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Hindu activists of Nepal burned Christian Banners against Conversion Ploy.

Hindu Council Nepal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad cadres burned Christian Banners against Conversion Ploy in Nepal’s Rautahat.

The Hindu Council and VHP members of Nepal are planning to start a new movement against Christian conversion in Nepal.

Upendra Bhari | HENB | Birgunj | Dec 29, 2019:: Hindu Council Nepal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) cadres chased a Christian Evangelic gang on Saturday who used to preach Christianity around Mudwalwa area under Rajdevi Municipality of Rautahat district in South-Central Nepal.

The members of the Hindu Council, led by Om Prakash Sah, the district coordinator of the Hindu Council, have even burned the banners of propagandists of Christianity on the basis of the inputs that some evangelical groups were trying to organize mass prayers so that a Hindu women and children could be converted upon fake healing and economic assistance from Churches.

For the past several days, the pro-Hindu youth have been preparing to chase down the local Dalit youth because of the economic temptation cast upon Dalit women and a hatred against Hinduism was spread in the locality. According to OM Prakash Sah, a group of evangelicals led by Mahesh Albert Chaudhary of ‘Jesus Christianity Light’ was giving objectionable training to the small children in open cold weather.

Local people reported that the Christian preachers were making a trick to the children. At first, they asked the children to chant the names of Lord Shiva, Ram and Krishna in the open place in cold weather in an ‘Namaste’ position and that way could not produce any warmth for the little children. In the next, the Christian preachers asked the children to shout the names of Jesus with jumping terribly and that could produce the warmth in the body of the children. Then the Christian preachers started exhorting that the name of Jesus always powerful.

Against this type cheap Christian trick, Hindu youths of the locality started agitating against the Christian missionaries.

The Christian missionaries under the leadership Mahesh Albert Chaudhary set their footprint in the  locality by converting first Ramkalver Ram Chamar, his wife Ampa Devi, his son and daughter; Ramji Mahato’s wife Marchia Devi Nunia and five others to Christianity. The local Hindu women said that the converted Hindu women abandoned smearing Sindur (Vermilion) on their forehead since the day of Chhath festival in last Kartika month and started abusing Hindu gods and goddess on regular basis.

It is understood that the minor Hindu boys and girls are being taught against Hinduism. Ramji Mahato’s house is being used as a Bible School.  District Coordinator of Hindu Council Om Prakash Sah said that preachers of Christianity would also be beaten black in the village from now, if they don’t stop their conversion conspiracy.

By the way, Conversion to Christianity from Hinduism is strictly prohibited in Nepal. But, the present Secular and Communist Govt in Nepal does not impose strict prohibition of Christian conversion.

Dozens of Hindu supporters including District Secretary of Hindu Council Rakesh Kumar Yadav, spokesperson Abhimanyu Patel, Youth Coordinator of the World Hindu Council Nandabhushan Shrivastava, VHP coordinator and social worker Navin Kumar Singh, local youth journalist Hanumat Yadav and Vijay Yadav also participated in the action against conversion.

The Hindu Council and VHP members of Nepal are planning to start a new movement against Christian conversion in Nepal.

Read this news in Nepali: हिन्दु परिषद नेपाल र विश्व हिन्दु परिषदका कार्यकर्ताहरुले रौतहटमा धर्म परिवर्तन गराउने क्रिश्चिन धर्मका प्रचारकलाइ लखेडी वैनर समेत जलाए

___Inputs from Madhesh Pradesh Dot Com.

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