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Prophet Remarks: Dutch MP Geert Wilders reiterates support to Nupur Sharma stating high respect for Hinduism.

Wilders Sharma

In Nupur Sharma Row, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders gives ‘befitting reply’ being trolled to condemn Hinduism too. He conveys, ‘I respect Hinduism a million times more than Islam’.

‘Nupur Sharma’s reaction to demeaning of Hindu Gods was justified’: Dutch MP Geert Wilders reiterates support.

Swapna Choudhury | HENB | New Delhi | June 14, 2022:: Days after Geert Wilders extended his support to suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, Islamists have been threatening him for dire consequences and also trolling the Dutch legislator to speak against Hinduism.

“When are you going to criticise Hinduism? When are you going to make disrespectful pictures of Hindu deities? There are a lot of radical atheists in South India. Why don’t you support them just like you support ex-Muslims?” wrote one ‘Ubuntu’ from his/her twitter handle.

Knowing nothing about the reality of Hindu Dharma and philosophy, one blind Islamist asked the Dutch politician to study Hinduism to know about the age of consent. “And don’t have to focus so much on other Prophets and their marriage,” as added from his/her witter handle mentioned as ‘name cannot be blank’.

In his befitting reply Geert gallantly conveyed, “Cultural relativism is a misleading concept. People are equal but cultures are not. A culture based on humanity and freedom is always better than a culture based on intolerance and submission.” Geert’s opinion surfaced in his twitter handle on Tuesday, May 14, which reflected his great reverence to Hindus and Hinduism.

Geert Tweet1

He further emphasized, “Therefore, I respect Hinduism a million times more than Islam. #IsupportNupurSharma.”

Coming all out support to Nupur Sharma, Wilders tweeted on June 12, “The police registered a FIR on charges of hurting religious feelings, promoting enmity and causing public mischief against Sharma. This is outrageous. She did nothing wrong. If I can help her in any possible way, I will.”

Geert Tweet2

Geert Tweet3

Clarifying his stand Geert elucidated, “I am not Indian nor a Hindu. But I know one thing. Secularism should not mean that demeaning Hindu Gods is justified and telling the truth about Muhammad is not. So when Nupur Sharma reacted to someone demeaning Hindu Gods it was totally justified.”

Such statement from a renowned statesman from a foreign country created a sensation in BJP to reinstate Nupur Sharma again in the party with her portfolio as national spokes person.


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