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Pakistan must ensure its minority rights through its action and goodwill.

Eyewash in a process of showcasing the last Hindus in the museum of Islamic Pakistan….

Case of Reena Meghwar and Mukesh Bheel: Justice conferred only after when the ordeals of Islamic persecution on Minorities in Pakistan  went viral!

Screen GrabUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 30, 2021:: On 27th July, 2021, at 6.51 PM, the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi took his twitter handle and tweeted, “I took strong notice of a video in circulation today that showed a young Hindu boy being harassed in Tharparker. Sect Interior & IG Sindh were asked to confirm & arrest harasser. Pakistan has & will always ensure protection to its minorities as enshrined in our constitution.”

Just 6 minutes after the tweet above Paki President again tweeted “Islam protects minorities. Our constitution ensures equal rights, freedom & security. How dare anyone in this country violate our laws in such a manner. The State through Sindh Police promptly arrested the accused Abdus Salam Abu Dawood”.

Actually, the tweets of Pakistan President came to the surface of social and main media when the whole world was condemning the situation of Pakistan where the rights of the minority Hindu, Sikhs and Christians have been being violated as a symbol of Islamic brutality on minority people, especially marginal Hindu, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan.

As per report of the Pakistani News Paper Dwan, on July 27, Mithi police in Sindh’s Tharparkar district have arrested a man in the evening who forced a Hindu worker of the Thar coal project to mock and hurl abuse at his religious deities after a video of the incident went viral the same day from forenoon. .

In the video, seen by Dawn, the suspect can be seen hurling obscenities at a Hindu young man named Mukesh Bheel, who looks visibly shaken at the ordeal. The suspect repeatedly tells the young man to hurl abuses at the Hindu religion and deities including his mother and sister, while also forcing him to say “Allahu Akbar”.

Police arrested the suspect, identified as Abdul Salam Abu Dawood, and registered a case against him on behalf of the state at Mithi Police Station. The case has been lodged under Sections 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting Its religion or religious beliefs) and 298 (Use of derogatory remarks in respect of holy personages) of the Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of Mithi Police SHO Inspector Mohammad Soomar.

President’s tweet may force the Pakistani Police to arrest the radical culprit in a very short span of time, but reality is that such humiliation and persecution on minorities in Pakistan all time high in that Islamic country as natural phenomena so far created by the radicalized people there with a very stronghold.

Obviously, in the process of eyewash Pakistan is now showcasing the last Hindus in the museum of Islamic Pakistan. The 16% Hindus in Pak in 1947 now came down to below 2% and Pakistan President is talking about minority rights in a shameless way.

If we go through the inside of Pakistan, it is difficult to measure the sigh and cry of Pakistani minorities as very few reports of such humiliation, persecution, abduction, proselytization, rape, murder and forced conversion come to the mainstream media or on social media as viral under a radicalized situation persist there.

Hence, a tweet from Pakistani President advocating the ‘Islamic protection of minority rights’ in Pakistan is nothing but a rubbish and as if a kind of Takyyia (pretending to uphold the glory of Islam) as usual.


Just a day before, on July 26th, there was a news where it was reported in Dawn that a Hindu woman, who was allegedly forced to marry a man who forged documents to show her as Muslim, was given into her parents’ custody in Badin on Monday on the directions of a local court after her video seeking justice made the rounds on social media.

In a video of the woman, identified as Reena Meghwar, went viral on social media a couple of days ago in which she can be heard saying “please send me to my parents, I was forcibly taken away. I have been warned of dire consequences with a threat that my parents and brothers will be killed.” However, she stopped short of naming anyone who was making the threats in the video. As an effect of that viral video Police and judiciary took action to arrange for the return of the girls to her parents, but the same police and judiciary permitted to take away the victim on the basis of false documents and statements as prepared by her purported husband.

So, it is evident that if any rights violation or any injustice and discrimination on any minority in Pakistan come to surface as a viral in social media, then it’s a little hope for the victims there in Pakistan to get some justice.  

But, such conferring of justice to the minorities in Pakistan has no permanent or paramount credential as there is no system of tracking for the follow up of the situations for the victims whether they are not put again in the pleasure of the radicalized people in Pakistan to play with the pitiable minorities living in a Pakistani peril.

The cases of Reena Meghwar and Mukesh Bheel obviously give a strength for the rights activists (I must say some of them are also from liberal Muslim community) who have been striving for the minority rights in Pakistan but, the radicalized Muslim people, the police and judiciary have established a definite nexus in which the rights of minority people are heavily violated in a vitiated situation.

Pakistan must ensure its minority rights through its action and goodwill not through any lip service or advertisements.

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One comment on “Pakistan must ensure its minority rights through its action and goodwill.

  1. Sadiq
    August 10, 2021

    I’m an Indian Muslim. I was the first one to notice the YouTube video where the Pakistani Abdul Salam Abu Dawood was seen abusing a helpless, poor Hindu young man, Mukesh Bheel. It shocked me to my core, and I had circulated the video to Indian YouTubers, and also the Home Ministry of India so that they can raise the issue on a diplomatic level.

    I also reprimanded Abdul Salam Abu Dawood on his YouTube channel but he deleted all my comments because he’s a bloody coward. Later I found that the horrible video was taken down by YouTube because of rules violation, and justifiably so. No Indian Muslim will support someone like Abdul Salam Abu Dawood.

    I feel very sorry for Mr. Mukesh Bheel. I hope he’s able to come out of that trauma. The true Islam doesn’t teach you to abuse or disrespect other’s religions. Most Indian Muslims distance themselves greatly from these screwed-up Pakistani fundamentalists like Abdul Salam Abu Dawood.

    Let us try to not put Indian Muslims in the same category as Pakistanis. We have nothing to do with their stupid country. We love India, and our Hindu brothers and sisters.


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