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Only Hindu employees in Hindu Temples in Himachal Pradesh, Temple money will be spent only on Hindus.

Himachal Temples

No non-Hindu employee in Hindu Temples and Shakti Peeth. Temple money will not be spend on Non-Hindus: Himachal Pradesh govt issues order.

downloadLaxmi Chaurasiya | HENB | Shimla | Oct 3, 2021:: Jairam Thakur led BJP government in Himanchal Pradesh has taken a major decision saying that only Hindu employees will now be recruited in the temples and Shakti Peeths and donation money will not be spent on non-Hindus. According to media reports, CM Jairam Thakur’s government has also issued a notification in this regard. Offerings to temples, Shakti Peeths and Hindu religious institutions in the state will not be spent on non-Hindus.

According to the notification, the money in the offering will now be spent only on Hindus. From the security of the temple to its committees, it will also include those who are followers of Hinduism. The Department of Language Arts and Culture has also issued orders to temple commissioners under Section 27 of the Himachal Pradesh Hindu Public Religious Institutions and Purtan Aayukta Act, 1984. Additional Chief Secretary RD Dhiman has issued the notification.

There are so many ancient big temples in Himachal Pradesh in which Hindu devotees offer offerings worth crores of rupees every year. Temples also get many precious metals, including gold and silver, in large quantities, which are deposited in the treasury. The money is kept as a ‘fixed deposit’ in the banks. Gold and silver have been lying in most of the temples for many years, but they have not been used properly. Salary and allowances are also provided to the priests and temple officials from these offerings.

In recent, Hindu organisations are striving for a nation wide movement to free Hindu temples from Govt control.

Read this news in Hindi: हिमाचल के मंदिरों-शक्तिपीठों में सिर्फ हिंदू कर्मचारी ही होंगे तैनात, गैर हिंदुओं पर खर्च नहीं होगा चढ़ावा



2 comments on “Only Hindu employees in Hindu Temples in Himachal Pradesh, Temple money will be spent only on Hindus.

  1. madeira121
    October 4, 2021

    Very good news. Will other states run by BJP ,follow this Himachal Pradesh ?


  2. impex1
    October 5, 2021

    JaiHind 04/10/2021

    Hare Krishna Prabhu Good move. Government must form a Non Profit Trust of all State Hindu Temples Monuments and all proceeds must deposited into a interest bearing Fixed deposits interest bearingh accounts or construct pakka apartment buildings to rent to Hindus only. Interst mut be used for Pandit salaries. Maintenence, Upkeep of smaller temples, Compulsory Free Vadic Education and Armed Drill Training as combatant to supply trained soldiers for Indian Army. All area Police Stations, Hospitals, Government Buildings must be relocated near temples. Cities like Varanasi, Harigarh UP, Prayagraj, Haridwar including all those of Hindu Heritage Cities must be converted into Military Cantonements ares. Surprise checks must organized to make sure No Mier Jaffer tries to harm these locations and its devotees. In order to deter trouble makers must be punished wih Iron Fist no ifs N Buts. Beat the Butts of Mier Jaffers trouble makers. Hindu must exert power and plan to sacre the mier jaffers. JaiHind Hare Krishna Anand Madan



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