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Hindu Constable Dharambir Yadav killed by Muslim beef mafia racket in UP.

Unfortunately in Uttar Pradesh in Yogi Raj…

Hindu Head Constable Dharambir Yadav killed by Jihadi beef mafia in Kushinagar.

Dharamveer YadavUpendra Bharti | HENB | Lucknow | June 17, 2022:: Another Hindu cop has been killed in the war against the lethal cattle smuggling racket that has spread its tentacles across the country and has major sponsors in the left-liberal Lutyens’ lobby, which wields enormous control over our government and judiciary. These cattle smuggling rackets and beef traders are connected with various format of bloody Jihad and cross-border smuggling network related to illegal drug and arms business.

When the beef mafia crushed Head Constable Dharmabir Yadav under their vehicle in a cold-blooded manner, he made the ultimate sacrifice. After obtaining information about cattle smugglers going through on NH-28, he was part of a police crew erecting roadblocks to apprehend the smugglers’ vehicle.

Blood Stains

The event occurred at Kushinagar district’s Jokwa Bazaar, Turkpatti police station area. The police squad conducting the checks included Head Constable Dharambir of Tarya Sujan police station. He flagged down a suspicious vehicle to come to a halt. The experienced offenders slammed the truck into the police crew at great speeds. Constable Dharambir was killed on the spot, but the accused were able to flee in their vehicle. As per Amar Ujala, the vehicle was loaded with cattle.

Senior officials raced to the scene, and a special squad was formed to track down the perpetrators. SHO While speaking to the media about Dharambir Yadav, Kapil Dev Chaudhari of Tarya Sujan police station turned emotional. He described him as “extremely effective at promoting community policing and creating informer networks.”

As per Dainik Bhaskar, the cattle smuggling mafia has been operating for many decades in Kushinagar and has attacked police personnel in the past too. There have been multiple encounters between police and cattle smugglers.

Govt in Uttar Pradesh is trying hard to curb the cow smuggling and beef trading rackets in the state, but the same rackets are growing in many places with Islamic support and Jihadi Terrorism.

__With inputs from Amar Ujala and Dainik Bhaskar.

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