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Ancient Shiva temple unearthed in Andhra Pradesh.

Two centuries old temple unearthed in Andhra Pradesh from Penna riverbed. 

P Pavan  | HENB |  Amaravati  | Jun 18, 2020:: A Lord Shiva temple, believed to be built by a man who came alive in the middle of his funeral procession, has been unearthed in Penna riverbed in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

Like it’s construction, the temple excavation from the riverbed also has a significance — village youth unearthed it making use of the leisure they got during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The state archaeology department has arranged protection for the temple, till it can be able to properly excavate after the lockdown ends.

Locals call it the temple of Lord Nageswara Swamy (Shiva). The youth of Perumallapadu village under Chejerla block told the archaeologists that they had been hearing from elders that there was a temple that was buried in the sand over eight decades ago due to heavy flood. They now found time to act on the tip-off. They randomly tried but, a place that was higher than the other parts in the riverbed gave them the clue. The archaeology department stopped the unscientific digging by the people and arranged protection at the site till scientific excavation can be taken up after the lockdown.

While the villagers believe that the temple is ancient, built by Lord Parasurama, the archaeologists say the temple is not older than 200 to 250 years. It was built with brick and limestone and wood. There are no scriptures. Brief details of the temple are available in village revenue records, indicating that it was built in the modern era and not even during the various dynasties.

Villagers belief

The villagers believe that this is among the seven Shiva temples built by Lord Parasurama. The other temples are: Koti Teertham, Somasila, Ranganayakampet, Janwada, Sangam and Hattirala (Haitirala). People from Perumallapadu and surrounding villages are thronging the place to see the temple and worship.

[The news was first published in Ahmadabad Mirror on 28/07/2020 | Reproduction of the same for wider circulation/awareness to save the Temple unearthed.]

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