindu organizations !

1. There will be:: 223 small, medium and large Dharmajagruti Sabhas, and Ek vakta (Single Speaker) Sabha !

2. Monthly Rashtriya Hindu Andolans (National Hindu Movement) at 42 new places !

  1. 56 Hindu Rashtra Sangathak workshops !
  2. 36 symposia on Hindu Rashtra !

  3. 485 village level ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Baithak’ (Public Awareness Meetings on Hindu Rashtra) !

  4. 26 district level, 10 zonal level and 3 state level Hindu conventions !

  5. 95 Shourya Jagaran Camps, 50 spokesperson training workshops, 60 social media workshops and 40 spirituality related workshops will be conducted.

8. To take the message of Hindu Rashtra during these struggling period of Hindu Rashtra in farthest regions and in the advent of upcoming General Election in 2019, the 7th Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan adopted its new Udghosh (slogan) : JO HINDU RASHTRA KO KAAM KAREGA, VOHI DESH ME RAJ KAREGA”. (Whoever will Strive for Hindu Rashtra, They will be in Power in the Country).

9. Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and hundreds of Hindu Organisation and Hindu activists participated in 7th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan ensured their faith on a Spiritual, Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra in Bharat instead of only Cultural Hindu Rashtra concept of RSS which has limitations to solve all the problems on Hindus in India.

Courtesy: HJS.

One comment on “All India Hindu Convention concludes in Goa with firm resolution to make Bharat as Hindu Rashtra within 2025.

  1. Manoj Rai
    June 9, 2018

    Hari Om

    Hindus must have to make few other Hindus Political Parties which may be local based for local hindu interests.

    Hindus must be educated on HIndu Dharm books, rituals by such orgsnisations, because our current so called Dharm Gurus are almost Corrupt and they are more interested in Collecting Funds in the name of their AShrams


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