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FIR against lyricist Javed Akhtar over his ‘anti-Hindutva’ RSS-Taliban remark.

Trouble mounts for Javed Akhtar as Mumbai Police register FIR against him over his RSS-Taliban remark.

quydaPTI | Mumbai | Oct 4, 2021:: Mumbai police registered an FIR against lyricist Javed Akhtar on Monday over his alleged remark against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an official said. The First Information Report (FIR) were registered at the Mulund police station on a complaint filed by citybased lawyer Santosh Dubey.

“The FIR has been registered under Indian Penal Code Section 500 (punishment for defamation),” the official from Mulund police station said.

The lawyer last month sent a legal notice to Akhtar for allegedly making “false and defamatory” remarks against the RSS in an interview to a news channel, and sought an apology from him over it.

Akhtar committed an offence under IPC Sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (punishment for defamation).

“I had earlier sent a legal notice to Akhtar and asked him to apologise over his remark, but he fail to do so. Now, an FIR has been registered against him on my complaint,” the lawyer told PTI.

Read this news in Hindi: जावेद अख्तर के खिलाफ मुंबई में दर्ज हुई एफआईआर, RSS की तालिबान से की थी तुलना

Courtesy: TOI | Nav Bharat Times.

2 comments on “FIR against lyricist Javed Akhtar over his ‘anti-Hindutva’ RSS-Taliban remark.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 5, 2021

    This type of people are uncivilized and never loyal. They are the remnants
    of losers who wanted to destroy Bharat. They got the chance to stay, but
    they aren’t good to have them in the country. They can move out. They
    are traitors and Allah killer and destroyer race. This is a message of Sri
    Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. impex1
    October 5, 2021

    Hare Krishna Prabhu 05/10/2021

    JaiHind, Good Move, In order to shut the mouth of Outspoken Mier Jaffer some action was important. Javed may get out of the current trouble but now it will hurt him most where it hurt better ? at his pocket and court ke chakkar? Troublesome. It will teach him a good lesson and other Outspoken Jihadi stupids. If these Mier Jaffer have problem in India then they are wellcome to leave. Afghanistanm will be best place for them. JaiHind Anand



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