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Bengali Hindu Genocide Exhibition in Goa by ‘Paschimbanger Janya’.

Bengali Hindu Genocide1

An Exhibition on Bengali Hindu Genocide in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in Goa Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan 2022.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Goa | June 15, 2022:: An exhibition on Bengali Hindu Genocide in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) is being held  in Goa Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan 2022 ( 12 June to 18 June) to showcase the barbaric killing of thousands of Hindus in the eastern part of India by the Islamic force during the partition of India and the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Paschimbanger Janya (For West Bengal), a dedicated forum to address  the issues of the related genocide of Bengali Hindus, the Bengali Hindu refugee problems and the problems related to Islamic infiltration from Bangladesh, has planned to highlight the “Bengali Hindu Genocide” through an exhibition around the society. Such exhibition has already been held in many places of West Bengal with a strong protest from the ruling Trinmool Congress Party and the CPIM Party who never bothered such crisis of Bengali Hindus even under a threat of extinction in many parts of present Bangladesh and West Bengal.

In a communique the organizers of Paschimbanger Janya stated: “Humanity has witnessed the heinous and barbaric atrocities that were unleashed on the peace loving Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh during the Durga Puja last year. Needless to say, this was not the first time for such an incident. One the affected districts, Noakhali, had been witness to a series of gory massacres and genocidal rapes exactly 75 years ago and since then it has been continuing in the territory of East Pakistan / Bangladesh.

“An estimated 5,000 Bengali Hindus were massacred and lakhs were forcibly converted in Noakhali in 1946. In the backdrop of the Bangladesh Liberation War an estimated 2.4 million Bengali Hindus were massacred. Prof. Abul Barkat has estimated that on an average 632 Bengali Hindus are being forced to leave Bangladesh on a daily basis. According to his estimates, Bengali Hindus would be completely wiped out from Bangladesh in 2046, exactly a century after Noakhali.

“The United Nations Genocide Convention of 1948 defines genocide as committing certain acts including killing & causing physical/mental harm with the intent to destroy national/ethnic/racial/religious group in whole or part. The Bengali Hindus, as an ethno religious group has been subjected to the same in 1971. However, decades of silence has resulted in the incidents being erased of public memory. It’s time for the Humanity to browse the dusty pages of history once again for a fresh perspective.

“This exhibition on Bengali Hindu Genocide prepared by Kolkata based think tank organization Paschimbanger Janya, is the first of it’s kind in India, showcasing the incidents spanning from 1946 till date, with a special focus on 1971. It has also published  a white paper on the issue.

“Paschimbanger Janya plans to take the exhibition on Bengali Hindu Genocide on a tour across various cities in West Bengal. And to the other metropolises across India. This will be our foundation stone for building a Bengali Hindu Genocide Museum in future.

Hindu Communique

“West Bengal today is facing an existential crisis. Left secular forces have in last seven decades have prepared the base for rise of Islamic fundamentalists in West Bengal. TMC government in last ten years have strengthened it and supported the violence activities by Islamists. Massive infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims in last four decades have radically changed the religious demography of West Bengal.  West Bengal is on the way to become West Bangladesh.

We need to fight back. We need to inform Bengali Hindus about the Islamic atrocities in Bengal. This exhibition is a step towards that.”

The “Bengali Hindu Genocide Exhibition” in Goa has created a sensation resembling it to “Kashmir Files'” for a making of “Bengal Files” in future.

Bengali Hindu Genocide2

The present exhibition in brief contains 38 plates to narrate the peril of Bengali Hindu genocide of eastern India for decades with its tremendous effect on Bengal politics and demography both.

The organizers have a plan to set up a permanent exhibition in Kolkata or elsewhere displaying 100 plates to give a vivid picture of Bengali Hindu Genocide for the present and next generations to come.

Prakash Das and Goutam Bose, two functionaries of Paschimbanger Janya are presently in Goa with the exhibition during 10th Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sanstha.

Bengali Hindu Genocide3

Many dignitaries have visited the exhibition including Sadguru (Dr) Charudutta Pingale of HJS, Swami Nirgunananda of International Vedanta Society and Swami Sanyuktananda of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

On behalf of Paschimbanger Janya, Prakash Das will deliver a lecture also on the matter, “The present condition of Bangladesh Hindus” on 17.06.2022 (within 9.30am-11.00 am) as slotted.


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